Heavy Lidded


Sorry about that. Today’s strip is, in fact, a thing. It’s a thing where stuff happens, technically, I think.

Cory continues to sell us on the mystery of why oh why he would sell his mother’s beloved collection of Starbuck Jones comics behind Holly’s back. This is day four of the sales job but I’ll let the redundancy slide because having to half-explain it to DSH serves a minor narrative purpose even if we’re all going “again?!”

Here’s my only real problem with today’s strip: why bring Bob Hope back from the dead if you are just going to give him a silent silhouette cameo in panel 3? I mean, not even he could make this material entertaining, but I’d at least appreciate it if TB let him try.



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  1. Epicus Doomus

    It’s essential to Cory’s scheme that his mom doesn’t find out that he sold his (sigh) comic books, so instead of finding an out-of-town dealer he elects to go to the comic shop run by his parents friend and located next to their place of business. And we’re to believe that the Army let this guy defuse bombs?

    My guess is that DSH John stools him out immediately to Holly or Funky. He just seems like the kind of guy who’d do that, you know?

  2. SpacemanSpiff85

    I have a strong suspicion that John is just going to randomly give the comics to Holly, because she truly appreciates them, unlike Cory.

  3. Even worse, DSH pays for the comics then turns around and gives them right back to Cory/Holly, because simply letting them ho for free is no longer good enough-he needs to pay to be a part of the Great Starbuck Jones Saga.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    TheDiva: Yes, DSH buys the comic books and immediately gives them back to Holly in exchange for the money he owes her. Then the Winkerbeans take to the road to try their comic book grifting scheme a few towns over. The Korner quietly goes out of business.

  5. billytheskink

    “Whatever you do…”

    How cute, Cory thinks DSH does things. He really has been out of Westview for a while.

  6. Rusty

    Not pictured in today’s action: Cory’s arm band tattoo he used to have prior to turning 18. It wouldn’t be exposed today, but should have been visible the last couple of days.

  7. Guest Page Turner Author

    It’s just so obvious, the dude is going to sell his comic books to attain something even greater, probably an engagement ring for Rocky.

    It’s so pathetic how obvious this author has been. Parading the subject as a villain with those smirks and little sweat tags off his brow with his allegedly nefarious plans to sell his mother’s comic collection.

    Only to beat her to the punch with a heartfelt sigh as he uses said comic books to buy a great ring for his beloved.

    As someone said yesterday, projectile vomiting shall ensue.

    But why such a bad artist, why have the subjects head and nose and hairline change so much from panel to panel?

    It’s like Cory is Renee Zellweger.

  8. Spacemanspiff85

    Has anyone else noticed that there are two Rocky Rhodeses in Batiuk’s strips? One of Crankshaft’s coworkers is a guy named Rocky Rhodes. I guess when you have a joke that hilarious you need to use it as much as possible.

  9. Monotony

    oh my god his FACE

  10. Charles

    It’s hardly the worst thing about this sequence, but I still can’t get over how Batiuk’s drawing Cory. Here’s a kid that’s 21 years old or so, so in other words, A MAN. He’s been in the army for three years now, and yet he looks as if he’s an 11 year-old. At times he appears to be about eight inches shorter than Funky, and has a head about two-thirds the size of his. He’s so tiny that Les Moore could probably beat the shit out of him. At what point does Batiuk decide to make him look like a man?

    Or was Holly’s first husband Kevin or some other little person?

  11. Frank Bolton

    To give the author a little bit of credit — and Lord knows he needs every bit than he can get — it’s actually a little sensible for Corey to go to John first to ask him to keep a lid on things given the Funkyverse’s screwy priorities. Lord knows that Starbuck Jones comics are so hot-to-trot that every slovenly housefrau in a 100 mile radius will detect the comics being back on the market. A few months delay gives Corey some plausible deniability.

  12. Cory looks more like FDR in the third panel (sans the upright cigarette in his mouth, of course).

    It’s obvious that Batiuk can’t draw Cory at all any more, as he keeps morphing from panel to panel. If he was drawing him extemporaneously, it could be justified, but Cory has HIS OWN MODEL SHEET THAT BATIUK ONCE DREW FOR THE FW WEBSITE.

  13. ComicTrek

    ^ Wow, those sketches! Looking past the awfulness of the art, check out the tattoo, the cigarette, the unhappy facial expressions, et cetera. We get it, it’s obvious that Cory is (or used to be?) the juvenile delinquent of the town. Yet we never even saw any of that in the actual strip!

  14. Saturnino

    “One of Crankshaft’s coworkers is a guy named Rocky Rhodes”

    Well, if you assume these strips are running in parallel universes, and you add up the years they have been running……….

    Batnut has more than 50 years in total between both strips……..

  15. sgtsaunders

    No Moore. No Les. Can’t complain too much.


    I’m beginning to think that Cory never really saw action in Syraquistan. I think he was just a clerk or typist for HQ. I mean seriously, NOTHING to talk about Corey?? Did you kill anyone? Did you see anyone die? Did you gain a deeper respect for the Islamic culture instead of succumbing to fearing the the people you are protecting? Hell, did you ever eat at Khan’s Midwest Falafel Deli in Kabul? Anything???!!!!!

  17. bad wolf

    There was a theory that the model sheets were by (friend and comic book artist) John Byrne. They do have a bit of personality.

    “Here we see him being surly, smoking, smirking, and blowing a dude. That should cover everythingh that’ll come up.”

  18. Saturnino

    “I’m beginning to think that Cory never really saw action in Syraquistan.”

    He sure doesn’t act that way, and he’s recovered awfully fast. Maybe he’s like one of those folks they discover once in a while who disappears to go on military duty, comes back as a “hero,” but it turns out he just stayed home because didn’t want to go to work.

  19. Professor Fate

    I miss the evil grinning Cory of earlier this week. He was interesting – this guilt ridden adolescent is not.

  20. A HREF

    So TB forget that Corey was a delinquent. just as he’s forgotten that Dinkel is deaf, Wally has a son, Les is insufferable, Rachael has a son, Funky’s not 70, the gay prom couple, Crazy’s kids, Cayla is black and probably a lot more.

    The only thing he seems to remember is that Becky has one arm and Lisa died, although he wishes Lisa was still alive. Oh and John Darling, Jessica’s father, who was murdered.

  21. There’s another thing Batiuk remembers: comics collections are NOT to be sold for any sort of mundane purpose such as buying one’s best gal a nice engagement ring, putting a down-payment on a house or making things right with that swell Mr Moore. Comics collections are there to gather dust in one’s room as a form of kryptonite to stupid mothers who make stupid noise about how comics and toys are a waste of time that distract sons from making their mark on the world and giving mothers something to boast about.

  22. Also, we should try to remind Batiuk that his betters have gone to a Sundays only format. Amend, Trudeau and now Jan Eliot have made the transition in order to avoid flaming out and churning out refuse about Saint Dead Lisa.

  23. It would be interesting to ask Tom Batiuk what his mythical reader is like. I can’t believe anyone would find these stories interesting in the slightest.

  24. Epicus Doomus

    BC: If he’d just move these stories along a little bit once in a while, the sub-glacial pace is just maddening. I mean we know, Cory doesn’t want Holly to find out he sold the (sigh) comic books…how many days does he really need to make that clear? Does he really assume his reader will forget the premise if he doesn’t repeat it for a solid week? He’s not building suspense, he’s blatantly just killing time.

  25. Saturnino

    “Also, we should try to remind Batiuk that his betters have gone to a Sundays only format.”

    And Trudeau’s weekday stuff brings back a lot of memories along with continuity…………………….

  26. SpacemanSpiff85

    A lot of the dramatic strips like Mary Worth or Apartment 3G just repeat what happened during the week on Sunday, so the people who only read on Sunday won’t miss out. Batiuk seems to apply this philosophy to every day of the week.

  27. Rusty

    @bad wolf: The character studies do look more like Byrne’s work, I believe it’s where Batiuk started copying the hatchet smiles.

  28. Charles

    I am rather curious as to what Gross John is thinking in this situation, and I bet Batiuk’s going to screw it up. If he knows that these are the comics Holly was collecting for Cootie, I have to imagine that he’d say something about how devoted his mom was and whether he really wanted to blithely dismiss her gesture like this. I mean, damn, Holly flew to San Diego and New York to collect these things and now Cootie’s just going to cash them in as soon as possible, maybe, for all Gross John knows, to blow all of it on a lost weekend to Vegas or something. You’d think John would want to say something in Holly’s defense. If not, John’s a giant shithead to a woman who’s been kinder and more generous to him than he ever deserved.

    OTOH, if Gross John doesn’t know that Holly collected all these comics for Cootie, wouldn’t he think in this situation that this renowned delinquent has just stolen his mom’s valuable collection and is using Gross John as his fence? And that would make Cootie’s “Don’t tell my mom about this” even more obvious and portentous. It would also make Gross John think he’s an accessory to petty larceny (or perhaps grand larceny, since it’s been suggested that this collection is worth five figures), the sort of thing he would presumably not wish to be party to.

    Betcha in the end that Batiuk just punts on this. Gross John smugs something smugly and we end up not knowing if Cootie sold his collection or not.

  29. Epicus Doomus

    Charles: All because BanTom skipped the key moment of the story…Holly giving the collection to Cory. I assumed he’d get the collection and be astonished by how much his lame mom knows about SJ and comics in general and so on. But we never saw that moment, so we don’t know what Cory knows about the comic books. Is he aware of how much Holly did to acquire them? Was he amazed, impressed, stunned? No one knows.

    Now I’m wondering if Bantom deliberately skipped that part of his story just for the sake of this one. It seems a little too well-thought out for FW, but what else makes any sense?

  30. Howard and Nester

    I mean, damn, Holly flew to San Diego and New York to collect these things and now Cootie’s just going to cash them in as soon as possible, maybe, for all Gross John knows, to blow all of it on a lost weekend to Vegas or something.

    Hate to cut into your pathos, Charles, but Holly didn’t exactly bust her hump for those comics. She flew up on what was essentially a vacation, dithered around, and as usual got a handout after asking for one. Just like all of the other comics.

    It’s less that Corey is selling Holly’s pride and sweat and more that he’s selling some of her gift shop knickknacks that she brought back from cruise.

  31. Charles

    Hate to cut into your pathos, Charles, but Holly didn’t exactly bust her hump for those comics.

    Hence why I said she flew to those places rather than her spending a lot of money or calling in a lot of major favors. She did, after all, go to both San Diego and New York City to acquire comic books for Cooky. That’s certainly not nothing.

    But what I’m looking at more is how Gross John would view it, rather than how it looks to a dispassionate observer. Batiuk and his characters treat this as a serious thing. I somehow doubt that Gross John would dismiss what Holly did because she fell backasswards into most of the comics. Never mind the question of whether Gross John thinks these comics belong to Cooky or Holly and thus whether he’s being asked to be party to grand larceny.

    Anyway, looking at how Gross John and everyone else treated Holly as she was attempting to collect these comics, they’re no doubt impressed that a moron woman who doesn’t grasp comics could amass such a collection, no matter how many gimmes she got in the process.