Tuesday, October 20

Today’s strip was, again, not available for preview.

Until current content becomes available, we’re going to take a trip in Mr. Peabody’s WABATIUK machine to the distant past. Tis a past so different, and yet not so different from our own time… A past in which Westview has an operating post office, DSH wears a ponytail, and Wally Jr. still exists… But also a past in which Lisa “lives”, Les holds his students in contempt, and Holly snowplow moms up the joint…

Travel with me, won’t you all, to March 6, 2007 (Act III’s 1997) and see that Holly snowplowed away consequences of actions when Cory was quite young, giving him the clear route he took to criminal miscreancy.



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  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    That strip showcases one of the weirdest things about Batiuk’s writing, to me. If he just left the last panel with Les’s line, it’d be a kind of dumb joke, but not at all unlike a lot in the comics. But like he does over and over he has to have someone responding to the dumb line in a totally unamused way. Is he trying to show that even he doesn’t think the joke is funny or something? I always get the impression that he’d have the person in Funky’s position respond “Shut the hell up” if he could get away with it.

  2. Very good Rod Serling post, Billy!

  3. What are they hauling, by the way? Logs to be burnt on the sacrificial pyre, or mummies deemed unworthy of Lisa-hood?

  4. Epicus Doomus

    The funniest thing about that old strip is how it perfectly represents what a dick Les is. His old buddy Funky is trying to have a serious discussion with Les and DickFace responds by making a smart-alecky and totally brainless joke designed to showcase his impeccable sense of wordplay. Les is truly a toolbag’s toolbag, just detestable.

    And SpacemanSpiff85, he IS saying the joke is terrible. To him, that’s the joke. When FW was satirical it sometimes worked but now that’s it’s a “1/4 inch from reality” and blah blah blah it just makes the characters seem like annoying sarcastic jerks. And I don’t think he’s ever really fully comprehended that.

  5. billytheskink

    I believe, beckoningchasm, that Funky and Les are hauling some type of metal tubing (which they appear to be in the process of burying in panel 2).

    … Or perhaps those are artillery shells, surplus from The Great Cancer War.

  6. Meanwhile in today’s strip, Cory is planning on selling the meticulously assembled Complete Starbuck Jones. Revenge at Mama Batiuk for throwing his comics in the trash, or wishful thinking for his current collection? You be the judge!

  7. Epicus Doomus

    Now this one actually made me laugh. Holly is as self-satisfied as ever over putting together that f*cking comic book collection, meanwhile Cory is already looking into flipping them for a tidy profit. Now THAT is hilarious! Perhaps if Holly had shared the story of how she came into possession of those comics, Cory might have more of a sentimental attachment to them. But the guy who writes FW skipped over and ignored THAT part of the story, so it looks like Ebay it is!

    Coming soon: after Funky informs him that selling the SJ collection devastated his mother, Cory vows to rebuild the collection…with a little help from a local SJ expert…Holly! Fifteen months of hilarity ensues.

  8. SpacemanSpiff85

    I am actually more excited by FW than I have been in a long time, really. Something might actually happen! Cory might actually not be a total saint now after all!
    I hope he spends the money on booze and drinks it all in front of Funky. And then passes out and spills PBR/pukes all over the Starbuck Jones he couldn’t sell.

  9. HAnzMFG

    Cory is the farthest from any kind of person I’ve ever met in the military. Does the second panel take place in the 1950s?

    Don’t forget to include a self-addressed envelope, and be prepared to wait 4-6 weeks, Cory!

  10. Epicus Doomus

    Ugh, horrifying thought: Cory uses the SJ collection money to buy Rocky a ring. And remember, now that Wally has taken Darin’s “assistant manager” gig, his old spot is now open at Montoni’s….

  11. billytheskink

    “Snowplowing” away all obstacles to accomplishment for your child results in them valuing the results a lot less than you. Film at eleven.

  12. Ah, my. This is ‘funny’ because Cory thinks that a different touching gesture has taken place. He thinks that his mom has provided him with the cash he needs to buy his gal a real spiffy engagement ring but Snowplow wants him to read the damned things. Mirth shall ensue.

  13. Just wait and see: next year, the retcon will be that Holly did the chin-ups that got Cory into the army.

  14. bad wolf

    Mild amusement for the win! “This number one, it’s worth enough to keep Montoni’s open. And this one, that can’t be right, fifty thousand … ?”

    Now i wonder. Did Holly finish the collection and not give/send it to Cory? Is this really the payoff? Did TB only realize there was a payoff needed when they were published, write some make-up strips and have to fit the result in his year-long queue?

  15. Rusty

    Cory’s no fool, he won’t be chained to the dishwashing machine at Montoni’s. He’s going to sell this crap and fly out to Hollywood, where all the self-conscious cougars hang out.

  16. We know how this plays. Cory tells Holly he’s going to sell the comics, she gets all sad-faced, and he says “Just kidding, ma…” and there’s a hug.

  17. Professor Fate

    While I would like to think that Cory is going to cash in the comics then spend all the money on hookers and blow, (its’ the romantic in me) it’s more likely as other’s have pointed out that he’s going to use the money to get a ring for Rocky and the wedding will be at the pizza place. And they’ll take over the apt above Montonis because it turns out Wally and his wife have fled. ( I would have gone darker but well it’s early yet.)


    You actually got a laugh from me, Batiuk. Clip this one and study it, Tommy. Repeat when necessary.

  19. Saturnino

    “Coming soon: after Funky informs him that selling the SJ collection devastated his mother, Cory vows to rebuild the collection…”

    The “Aunt Bertha” syndrome surfaces.

    Aunt Bertha remembers that Johnny, age 5, loved (fill in). Johnny is now 8. Aunt Bertha wants to surprise Johnny, so she doesn’t tell anybody and goes and buys Johnny a ton of (what was filled in the blank). Hints to Johnny that there will be a big surprise and Johnny is all excited.

    By age 8, Johnny is no longer interested in (what was filled in the blank) and has a long face.

    Aunt Bertha is devastated. All because it had to be a surprise.

  20. Maybe Corey will be able to pay off Holly’s $50,001 debt she snowplowed her way into at the Dick Tracy Comics Auction.

    I would laugh if he sold them to Mason Jarr, The Movie Actor Bi The Way.

  21. Jim in Wisc.

    Funky’s not sure how to go about “discipling” Cory? What exactly is he trying to make him a disciple of? Since Lisa’s still alive, that cult hasn’t taken off yet. Maybe it’s the Cult of Crappy Pizza?

    IOW: Dear Lord! Even then, L’Auteur Glorieux couldn’t be bothered to proofread his work.

  22. Jim in Wisc.

    Ignore my last comment. The lettering kind of runs together, and I misread it.

  23. bayoustu

    I don’t know which bothers me more: the infuriatingly smug look on Holly’s face, or the flesh mitten Cory’s using to hold The Price Guide…

  24. The Dreamer

    Remember that Cory is a thief and a con artist. Just like his never mentioned biological father. He is the guy who stole the Lisa’s Legacy Run money. Of course he wants to sell the Starbuck Jones collection. He doesn’t want anything he hasn’t stolen.

  25. That vintage strip illustrates one factor in why Les Moore is the most loathed person on the comics page. You just know Les stopped listening as soon as he saw an opportunity for wordplay.

    Oh, I just thought of the best pun!! Why doesn’t that guy shut up so I can deliver it?