Senior Moments

Hey gang! SoSfDavidO here, hopping in here to snark away on Les and Company. Here is a link to today’s strip, which catches Les in a more introspective moment in which he ponders all of the tiny, once-meaningless lives he’s touched, and thus given meaning to. Unfortunately, he’s been standing there for over an hour, zonked out in a daze as staff wonders if they should call for a paramedic or a police officer.



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  1. Spoiler alert: it’s a total waste of time, a rehash of a minor Sunday element.

    And this kind of crap is going to be churned out until March 2022? Heaven help us.

  2. 1966tvbatman

    Anyone remember the strip where Les is looking into a mirror and sees his younger self, then bitches to Summer about old age? I guess this is the 3,423 take on that. Way to keep things fresh!

  3. Ah… another day, another different collage for the Westview High Class of Whenever. (Seriously… the title panel and fifth panel in Sunday’s strip, and today’s strip obviously are showing the same thing, but are totally different.)

    As for the 80-somethings depicted in the second panel…. not enough frumpiness.

    And where in the Wide Wide World of Sports are the bricks?

  4. Epicus Doomus

    This is one of those FWs where I just stare at it for a few extra seconds as I struggle to get the joke. Is he really just doing another “wow everyone is older fatter balder and uglier now” gag here? I mean how many times does a point need to be driven home, you know? If that’s all there is to this one, it’s just plain sad.

  5. SpacemanSpiff85

    I’m guessing tomorrow’s will be a retread of this, only the first panel will be nothing but skulls, and the second will be dust blowing in the wind.
    And what kind of class photo doesn’t list the students alphabetically? The bottom row is in the order W, M, K, B.

  6. Gyre

    He had a plot where he could look at the past and present of FW just weeks ago.

  7. @beckoningchasm:

    And this kind of crap is going to be churned out until March 2022? Heaven help us.

    The “editors” at King Features (yeah right, like the Hearst Corporation would invest in quality control) haven’t ordered Frank Bolle to put down his Funky Felt Tip after an alarming case of artistic decay over the past two years.

    So why should Batiuk worry? After all, no one but us reads this strip…

  8. I think I get it now. Les is a stand-in for Tom Batiuk, and he’s thinking “Look how much I’ve ruined what was once a promising comic strip.”

  9. Yes, Batiuk, getting older is a thing that happens. Deal already.

  10. Epicus Doomus

    Les sees that photo every day, he sees those people every day and he just attended his class reunion a few weeks ago. If he’s just now noticing how decrepit everyone is, he’s even more self-absorbed than we thought.

  11. What aggravates me is not the “Woe is me. My friends and I have all grown old before our times” wailing we’re in for. It’s not even that he’s too vain and self-centered to spare a real thought for the women who’ve died before their time. What’s bugging me is that none of these idiots seem to remember that they have children with their own lives and troubles.

  12. I hesitate to once more ironically quote the Funky Winkerbean blurb. You know, the one that reads:

    Funky Winkerbean is a reality-based comic strip that depicts contemporary issues affecting young adults in a thought-provoking and sensitive manner.

    But if Tom Batiuk can relentlessly repeat himself, then so can I. So can I.

    Funky Winkerbean is a reality-based comic strip that depicts contemporary issues affecting young adults in a thought-provoking and sensitive manner.

  13. billytheskink

    Hold on, that photo above Act III Funky is clearly one of the members of the Bedside Manor Band. The corresponding Act I photo is of Derek, if I am not mistaken. What led to a member of the class of ’78 being placed in an assisted living facility is surely more interesting than Les staring at some poster-sized yearbook pages that are inexplicably hanging up inside the school.

  14. So everybody who graduates WHS is honored by having their picture displayed in the halls in perpetuity? And in the “now” version, what replaces Lisa’s frizzy-haired, bespectacled mug? A skull? A red “X”?

  15. Rusty

    Comics Kingdom is not loading for me. It is a good day.

  16. Rusty Shackleford

    Who thinks like this? A more realistic strip would be as follows: The strains of America’s Horse With No Name are playing in the background. Les is on his second summer shandy and is plastered. He logs in to $hitfacedbook and starts trolling girls he went to high school with. He gets no takers. The message: nothing ever changes in Westview. Ha ha ha ha ha

  17. Did Dead St. Lisa the Cancer Chew Toy Who Was Cremated graduate from Westview? I always thought she graduated from Big Walnut Tech after giving birth to Glorious Boy Lisa the Fair Good Grief.

    Of course, Batiuk’s “writing” means that we’ll never really know now…

  18. Yep, the countdown to 2022 continues..

    That’s pretty much all the effort I’m willing to put into a comment on today’s strip.

  19. Batiuk could have gone the “Picture of Dorian Gray” route and this strip would hardly make any more or less sense:

  20. HAnzMFG

    For all the grief it’s given being a particularly melodramatic and stilted case of Cerebus Syndrome, strips like today’s remind that this strip is sometimes just boring. I imagine the rest of the week will consist of Les putzing around the school, making morose comments, staring at young people and suddenly envisioning older versions of them, and zzzzz….


    I like how Les looks more bored than whimsical when looking at the 70’s version of the FW characters. It almost contrasts young Les Moore’s bewildered expression in the photo.

  22. Professor Fate

    The Author really needs to grow up. And through his Marty Sue here stop feeling sorry for himself.

  23. Jimmy

    I prefer to think of this collage as a digital image. It slowly dissolves from young Westviewians to oldsters.

    Still, I don’t understand where on earth the older collage would exist, and who would buy it?

  24. A HREF

    “Getting old sucks. But it beats the alternative, unless you’re Lisa. ” should be the thought balloon caption.

  25. ComicBookHarriet

    Wow…three strips in a row about the approaching specter of death. All overshadowed by the realization that your brief and mediocre high school years were, retrospectively, the high point of your entire existence. Like coasting from a mole hill into Devil’s Valley.

    This Bullying arc is INTENSE. I needed a trigger warning for this.

  26. Smirks 'R Us

    Masthead change alert!!

    Who the heck is this kid? And what is the theme? The war on chainsaws? On poorly drawn headphones? On weird protective headgear? I can’t wait!!

  27. Jimmy

    I’m willing to put money on the chainsaw guy coming for the tree at Manor Moore.

  28. It reminds me of those cheesy “Slideshow of 20 child actors who, despite their fame, are subject to the forces of aging!” clickbait articles.