Stropp it to me

It looks like Tombat is getting a little lazy with this week’s strips, judging by the looks of Today’s strip. Is he just going to stare at things all day? Funky’s dad shows more life lately than Les does. I’m not even sure Tombat is creating new content, it’s like he’s just placing existing panels next to each other.

Uh oh! Spoilers for later this week!


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  1. Gyre

    He had a chance to do a good story about looking at the past and present weeks ago. He threw it away to make Les be a cowardly ass and then had it be all a dream.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    So now Dingus is waxing nostalgic over his most humiliating and embarrassing moments too? What is the point of this supposed to be? Back in the day BanTom couldn’t wait to distance the strip away from those old high school tropes, now he can’t stop re-living those golden memories. Is this some sort of admission that maybe he screwed up when he took FW in its “issues affecting blah blah” direction? Or is he simply just out of new material?

  3. Since Tom Batiuk has always hated the title “Funky Winkerbean,” I suggest “Everyone Dies But Only Les Truly Lives.”

  4. SpacemanSpiff85

    This week had better be leading towards Les hanging himself in the Stropp Memorial Gym. Seriously, the format would be perfect.
    Panel 1: Teen Les is hanging, by his hands, pathetically from a rope in the gym.
    Panel 2: Adult Les is hanging, by his neck, pathetically from a rope in the gym.

  5. Epicus Doomus

    SpacemanSpiff85: And then, out of nowhere, Susan Smith arrives and GETS LES TO THE HOSPITAL in a nick of time. However Les suffers brain damage which leads to a series of hilarious strips centering around his inability to speak. Everyone wins!

  6. Guest Page Turner Author

    For a guy who equates Facebook as evil, this guy sure spends alot of time mulling over pictures of his contemporaries while they were young.

  7. This would best be compressed into a morbid Sunday strip so we can possibly look in at Summer.

  8. ComicTrek

    No, here’s the thing: TB is *still* trying to make Retcon Les and today’s Les seem likable even after THOSE events. TB, do not think for a second that we’ve forgotten or really recovered from THAT, because it really could have been something. Something good. It almost was. But it wasn’t.

    And yes, even though it’s been a few years, we all still know that Coach Stropp is dead. From cancer. Shocker. So now that we’ve gotten past the obligatory Nostalgic Sadness sequence, does Lisa have a gymnasium in her name, too, or what? It would be nice to read something new for once instead of just going around in circles.

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Man those public school teachers sure have cushy jobs, just amble about staring at things all day.

    Oh well, at least the bricks are back.

  10. This is where Batiuk’s antipathy to the online world fails him. Even Lynn Johnston has an online presence so that we can figure out what she’s thinking. Granted, what we find out is that she’s a superficial person obsessed with getting back at everyone who’s ever angered her but at least we know what the strips mean. Here, we have no idea what Les might be thinking. Is he disappointed that he failed gym? Is he glad that Stropp is dead? Is he just now realizing that the man’s name was a bad pun? We don’t know and Batiuk hates to share.

  11. Even Lynn Johnston has an online presence so that we can figure out what she’s thinking.

    Batiuk’s been updating the FW blog more frequently these last couple years, but saves his insights about plot and character development for his fawning interviews. His blog’s taken up with promoting his books and critiquing 60 year old Flash comics. It’s TB’s world, the rest of us just live in it.

  12. They should hang a humiliating photo of Les next to the Jack Stropp Plaque. Preferably one where he’s hanging from some gym equipment by his jock strap.

  13. bayoustu

    Sheesh, BanTom- why don’t you just illustrate the obituaries every day and be done with it?!

  14. Funky Winkerbean has reached Poe’s Law level, where the actual strips have become indistinguishable from a parody of the same.

  15. Another strip, another hash mark in the countdown to 2022. Seriously, with all the other characters in the strip who are probably doing things in the present that could be interesting, why does he insist on trotting out the same old tropes over and over again?

  16. billytheskink

    I’ve never heard of a high school gym class that used the parallel bars.

    Of course, I’ve also never heard of school hall monitors armed with mounted machine guns. Or mainframe computers that achieve sentience and use that sentience to follow Star Trek. Or phonograph needles that glide through pizza cheese.

    It’s almost as if Act I of this strip contained some genuine level of whimsy…

  17. Jim in Wisc.

    No jokes or punchlines this week, folks. Just Tom Batiuk’s very special brand of mawkish gloom, misery, and despair.

  18. Professor Fate

    ‘Cause it’s the cancer .
    We will remember
    whenever we remember
    the way we were.
    The way we were.”

  19. ComicBookHarriet

    After the past couple days of picture staring. Les has come to the sudden realization. Westview High is like Davey Jones ship in Pirates of the Caribbean. Afraid of what lies beyond, graduates choose to stay on as teachers in a maudlin mockery of their previous existence, each moment more tortured yet less life-like than the rest, as they slowly calcify and mutate. Eventually Les himself will be absorbed into the walls.

  20. Roy Neary

    This means something. This is important.


    “This means something. This is important.”

    That’s probably what Tom Batiuk chants to himself 50 times before working on his comic strips.

  22. Jimmy

    I see where this is going. Everyone and everything dies, including the tree in Les’ front yard. We’re supposed to weep when it is cut down.

  23. bad wolf

    I guess it didn’t bother anyone else but the placement and coloring on the doorframe made the door look like the world’s most boring third panel.

  24. DOlz

    @billytheskink, maybe HS gym classes don’t have parallel bars anymore, but we had them when I was in HS, Class of 1972.

  25. Epicus Doomus

    Yup, we had parallel bars too and a vaulting horse (lots of abdominal & groin injuries) as well. But back then smoking was permitted between classes, so obviously safety wasn’t really prioritized in those long-ago days. In fact, FW’s take on high school was almost kind of accurate in a satirical way which was what attracted me to the strip in the first place. Then along came Lisa and yadda yadda yadda.

  26. LesTom Batiuk is obviously thinking,”how long can I stretch this crap out until March 26, 2022?”

    @TFH and @Paul Jones: That’s the problem. Batiuk is blogging more frequently, and what he’s posting is revealing himself to be totally vacuous, superficial and outright boring. Funky Winkerbean is a perfect display of that meaningless world of his.

  27. @Nathan Orbal: He’s like that boring old idiot relative we all have who runs his mouth about every damned thought he’s had since third grade. At least Lynn is an entertaining egomaniac what with her endless grudges and envy; Batiuk’s just a bore droning away about nothing vital.

  28. Rusty Shackleford

    @paul jones
    Yeah, Johnston is an angry old hag. You would think all that socialized medicine would cheer her up, but no…. Still angry.