Boyo Boy What A Snore

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“Reclaim”? Uh yeah Jessica, whatever you say. Boy Lisa’s birthday promise seems a little ominous if you ask me, in my opinion he really ought to be recording all this wisdom “just in case”. I mean you never know when The BanMan might need to drop another shoe, you know? Anyway, that was certainly one of the more uneventful weeks in recent memory, as the characters did nothing but complain and eat pizza. Talk about soporific and pointless.

Check out Jessica’s hair in panel two…ladies and gentlemen, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider!!! Man, he struggles with her hair even more than he does with Boy Lisa’s nose. It’s kind of difficult to believe that he just wasted an entire week on Jessica bringing pizza to California but then again, not really. And watching these two preparing to kiss is like watching a mother hamster preparing to eat her own babies, yuck.



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11 responses to “Boyo Boy What A Snore

  1. This is called daring your god (TB) to smite you. Well, we know who dies next in Westview.

  2. “I wish you could stay, Jess.” Really? So far, all Darrin has experienced in Hollywood is exasperation, depression, bad pizza and interfering producers. And he wants Jess to stay in such a horrible place? What kind of a terrible husband is he?

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Why can’t Boy Lisa talk to the kid himself via his always-present PiPad? He can’t find a old card table on Craigslist but he sure doesn’t skimp on the data plan. What a cad, just like both of his fathers.

    “Yes darling, have fun in the California sun with your best bud on your movie set and in your bachelor pad, I’ll just go back home to endure another Ohio winter all alone in that foul apartment with out toddler son”. Uh yeah Tom, a quarter-inch.

  4. SpacemanSpiff85

    “I wish you could stay, Jess, but we’ve only got the one bed.”

  5. Well, that explains where Skyler is, at least. Still doesn’t explain why Jess couldn’t take him along since she wouldn’t need to buy an extra plane ticket or anything, or why nobody thought that Darrin might want to spend Thanksgiving with his son, or why they’re both so blase about missing their son’s birthday, but you can’t have everything.

  6. billytheskink

    How much more interesting does a week of Jan Murdoch Darling and Fishstick Annie (surely Jess isn’t referring to Cayla) taking care of Skyler sound than what we got?

    Major kudos to today’s colorist, though. TB goes full 1980s on Jessica’s hair and our unnamed painter knocks one out of the park with Durwood’s cyan Miami Vice jacket.

  7. Great. Another week of Batiuk reminding us that he can’t think straight when he’s subjecting people to hardship and such. He doesn’t want to hear that most of the misery he’s inflicting is needless because it suggests that the misery he thinks is reality is pointless.

  8. Apauled

    How come the movie makers put Les up in a fancy hotel when he “worked” in Hollywood, but these 2 are stuck in a dismal apartment?

  9. I am actually shocked that Batiuk didn’t have Jessica Darling Daughter of My Father John Darling Who Was Murdered bring up her failed documentary attempt.

    As crappy as last week was, it at least showed SOMETHING. Nothing coherent, but something.

  10. Jason

    Couldn’t Jessica and the wee baby Skyler simply move to California? Leave behind the dreary dead end world of the rusted out Rust Belt and make a new future for themselves in the bright sunlight and promse of LA?

    Oh, lord. Now I’m depressed because I never left the Rust Belt for greener pastures. I guess I keep reading this maudlin strip because I’m trapped in my own private Westview.