Survival Of The Fleshiest

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Sigh. So THIS is what the last week’s worth of incoherent babbling and story-avoidance was all about…it was all about getting to Sunday so he could show off the latest fantasy comic book title that slowly oozed from his tortured comic book-fractured mind. It all almost kind of makes a certain degree of “sense” now. Relatively speaking, of course.

The cover itself isn’t so bad or anything, but that insert bubble is downright baffling. What’s so “exotic” about it? So it was all Brady’s idea? How does this have anything to do with the Starbuck Jones film? If you want the readers to see a particular character as a “wacko”, shouldn’t you actually show said character doing wacky things? You would assume that eventually these two stories would come together in some sort of way but nope, one went in this direction while the other one just kind of sat there doing nothing which IMO sort of defeats the entire purpose of the whole thing. If there even was a purpose, that is.



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15 responses to “Survival Of The Fleshiest

  1. bad wolf

    Well, i do like the use of the term “fleshies”, so there’s that.

    So, am i right in thinking this is actually by Don Perlin, not just traced over a Perlin original? Not that i recognize it based on a classic cover, but also it would be pretty weird to trace over the guy’s original signature. Anyone else remember when TB would insert his own characters into the classic covers? I’m beginning to think TB doesn’t.

  2. @ bad wolf: I think you’re right that the cover was actually done by Don Perlin. Could the point of the whole arc been The Author needing an excuse to show that Don Perlin had done a pastiche for based on the fictional Batom Comics? (I’m also trying to decide whether the Brady character is based on based on him).

  3. I’ll say this much, that comic cover looks more interesting than any arc in this strip over the past three years (at least).

  4. Epicus Doomus

    bad wolf: I remember and IMO the Sunday comic book homage insert bubble is the single worst FW innovation since that squiggly line fabric he always uses. The cover itself is fine, but the insert bubble makes no sense whatsoever. Why not just insert Pete and Darin’s faces into those spacesuits and dispense with the the stupid bubble panel entirely? It makes just as much sense and it’s just as relevant.

  5. SpacemanSpiff85

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Don Perlin drew this for Batiuk at a convention, with it having nothing to do with FW, and then Batiuk realized “hey, I can scan this and then milk a week’s worth of strips from it”.

  6. batgirl

    If this were typed, I would have guessed that ‘exotic’ was a spellcheck ‘correction’ (miscorrection?) from ‘eccentric’, but it’s lettered, so….

  7. The Dreamer

    Batiuk is ripping off Uniblab from the Jetsons– who was Sgt Uniblab in one episode

  8. The reason Brady is exotic/wacko is that he dared to suggest the same thing all the people who rejected Batiuk suggested: that he consider the needs of the people buying the funnies instead of assuming sight unseen that we’re simpletons who need to be dictated to by a grandiose twinky who loves to butcher the language but hates to admit that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    Case in point: his stubborn, arrogant refusal to remember that most people read his strip on a monitor or smartphone.

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    @spacemanspiff. Yep, just another way for Batty to milk the clock till his retirement.

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    @paul jones

    Read it on a smartphone? That possibility doesn’t exist in Batty’s world.

  11. Speaking of mobile devices: as I am on my iPad, I literally cannot view the comic cover properly – when I turn the iPad to portrait (vertical) mode, the web page also flips and I’m looking at it on its side again! Maybe TB is trolling anyone who doesn’t go out to buy an actual Sunday paper!

    I’m thinking that Tom and Don had a chat, Don reflecting back on the early days, and Tom saying, hey, why don’t I do a little arc about how it was for you and your peers (check DP’s Wikipedia page and you’ll see what I mean) and you and I can congratulate ourselves on our little tribute to the good ol’ days. “Hey, it’s my strip, I can do whatever the hell I want!”

  12. A HREF

    Well maybe with Apartment 3-G ending TB is trying to make FW the most incoherent comic strip.

    @ Fred I am an old fat, but I read all my news on my tablet, phone or monitor and that includes comics. I guess I could right click and save the strip as an image or PDF and rotate it If I cared enough, which I don’t.

  13. Professor Fate

    It really doesn’t make sense at all, the joke that is…
    i find it interesting in a weird way, given the Author’s continual attempts to introduce adult and real life situations into his strip (which i don’t that’s a bad idea how he handles them is another thing entirely) that the comics he worships are the DC comic books from the late 50’s to mid 60’s which were intentionally bland and juvenile in tone with cardboard heroes, While looking back at the old marvel comics from this ear can be painful – Stan Lee could not write his way out of a paper bag, he and the rest the Marvel group were trying to show real people dealing their entire lives and where earlier events had consequences. Which is what the author is trying to do or at least that is how he describes the strip when asked. Which makes his worship of Silver age DC blandness and his constant insertions of that into his strip a bit odd really. Almost ironic.

  14. After a week of Batiuksturbation, we have achieved covergasm. Next up, UPX pizza delivery from Montoni’s to Hollywood, or comic delivery from Hollywood to Montoni’s?

  15. bad wolf

    Off topic but i must admit i’m a little sad over the demise of A3G today. Really puts that “50 years is an accomplishment” thing we say about TB into perspective… ie, no one cared, the editorial at CK didn’t give a crap about saving the strip or editing it professionally at all, and now it’s just getting dumped.

    One of the things about strips is the way they could go on forever, and obviously a lot of them have done that long past the point that they make any sense. Crock was supposed to end a couple of years ago after the creator died and his son picked it up for a while but wanted to quit, and seriously, who likes Crock? TB doesn’t seem to have children interested in picking up the strip, and i doubt they would just hire professionals to take it over. It looks like he could phone it in at a level considerably worse for years and when he’s gone it would just disappear completely. Sigh.