A Proven Whiner

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Ewww, yuck. The Delicate Genius is sequestered away in his dreary studio, slaving away on his cancer book prequel or sequel or whatever the f*ck it is, as Cayla waits on him hand and foot because he’s either too cheap or too lazy to buy himself a coffee maker for his garage office. What a dick. Hopefully this is just a one-off Sunday strip and not the start of yet another Dick Facey, The Delicate Genius arc, as I’m just not ready for another one of those yet. Get a load of that look on his face in panel three, all smug and self-satisfied with his wordsmithing, like he’s just too clever for this world. What a dick.


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17 responses to “A Proven Whiner

  1. Rusty

    Les is a grown-ass man having his wife bring him cookies and hot chocolate with a candy cane in it. What kind of life does Batiuk lead?

  2. Merry Pookster

    I liked Cayla better with the mustache.

  3. This reminds me of how Snoopy would always start his novels with “It was a dark and stormy night.” Except Snoopy was funny and likable.

  4. – Serious, self-important Les head in panel 1
    – Heavy lidded, smug expressions in liberal use by Les, violating the Geneva convention
    – Forced banter about trite writing
    – Vague reference to better, simpler times of stories

    And we have a Sunday Les (oh and Cayla) Strip!

  5. SpacemanSpiff85

    If Les/Batiuk didn’t hate technology so much, he’d realize that there are extremely easy, cheap coffeemakers available, and plenty of online writing groups and workshops, and Cayla would no longer have a reason to exist.

  6. Epicus Doomus

    The Les & Cayla relationship has always been built on a rock-solid foundation of wry bemused wisecracks and bringing Les things on serving trays. It’s nice to know things are the same between them, Cayla’s doormat status is one FW constant you can always count on.

    I can’t wait until this Lisa prequel hits the shelves five or ten years from now. I hope the talking cat comes back too. Remember, Lisa and Cayla are pals now so Cayla most likely doesn’t mind that her husband is holed up in his little clubhouse re-visiting Lisa’s entire life again, so the story won’t get bogged down by anything happening or some sort of conflict arising. I have the perfect title too…”The Story Of Lisa”. Get it? It’s like “Lisa’s Story” but NOT “Lisa’s Story”. It’s just Lisa’s story, minus her “story”.

    Then he could do a Lisa sequel too, detailing all the time he spent detailing her story AND “her story”. “Les’ Story: No More Shoes”. Then the Lisa trilogy will be complete so he can at long last get to work on the series of Lisa graphic novels. Good thing he has his own studio, you know?

  7. Darrin’s nose and Jessica’s hair change from panel to panel, but Les is always drawn consistently. And I’m willing to bet that Les’ writing is consistently on a par with Tom Batiuk’s. Other than the tiny-baseball-diamond scene, we sure don’t see much of it, do we? Odd that such genius is kept from us.

  8. Rusty Shackleford

    I can’t believe batty gets paid for this trash. How can anyone develop an affinity for any of these crappy characters? I guess I feel sorry for Cayla for putting up with Les. Then again, I can’t believe she hasn’t kicked his a$$ already.

  9. Great. We have to endure more whining about how hard it is to be Gary Stu. Call the WAHmbulance, Dickface actually has to have ideas in his head before he can write them down. Also, what would once upon a time BE? “Once upon a time, I was an oblivious shnook who stood around staring like a golem when faced with simple decisions because I’m terrified of actually having to accept censure when I make another stupid miscalculation.”

  10. Monotony

    Bringing the occasional snack out to the garage would be a small price to keep Les out of the actual house.

  11. Professor Fate

    As Rusty Pointed out what is with the Hot Chocolate? Does anybody but Crazy Harry Drink coffee? And wouldn’t one – if you were setting up the garage as a writing area have at least a coffee pot set up there or what’s the blessed point?
    As I was typing this I was imagining the reaction of Hunter S. Thompson to being brought Hot Chocolate and cookies while he was writing.

  12. bigd1992

    I wish we’d have a “Misery” story line where some psycho kidnaps Les and chops his apart.

  13. Gonna go fix a wry bread sandwich, be back shortly.

  14. Charles

    So shithead typed up a bullshit line and printed it out so his wife could read it. Not only is he wasteful, but he’s awfully peppy and jokey for a guy who’s writing about how his first wife was raped and blown up and contracted cancer and was forced to go to the prom with an ambulatory mound of smug suet.

    Also notice how he doesn’t appear to thank Cayla and doesn’t even bother to turn toward her when she comes in to do something nice for him. It’s amazing how consistent Batiuk is at inadvertently portraying Les as a thoughtless shithead.

  15. I might have to bring back Comment of the Week just to give Charles‘ comments a bump!