Well Bread

SosfdavidO here, and that 90’s “record scratch” sound you just heard just came up because in today’s strip, Rocky had the notion to celebrate their engagement with a drink! Funky is well off the wagon, or on, I can’t remember which metaphor applies, so instead of just politely apologizing, comes up with a visual pun. Sure, it’s a groaner, but at least we got her away from that hideous couch.



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  1. Fits into being vaguely heartwarming? Addresses a character’s serious struggles with a little light visual humor? Eh, I’ll take it, this probably the best FW strip I’ve seen in a good while.

  2. A normal person would have just said “I don’t drink,” and would have suggested non-alcoholic refreshments instead. A normal person would also know that pun has been done better by countless Rocky Horror audiences.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    This is obviously another one of those “it’s so dumb it’s actually funny” gags of his. But man, this one really is pretty stupid, even by FW standards. Still though, the very idea that he actually has Funky making toast is so absurd it is sort of humorous in a dopey sort of way, I guess. Although the fact that this story has already devolved into gags like this tells you a lot about where it probably isn’t going, that being anywhere interesting.

  4. billytheskink

    Ok, I like this joke, probably because it is one I would totally make in a situation like this.

    We can all agree, I’m sure, that the finished product is better than TB’s original draft, where panel 3 was Rocky saying “teetotaler, ma’am?”

  5. I’m thankful that we’ve been spared the Cult of Dead St. Lisa for twelve days. I’m sure that as a condition of their marriage Rocky will have to join the cult. I wonder if she’ll break the engagement when she finds out.

  6. SpacemanSpiff85

    Just wait until it’s revealed that Rocky’s mom is on a no-carb diet, and can’t take part in Funky’s toast.

  7. When the best you can do results in a lukewarm reaction like “I’ve seen a LOT worse”, it’s time to quit. Batiuk should take that advice.

  8. Chyron HR

    Maybe Batiuk can make like a follower of Bill Watterson and retire. We’ll even be nice and pretend he left while he was at the top of his game.

  9. @thediva: totally agreed, the panel 2 dialogue is implausible. It doesn’t even serve to set up the gag. How about: ” He doesn’t drink. He’s in AA.” “Ohhh, you mean he might have to leave unexpectedly and go render roadside assistance so drinking while on call is a no-no, I understand. I’m smitten now, too.”

  10. Eh. This reminds me of those Family Circus cartoons when Billy, age 5, takes over the strip and does those literal interpretations. It’s on that level.

  11. Rusty

    Is “a follower of Bill W.” a recognizable enough phrase to denote a recovering alcoholic? I’m only remotely familiar with it. Just another example of Batiuk dancing around common speech to craft something no one in real life would ever bother uttering. The toasting bread gag is fair warning to Rocky that she is marrying into a family of dopes.

  12. A HREF

    I have a close family member in recovery. Goes to meetings, buys into AA etc.

    Never ever heard that person say “follower of Bill W.”

    Also if toast is proposed that person uses ice water if everyone else is drinking alcohol.

    Also “no thank you’ by the person in recovery is the proper response, not “oh he’s/she’s in AA and can’t drink” by someone else (that is co-dependent behavior)

    But the final panel isn’t that bad.

    Old joke but still. Not bad at all.

    I need a drink.

  13. I believe the proper term is “Friend of Bill” or “Friend of Bill W”, and it generally only has meaning to people who have some knowledge of the history of AA. As a person who currently does not drink (for reasons similar to the reason that Funky doesn’t drink, though I am an AA dropout) and often finds themselves in situations where a toast is being offered, I can say that there are a lot less awkward ways to participate in a toast without drinking than to laboriously explain why you don’t drink. You just pour yourself a soda or whatever your soft drink of choice is, and raise your glass with the rest of the group. Nobody’s going to call you out on it unless they’re a complete asshole.

  14. Chuerlopp

    “Follower of Bill W?” Batiuk just makes up phrases at “the drop of a cap”. Every time I have ever seen a reference to Bill W, it was “Friend of Bill W.” I think I need a vodka and orange.


    1.Being cryptic with a joke works for a television medium like MST3K or Rifftraxx because they can make a joke you don’t understand funny just by their delivery and timing. You can’t really do that in written form since all you have is the content and meaning of the joke to fall on. So if t here were any jokes regarding Bill W., it has been lost on most readers. And I don’t feel the joke is worth googling.

    2. This was once again a joke made up on a weak pun with an even weaker setup. How would toast be a substitute here? The obvious thing a normal human would do would be to drink sparkling water, maybe sparkling cider. Hell maybe make a joke about Nesquick being of right vintage or something. I think I remember an old Beetle Bailey strip make some type of drinking joke with Lt. Fuzz. It’s said when Beetle Bailey can be more innovative in humor than your strip.

    3. I’m by no means a feminist, but I really feel Funky Winkerbean might be the most anti-women strip ever. No, I’m serious. None of the women have any personality past being catalysts for male protagonists. It fits the “Women in Refridgerators trope.Lisa is dead and was sexually assaulted,, Becky’s one arm, One of Les’ love attempted suicide. Hell I don’t think many of the strips pass the Bechtel test. Roxy here only exists to be Cory Winkerbeans bride and show how he has “grown up”. Do we know anything about her personality her wants or feelings? No!. Seriously, this strip is not progressive when it comes to women. Come to think of it..it isn’t very progressive toward humans in general for that matter

  16. Apauled

    I guess it’s OK to tell your fiancee that your stepfather is a recovering alcoholic, but I hope Cory doesn’t make this announcement at social gatherings of people who aren’t family members. My dad doesn’t drink because he dislikes the taste of alcohol, so I just tell the person serving that he’d like ice water, which has never seemed to offend or confuse anyone.

  17. ComicBookHarriet

    @Westview Oncologist.
    I would have to disagree with some, but not all, of your ‘Anti-Woman’ arguments. I DON’T think BatTom has a very good grasp into the female psyche, which is why his women all worry about either their kids, their husbands, or their looks, but he did just give Holly and Cindy storylines in the past couple years where they, and their goals and fears, were the main focus of the story, with men acting as ancillaries.

    I think it’s more that, if you aren’t one of the five or six established characters that has been around since the 70’s, you only exist as the moon in the orbit of a character that looms larger in Battom’s mind. Which is why every time he tried to pass the story on to ‘the next generation’ those characters are flat and eventually fade, and the story inevitably became the tale of depressed 50-year-olds. If it isn’t Funky, Holly, Les, Cindy, or sometimes Crazy and that Skunk guy, you get one storyline and then you’re background material.

  18. A HREF

    And another thing, Corey’s just getting around to telling Rocky that his step dad is an alcoholic?

  19. @ComicBookHarriet: That’s the problem, right there. He’s focused rather narrowly on a group of shlumpy suburbanites in their early fifties and tends to forget that he has a supporting cast.

  20. @HREF – The fact that your Dad’s a recovering alcoholic is not necessarily a point that would come up, especially if your Dad’s been sober for many years. I never saw my Dad take a drink my entire life, and it was only recently (when my sister uncovered some letters written by my Dad to my Mother during the Korean war) that I had any idea that he actually did have a problem with drinking at some point in his life.

  21. SpacemanSpiff85

    Yeah, except Holly’s story was literally all about her doing something for her son. And Cindy’s have all been about her worrying about her age and looks, until she found happiness with a man.

  22. The Dreamer

    Instead of celebrating, why aren’t Cory and Rocky going to tell Cory’s biological father? Batiuk seems to want to wipe away the past and have people not remember that Funky and Holly haven’t always been married, and that Cory is from her first marriage. Now he even draws Cory exactly like a young Funky, to help you forget, and now Cory is a model citizen fresh from the army so you’ll forget his messed up past. This is like a while back when Batiuk did a series of strips about Fred and Ann Fairgood and their struggling early days as a young couple, completely forgetting that they hadn’t been a young couple and that Fred was married to someone else.

    How about some Funkyverse consistency?

  23. @The Dreamer – when you’re climbing a flight of fifty steps, you really don’t care if you’re doing so with grace and finesse. You just want to get to that fiftieth, and if you have to rest for a week or pull yourself along the banister, it doesn’t matter – you’ve still made that fiftieth step.

  24. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    New addition to the Battictionary. Follower of Bill?? Wrong. Friend of.