The First Monday in November

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Cue the shrieking violins from Bernard Herrmann’s Psycho score.

In a town where calamity awaits around every corner, what exactly did Holly expect would happen?  Did she really expect that Cory would appreciate all the “effort” she put into completing his collection?  I seem to recall a lot of commentators here saying that Cory’s reaction would be, “Thanks a lot, mom, but I’m not into comics anymore.”

I do have to say it’s kind of clever how Holly discovered the empty box.  A full box would not have moved from a simple bump, but an empty one slides easily.  I wonder if she’ll call the police?  That would make sense, but “making sense” is seldom on the menu here.

Anyway, it’s a week of comic books!  Again!   What is it about comic books?  I mean, there are things that I like, things I enjoy, but I don’t wallow in them 24/7, nor do I push them into every context in which I find myself.  There’s nothing wrong with enjoying something, but to base your whole life around it seems like going way overboard.

But I guess extremism in the cause of comic books is no vice.  Or something.



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19 responses to “The First Monday in November

  1. Epicus Doomus

    So first he sells the collection to the shop located right next to his parent’s business, then he can’t be bothered to slide the fake longbox under the bed. Well played there, Cory. This guy was supposedly defusing bombs for the Army, you know.

  2. SpacemanSpiff85

    So which is Holly about to have: a stroke or a heart attack? And what are the odds she survives? Cause honestly, “ingrate youth kills his mother with his lack of appreciation for comic books” seems totally up Batiuk’s alley.

  3. louder

    Heaven forbid that he just chuck the box into the dumpster out in back of the comic book store… It shows you how close mother and son are, she doesn’t have a clue that Cory could care less about comics, and everything about the money.

  4. billytheskink

    Ahhh, an Oreck XL. Mmmmm, very sucky.
    Okay Holly, listen carefully. You can hold on to your Oreck… Or you can go for what’s in the box that’s sticking out from under Cory’s bed. What’s it gonna be?

    “I’ll take the box. The box!”

    You took the box? Let’s see what’s in the box!
    Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

  5. Gyre

    Actually you’d have to give the bed a pretty hard whack to knock a box underneath it out.

    And seeing it there I really have to wonder if Starbuck Jones is the only comic book series he ever bought. We never saw him reading any others and this box is apparently completely empty. I dare say that it’s almost as though Cory only had any connection to those comics just so there could be a story about Holly traveling around to look for them. But no, something so silly couldn’t be so.

    But much more silly is that this really hammers home that I think that after he got home the story basically forgot that he’s an adult. Yeah this probably is going to show us that he got the money to get a ring for Rockie, but so far everything about him feels like it was written for a teenager. How he sells the comics, his flimsy attempts to hide it, the question of exactly what he does in his spare time and how he hasn’t shown any thoughts on what he’s going to do with his life now. All of it sounds more like it’s written for a teenager without many resources who goes to school.

  6. Unsurprisingly, Holly seems more traumatized by the missing comic books than she did when she was worried Cory might have been blown up in Afghanistan somewhere.

  7. Funky Box o'beans

    What’s inside the box?

    A. Nothing
    B. Porno mags
    C. Engagement ring
    D. Note that reads: “Made ya’ look, Sucker!”

  8. This, of course, is going to lead to a ridiculous argument because Holly and Batiuk have failed to internalize the Parable Of Aunt Muriel. At the end of the day, he will keep the collection he is not into and love it in order to prove he loves and respects the mother who can’t be bothered to know who he is.

  9. Chyron HR

    What’s the problem? She can just go beg to get the comics for free again (and beg Mopey Pete for a Mr. Sponge ashcan to trade with Chester again). In fact, it’s a flawless moneymaking scheme.

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    Ugggghhhh, more about those comic books. I was hoping the story would go back to BuddyBlog. Their stock splits and Cindy uses the money to get some cosmetic work done, it backfires, and she ends up looking like E.T. Or perhaps, Cindy uses the money to buy out Montoni’s and replace it with a Pizza Hut franchise.

  11. Well, the fact is that if TB is going to have Cory sell the comic collection and try to keep it a secret, it is essential that Holly discover it missing and have a confrontation over it. How else are we going to expose the true motivation of Cory’s actions?

    I’m just happy that it happened in one day. TB could just as easily dragged it out for the whole week – Monday Holly makes some bad pun about Cory’s messy room, Tuesday she pulls the vacuum cleaner out of the closet and makes some joke about how her job sucks, Wednesday she plugs the vacuum cleaner into the wall and makes some wry observation about electricity, Thursday she makes some joke about dust bunnies, Friday she pushes the vacuum under the bed and the box emerges, and Saturday she opens the empty box.

    Anyway, since we got the empty box exposition out of the way early this week, maybe, just maybe, we’ll see some meaningful action, ya think?

  12. bad wolf

    Credit where it’s due, this scenario was spot-on from commenter Droopy over at CC a couple of weeks ago. (I was sure it was someone here who mentioned a vacuum cleaner!)

  13. Professor Fate

    I’d like to think there is someone’s head in there – to quote Casablanca “it’s the romantic in me.” but it’s just empty. And now comes the slow unwinding of the we can see this one coming from miles away plot.

  14. ComicBookHarriet

    @ bobanero.
    That is spine chillingly accurate. And if my spine chills at the rate of a normal Funky plotline. I will feel a tingle up one vertebrae once a week, with the final chill reaching my C-spine by New Year’s.

  15. Ray

    If only this would go the way of “A Good Marriage” by Stephen King.

  16. Epicus Doomus

    I kind of figured he’d have Holly accidentally bump into a gloating Chester outside the Korner or something, but Rule One…way too ambitious and interesting for FW. So it’s “Holly finds the empty longbox while vacuuming” instead. It’s amazing how he finds the path of least interest so consistently. It’s so predictable you almost never see it coming, just remarkable.

  17. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL at the image of Holly on the SoSF masthead.

  18. @Nathan Orbal: I wonder who she’s pissed off at the most.

  19. Jason

    The real villain in this is the comic book shop owner. He knows who Cory is, who his mom is, and what she went through to get those books. Hell, he even went to Comic-con with her. And now he turns around, buys them without saying a word (at a discount price, to be sure) and sells them “privately and discretely” so they’ll be long gone before Holly finds out.

    What a dick.