Roaming Charge of the White Decayed

Today’s strip indicates that some time about a year ago TB finally got around to seeing the closing scene of Disney’s 2007 hit Enchanted.

One could argue that Milton Berle stole jokes too, so who are we to judge. One could more successfully argue that Berle could deliver a stolen joke well. I could argue that Crazy’s square end tie looks stupid, and so I will.


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21 responses to “Roaming Charge of the White Decayed

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Meh. Crazy-centric strips never really bother me as much as certain other ones do. Sure, it’s wildly stupid and the gag is pretty weak (not to mention highly implausible) but still. But why would Crazy call himself Crazy?

  2. SpacemanSpiff85

    Harry has Mary Sue’s number on her phone? Or is that Harry’s wife? Hard to tell these fat, dumpy, horribly drawn women apart.

  3. SpacemanSpiff85

    And if past Crazy still has the working phone, why didn’t he call future Harry earlier, like before the post office shut down, to warn him about it or something?

  4. Again, I’m reminded of Doctor Who–specifically the souped-up cell phone reception the new series Doctors have been wont to grant their companions. To paraphrase Tom Servo, “Never put a good time travel-centric story into your crappy time travel-centric story.”

  5. Nathan Obral

    This strip is sorta like a sonic screwdriver. In that the plot feels like a screwdriver encountering my brain at supersonic speed.

    OTOH, this may finally – albeit unintentionally – answer the question of how Lisa called Les from beyond the grave to warn him about that plane he was going on.

  6. Eh. As I’ve said before, it’s a joke, and in context, it’s not too bad.

    Problem is, in context, it requires you to know what’s happened this week in order to see it as a joke, and it requires you to read the last few weeks to know what context this joke occupies.

    So, it occupies the same space and performs the same function as the unfunny sequel to a hit comedy. In other words, could be worse…and probably will, when part 3 hits the multiplex.

  7. Nathan Obral

    We get it, Tom. You don’t like and/or don’t care for women for some stupid chauvinistic reason. But that’s still no excuse to cast John Goodman as Donna Klinghorn in today’s strip.

  8. The other shoe’s going to drop. We all know it. Doesn’t it fill you with a sensation of delicious antici…


    No? Yeah, me neither.

  9. Reading Funky Winkerbean is like going to the dentist. You know it’s going to be horrible and expensive, you just don’t know how horrible and expensive. You just have to wait until he says “Um, hm,” and guns the drill. Then, you’ve got a bit of the idea. You know it’ll hurt, and you grit your few remaining teeth. “Here comes the arc!” says the dentist.

    AAAARRRRGGHHHH. It can’t hurt this much unless it’s meaningful.

    “You think not?” says the dentist. “Just wait!”

  10. billytheskink

    Comics. That wonderful invention by which TB can reach millions of people… Who fortunately can’t reach him.

    Apologies to Uncle Miltie.

  11. Guest Page Turner Author

    Dorothy to Scarecrow : I think I’ll miss you most of all!

    Rhett Butler to Scarlett : Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn.

    JFK to Jackie in Dallas : Ouch, my head hurts.

    Everyone who has ever eaten Cap’n Crunch: Why is the roof of my mouth so torn up?

    And then this little nugget of a literary masterpiece comes along ! Woo Hoo Battic (rhymes with attiuck )

  12. ComicTrek

    ……….I’m stumped.

  13. Gyre

    Well, we can be nice enough to just assume that the time portal makes the phone signals work somehow. The kind of suspension of disbelief you normally need for science fiction.

    But exactly why can’t they show a lot of adults a working time portal then? They already don’t care about risking changes to history, otherwise Crazy and Younger Crazy would never have taken the phone back. All they have to do is send some CIA agents forward, buy up reports and books about things that were secret or still being researched in their own time, and America pretty much wins everything.

  14. This is pretty much an allegory for the whole blasted arc. We have a wonder of the universe squandered on a silly joke that has as its premise womenamirite? so as to distract us from the horrible way he’s just assassinated his main character/

  15. Meanwhile, we have yet to deal with whatever nonsense Barry is about to bring to the party. Let’s hope it’s “the weepy one of those kids cosplaying as people from the seventies who crashed the reunion knocked down the memorial wall.”

  16. OK, so it looks like TB is going to take us down a rabbit hole of Time Travel paradox nonsense. Ideally, that would mean that we would see how the future Funky gang changes as a result of the interdimensional cell phone games that the Crazy’s are playing. The end result will be something awful (how something could be more awful than the current state of Westview is beyond me) and there will be a huge effort to go back and forth in time to fix things back to the way they were, ending with the final destruction of the time pool to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    The reality is that it will be much more boring than that. There will be a few more technology and Cindy jokes and we’ll be back to Mopey Pete and Daren next week.


    Apple will rue the day they missed this golden opportunity for product placement! After All Funky Winkerbean is “a reality-based comic strip that depicts contemporary issues in a thought-provoking and sensitive manner.”

  18. Batiuk’s updated the official FW blog with a glimpse of his earliest work. It’s kind of cute.

  19. I just noticed in the cartoon above that the letter “L”s look fine…but the “U”s look like “W”s! Wild!

  20. “At my high school prom, I told my future wife that I was going to be a cartoonist, and she replied that I’d outgrow that when I matured.”

    I wonder if her reply was along the lines of, “I think you’d better return your seatback to the upright position and prepare to land”?

  21. Apauled

    So TB married his high school prom date? If he were a Jimmy Stewart character, that would be sweet. For TB, it’s just yet another instance of stunted growth syndrome in a poor kid who never got it together enough to leave his hometown (trips to San Diego for Comic-Con don’t count).