Sans Comic

SosfDavidO here! Now that the storyline where Cory sold off his comic books has ended we’re now headlong into a new, fresh storyline about.. comic books. Today’s strip returns us to glamorous Hollywood, where the only hint they’re in California and not 1960s West Germany is the peek of a palm tree in the P2 window. Tombat didn’t even have time to do brick-work on today’s tombstone of a building!



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21 responses to “Sans Comic

  1. God damn editors and producers always wanting to change things–why can’t they admit writers are inerrant craftsmen who never, ever make mistakes or need feedback?

  2. That guy in the last panel looks an awful lot like Chester the Chiseler. Yet, Chester loves comic books, so he can’t be evil…yet he must, because…things. He must, yet he cannot! How do you calculate that? Where on the graph do “must” and “cannot” meet?

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Oh boy, I always wondered what the inner workings of Batom Comics must have been like “back in the day” and now I finally know. It was run entirely by tropes! That would have been my first guess. The word “stupid” would have somehow been involved in my guess too, but that’s always a given.

    This is exactly what happened in the infamous “Les goes to Hollywood” arc. First he left his wife home, then he got all pissy when the producers demanded changes, then he started daydreaming in old 1950’s tropes. I certainly wasn’t expecting another self-indulgent Batom Comics fantasy here but then again I’m hardly surprised by it either. He couldn’t even come up with a decent segue into it, he just has Pete brainlessly blurt it out like an idiot. Pretty sad stuff.

  4. Jimmy

    Oh my gosh, I’m laughing too much at that comment, BC. That made my week.

  5. @Jimmy – then you must be like the Hu-Man…or with them!

  6. SpacemanSpiff85

    I can’t wait to see the commercials for this movie.
    “From the creative team that brought you the Pizza App and a high school newsletter comic strip…”

  7. SpacemanSpiff85

    “And that one The Amazing Mister Sponge storyline that everyone, even the guy who wrote it and thought it up, hated!”

  8. billytheskink

    “Doesn’t ring the bell?” Hot diggedy dog Mr. Wentworth! Why, you didn’t even run it up the flag pole to see if anyone would salute it.

    Fab, keen, dames, the fuzz, swell, hepcats, 23 skidoo…

  9. Cripes. We’re back to watching Fanboy get a bug up his arse because the horrible people at DC and Marvel made their evil demand to adulterate the purity of his vision because they thought that they know what appealed to a mass audience. Heh. He was born in the wrong time. If he were thirty years younger, he’d be allowed to run the asylum….which meant that Mary Jane would die of cancercancercancer and we’d want to punch Spider-Man in the face all the time.

  10. We have at long last reached the apotheosis of Batiukian storytelling: the strip has become the literary equivalent of an interminable symphony whose only instruments are bagpipes and hurdy-gurdies, and they’re playing only the drones.

  11. ComicTrek

    Oh, no! Not this again!

  12. Rusty Shackleford

    Hee Hee, in the old days, rich guys were always fat and smoked smelly cigars.

    Gosh, how does Batty keep this strip so fresh and relevant after all these years? The millennials are gonna eat this up for sure!

  13. Hannibal's Lectern

    @oddnoc: as somebody who plays bagpipes I gotta take exception. When we’re only playing drones, there’s at least the hope that a tune will follow. Whereas FW’s droning is followed only by… more droning.

    Meanwhile… I’m not so sure they’re complaining about being forced to pollute their pristine Artisitc Vision (such things are left to more sensitive people like Less Moore, the Lord of Language). Sounds to me more like they’re whining about having to do actual work… y’know, that stuff they’re getting paid for…

  14. Rusty

    Could someone get Batiuk an internship at Marvel for a year? I’m assuming there is a vast gap between his vision of working for a comics publisher (in the 50’s ?, as well as now) and the reality.

  15. Brady Wentworth the Editor is my new favorite character in Funky Winkerbean. Although that’s like calling someone the World’s Biggest Little Person, which really doesn’t say much.

  16. Jesus fuckin’ Christ…. NO MORE FLASHBACKS


    Somehow I can’t imagine this shitty cable network would be that anal for a movie that is going to pre-empt re-runs of the Big Bang Theory & NCIS for a few weekends.

  18. @Hannilbal’s Lectern: I love bagpipes. I was trying to come up with a way in which Batiukian monotony could ruin them. Cheers!

  19. So is this the foreshadowed bullying arc? It seems like we’ve had an extended theme that runs “Comic books are the only true art form. Comic art is the only true art. Its creators are persecuted mercilessly by society.”

    One other question: Is Starbuck Jones supposed to be DC’s Adam Strange?

  20. @Gerard Plourde: This could be what’s irritating Tommy Batiuk: the fact that comics artists are becoming respectable. It’s no fun being a misunderstood misfit if everyone is a fanboy. You just end up looking like a gloomy douche whining about liking something popular because you were there first.

  21. SpacemanSpiff85

    @Paul Jones:
    Ever hear of Spider-Man: Reign? It could’ve easily been written by Batiuk.