Don’t Forget to Wipe Your Arts

Welp. As just about everyone including Les has surmised, Crazy Harold is only too tickled to be entrusted with digitalizing Lisa’s Ghost. Harry does seem to have some “state of the ark” gear for this daunting task…I think I see that USB dongle that a commenter here over at the CC said he’d need. Whether he’s being compensated beyond the honor of being asked remains to be seen.


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20 responses to “Don’t Forget to Wipe Your Arts

  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    So yet again somebody wants to defile the sacred words of Lisa. I wonder how Summer’s going to invoke the kill fee to get out of this.

  2. Good thing Crazy has nothing else happening in his life, he’s able to get a big boost for his Moore worship. His face in the last panel looks like Manic, one of the dwarves left out of Disney’s film.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    This would have made more sense if it was Boy Lisa instead of Harry, as Boy Lisa was always the resident “tech guy” in town. And Lisa was his bio-mom, in case you were unaware. So it works on multiple levels.

    Hope he chooses “Only The Good Die Young” to play over the ending credits. Or maybe “Beyond The Realms Of Death”. Or some really grim blackened doom thing, I don’t know.

  4. SpacemanSpiff85

    @Epicus Doomus:
    I picture something more like the end of Dr. Strangelove, with “Happy Trails to You” playing over mushroom clouds.

  5. DOlz

    @Epicus Doomus, “Another one bites the dust” or considering TB’s way of breathing life into his characters, “Funeral March of a Marionette”.

  6. Where’s Jessica Darling Daughter of John Darling Who Was Murdered? Isn’t she into this video editing thing, or did she give that up when she decided to be an ancillary character like all of the non-Lisa women in this strip?

    As for the soundtrack, may I suggest Green Day’s “Good Riddance”?

  7. I would suggest that the soundtrack consist of nothing but the Art Bears’ “Rats and Monkeys” repeated over and over. By the way, the rule is that if you look for that on YouTube, you have to play the whole thing.

  8. Watch this. A mere youngling has to tell a young adult not to compromise the purity of Les’s stark creative vision because of course she does. It’s not bad enough that he’s simply the annoying prick playing with a video editor like a dumb kid with a toy without a shrill and mannish twenty year old screeching about defiling the relics of Saint Dead Lisa.

  9. Ray

    Knowing Insane Harv, on the last “Digital File”, “DVD”, or whatever the hell they’ll be called next, on the last one as it fades to black with an “Artsy Wipe” he will cue this up.

  10. No, this… this… is the perfect end credit song. Very Batiukian.

  11. Still nothing about the spray paint on Les’ car. I assume after he dashed that one off, Mr. Batiuk thought, “No, Les is universally beloved, no one would do that to his car–it was just some paranoid thing that Cayla thought up. She’d do that, wouldn’t she, seeing Les as less than perfect.”

  12. Professor Fate

    I like the idea of the Jim Carroll song as sound track –
    there’s an Irish/English music hall song that could used as well.
    First Verse:
    “Look at the coffin, with golden Handles
    Isn’t it grand boys to be bloody well dead
    Let’s not have a sniffle, Lets have a bloody good cry
    And always remember, the longer you live,
    The sooner you bloody well die.”
    And Harry doesn’t look crazy in the last panel he looks like he’s completely snapped and is about the start stabbing people.

  13. billytheskink

    What a coincidence, “artsy wipe” is what I call Funky Winkerbean when I’m cleaning my windows and mirrors.

    I can’t wait to see Crazy make “pictures for the disks [sic]” using what appears to be a 9″ LCD screen, a first-generation Tivo box, and a Phillips CD-I. It will be like if MacGuyver was trapped inside a Circuit City in the late 90s.

  14. Jim in Wisc.

    Nah, you guys. The perfect soundtrack for anything in the Funkyverse is the “Hungarian Suicide Song” (a/k/a “Gloomy Sunday,” but originally titled “The World is Ending”).

  15. Jimmy

    All I know is I hope the guy in the header is a lawyer from St. Lisa’s estate, and he’s here to deliver a C&D letter to the Moore crew.


    You know if Crazy Harry does this right he could create the greatest creepypasta video on youtube since “Normal Porn For Normal People”!!

  17. Epicus Doomus

    Oh man, how’d I forget “People Who Died” by Jim Carrol Band? That’s perfect.

  18. Really I can’t imagine a better outcome than Harry turning it all into undercranked footage, with an endless loop of Yakety Sax for a soundtrack. Nothing could beat that.

  19. The Dreamer

    well remember in Act One, Crazy Harry *was* the video game king who was undefeated at I think Space Invaders or something, until the girl who later became his wife showed up wearing a mask and beat him. So he does know something about computers I guess

  20. It’s all just random. Lisa could go to Donna for the same thing; none of these people know anything about anything other than comic books, so who cares who Summer goes to. Batiuk knows we’re his only audience, and he hates us, so he’s going to use his felt tip to say Up yours!!!! every day until March of 2022.