Deep Ending On One Another

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Yep, back when Boy Lisa was dreaming about life in Hollywood he thought it’d all be pizza and comic books, but in reality it’s, uh….pizza and, ummmm, comic books. But Jessica is right on the money today, as Darin is at that point in a man’s life where he has to stop settling for the pizzeria lifestyle that defines so many of his peers and take a chance at making it big in the world of comic books and (zzzzzzzzzzz).

BanTom is often at his most unintentionally hilarious when he starts with this faux-profound claptrap…”life is so much different in your dreams”…LOL, good one Tom. Boy Lisa sure does whine a lot for a guy who’s had his last two life-salvaging jobs just drop into his lap out of nowhere, you know? Plus he has a wife that lets him do whatever he wants AND showers him with pizzas! And all he can do is sit there and bitch about how it isn’t all exactly how he envisioned it. What a big baby. Doesn’t he realize how close he came to being raised by Lisa and (gulp) Les Moore?


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12 responses to “Deep Ending On One Another

  1. billytheskink

    TB fancies himself the Will Rogers of writing. He never metaphor he didn’t like.

  2. You mean you didn’t automatically get showered with hookers and blow just for drawing storyboards for a D-grade comic book movie? Glad I’m sitting down for that one.

  3. You know, I keep trying to give TB some credit. “Hey, he just wants that 50th anniversary, so of course the writing and artwork are pretty terrible, let’s give him a break.”

    And then he produced something like today’s offering. And it just seems like a “punch in the face” to his critics. Then I start to think that the entire point of Act III is a “punch in the face” to anyone who ever expected this strip to attempt to amount to anything….”Ha ha ha, you stupid losers who expect me to do anything other than comic books, pizza, and Les worship! Who’s the fool now?”

    Ultimately, that’s the question, isn’t it. “Who’s the fool now?”

  4. Epicus Doomus

    Poor, poor Boy Lisa, just so empty and unfulfilled. Not even being showered with affection and pizza can ease the ennui and pain of his broken dreams. He’s been dreaming about maybe getting back into drawing for a few years now and after having an art-related job some would kill for drop directly into his lap, he can’t help but wonder why things just never seem to work out exactly how he dreamed they would*.

    Luckily his adoring wife is there to remind him that he can’t hump pies down (stairs) at the pizza mill or fall back on his MBA this time, he has to take the plunge and find out what Hollywood is all about before he gives up and skulks back to Westview in shame. After all, she never would have learned that she really doesn’t want to be a documentary filmmaker after all if she hadn’t wasted all that time and effort doing it, right? You can’t fail if you never try.

    * (One has to wonder when Boy Lisa was dreaming about this job, as he never knew it existed before Pete offered it to him and he accepted it immediately after that. Perhaps he has some sort of precognitive powers that only work on really stupid things.)

  5. It isn’t just about failing. It’s about blaming other people for one’s failure. People who think they know better. People who DO know better. People who expect that the Boy Lisas of the world are grown up enough to meet the challenge of everyday life without wailing about how hard it is.

    Shit. He’s not Boy Lisa. He’s Boy LIZARDBREATH.

  6. Durrhey seems to have gained 50 pounds between the 2 panels. Must be all that pizza. Because why would you eat anything but pizza in Los Angeles? So we can add Los Angeles cuisine to the list of things Tom Batiuk doesn’t know anything about.

  7. bayoustu

    Sheesh. Well, at the very least she didn’t call him “Spanky”…


    Oh, dear lord, not another “Hollywood is evil” strip. Durwood has his foot in the frigging door. There are people that would kill to have this opportunity! And I’m sure they could live without shitty midwest pizza for a few months for the opportunity.

  9. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    My, my. Durgood sure is being Nordic on his solo car date with Blondie McBighair. But why wouldn’t he be? As he sits in his one-room “efficiency” apartment in East LA, shared with Ol’ Baggy Eyes, using trash for furniture, he’s come to realize that his job is unpaid. What? Surprised? Apparently, no professional artist anywhere on the west coast wanted to donate his time to the noble cause of making a movie about comic books.

    Meanwhile, the last time anyone saw baby (toddler?) Skylark, he was leaving Batominc HQ with his belongings in a cardboard box. Hard times in Ohio. Layoffs everywhere. Oh well.

  10. Jimmy

    The child was last seen with Crazy Harry’s kids.

  11. Professor fate

    Being an artist in Hollywood is hard. Best to give up go back to westville and die.

  12. I’m my dreams I’m riding an armored Bengal tiger and killing zombies. Yeah, life is much different in your dreams.