Happy Halloween!

Link to today’s strip.

Today’s strip was not available for preview.

How about some terrifying Halloween costumes?  Read no further if you expect to sleep tonight!

I have now robbed your pleasant dreams from you!  Ha ha ha!

See you next week, folks.



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11 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    If three people cosplayed at a convention as Les Moore and Cayla with Ghost Lisa following and watching three feet behind them, that would be kind of awesome. Except for whoever had to dress up as Les. And Lisa, actually. And probably Cayla too, by association.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    So it would appear that Chester will visit Komix Korner to check out Cory’s SJ collection and somehow end up running into Holly, who will then learn of her son’s cockamamie scheme. Then he’ll touchingly explain that it’s for an engagement ring or that he’s sending her and Funky on vacation or that he’s repaying the stolen Lisa money or (zzzzzzzzz). And everyone will smirk at what a fine young man he’s become and so forth. I mean what the hell else could this possibly be?

    I wonder what DSH’s cut here is? Did he already buy the SJ comics or is he merely brokering the sale on Cory’s behalf? He surely isn’t doing it for free, is he? The inner workings of the Westviewian economy always fascinates me, with the nebulous transactions and vague terms and comic book-based currency and all.

  3. I would never want to cosplay as Les. Too great a risk of having people come up and punch you in the face.

    Chester’s mansion–the Superman-Batman gate, the folder boxes of comics strewn everywhere–is probably where Batiuk would live if he had the money.

  4. A HREF

    What if they pulp Dead Lisa’s Dead Tree and use the pulp to print the Cayla graphic novel?

  5. Crazy Harry: “How will you set up a week of pedestrian mockery of serious comics collectors?”
    Dead Skunk Head: “Publicly and ponderously.”

  6. John’s left cheek in panel 3. The horror. The horror.

  7. ComicTrek

    So Cory’s comic (not just Starbuck Jones) collection is no longer Cory’s. Doesn’t that pretty much make Holly’s worldwide comic quest–and everything that happened after–pointless? Or are we in for a lecture on how the Starbuck Jones comics brought so much joy to so many people and zzzzzzz…..

  8. @ComicTrek: Of course it was all for nothing. That seems to be the point of it all: a loving mother goes the extra mile only to have her love rejected by today’s rotten kids who don’t care about good things like bad pizza, kitschy music boxes and inane plot twists. I should think that when Sims was let back on Comics Alliance, one of his terms was no longer having to follow Batiuk.

  9. Rusty Shackleford


    You nailed it. Batty thought he was going to funky forever, but then the world changed and now he is like Crankshaft.

  10. Continuity police alert: some guy is having a John cosplay moment in panel 2 (on the day after Halloween, no less). It’s certainly not the same guy as in panel 3: he’s clearly 10-20 years younger and 50 pounds lighter.

  11. Rusty

    Knowing Batiuk, comic book mogul guy will end up with Cory’s collection, but we will never see how it happened.

    It would be funnier if he was now rich because of his rare comic book collection, yet lived in the basement of his mansion.