Taking It in Stride

SosfDavidO here, just calling up an old, time-honored box-office bomb tradition to get things moving in today’s strip. Apparently the script isn’t going so well, which is forcing rewrites, which is causing Pete and Darin to have to (I assume) redo the storyboards.

That’s right, after 60+ some issues of Starbucks Jones, Hollywood still doesn’t have enough material to crap out a halfway decent movie.

I’m not too sure who is shouting “What!?” here but it’s not like Pete or Darin exactly had a lot going on before they flew out to Hollywood to work as storyboarders on a movie. Darin especially. Maybe as a greenhorn he’s only getting paid in the “exposure” working on a film would bring but it still has to beat living in Ohio in November.



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16 responses to “Taking It in Stride

  1. Huh. Here I thought the Starbuck Jones thing was a big-budget Hollywood production heading for theatres. Now, we see it’s another cable production–probably produced by The Asylum (don’t ask). How have the mighty fallen.

  2. Smirks 'R Us

    Oh goody. More evil Hollywood banter this week. Yawn.

  3. Rusty

    “Are probably handling it in stride” is clunky phrasing, as usual. If this is indeed a cable television movie production, it explains the use of amateurs and nobodies like Pete and Mason Jarr, the actor.

  4. This week could go one of two ways – six days of lame observations of the Hollywood movie industry, and how Pete Reigert and Durwood are too good for it – or a decision will be made to bring in a script consultant with kill-fee experience from Westview.

    Or a third (highly implausible, but this is FW) alternative would be to bring in a young Starbuck Jones authority fresh from his deployment in Afghanistan to revive the script.

  5. Where exactly is this movie in the production process anyway? It’s filming, it doesn’t even have a storyboard artist, it’s stalled, it just needs Mopey Pete to punch up the script. This brings a new meaning to “development Hell.”

  6. Whatever nonsense we’re going to be subjected to, we can confidently predict one thing: it will take six days to get to the stupid point to be made.

  7. @Paul Jones – It WILL take six days. Whether any point is to be made (stupid or not) remains to be seen.


    As much as I want Calvin and Hobbes to return…I don’t want Calvin guest starring as Darrin’s offspring!!!

  9. billytheskink

    Is that Skyler or is Funky just a really bad ventriloquist?

  10. Professor Fate

    Nobody in the Funkyverse EVER takes things in stride – mopey whining or sullen mopey resignation and whining are the only emotional responses we ever see.

  11. We might actually get a semi-interesting arc if TB digs into the behind the scenes aspects and drama of getting a popular-icon movie done. In 1990 I was interviewing Randall Johnson who was one of the writers on Oliver Stone’s Doors movie and his description was unbelievable – a train wreck of egos, agendas and expectations. “Dammit, If Meg Ryan can’t play Starbuck’s interstellar concubine then Keanu will absolutely not play Overlord Klaxon…”

  12. Epicus Doomus

    Oh no (sigh)…more Starbuck Jones…the very last thing anyone wanted to see. Looks like the reprehensible and evil “movie business” is up to its old tricks, sullying someone’s “creative genius” with their corporate-motivated “changes”. Where have we seen THIS before?

    Looks like Boy Lisa went ahead and “pulled A Les”, as apparently he left Jessica and that annoying child behind went he set out for Californy-way. “Wife stays home in horrible apartment with toddler-aged child while husband jets off to Hollywood solo to “work” on mega-budget superhero film with creepy old bachelor pal”…uh yeah, sure Tom, whatever you say. It just stretches the bounds of credulity, that’s all I’m saying.

  13. Spacemanspiff85

    @Epicus Doomus:
    Real women smilingly support all their husbands’ comic book obsessions.

  14. Jimmy

    Wait a second. When Darin said he was going to California, wasn’t it also established that Johm Darling’s daughter would move as well?

  15. Of course she’s staying behind with the kid. Gotta make sure they don’t get corrupted by Hollywood. Also, more beefing about not sticking rigidly to a source despite that not being an actual problem is something we should be used to by now. It could be why he didn’t get hired by DC or Marvel: he thinks editors are unnecessary and bad and hate him.

  16. Saturnino

    “Wait a second. When Darin said he was going to California, wasn’t it also established that John Darling’s daughter would move as well?”

    Yes, didn’t funky complain about finding a new tenant and one of the bright stars of Westview immediately popped up looking for a place, putting funky in almost as fortunate a position as the comic queen of coincidence?