It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Listless

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Every so often The BanMan throws one at you that just leaves you completely befuddled. I THINK that’s Wally, Rachel, Tony and Funky in that photo although I’m not 100% certain about that. I had to Google “Margo Lanes” and sure enough, Margo Lane was a character in an old-timey 1940’s serial, “The Shadow”. Surely there are four or five still-living people that might get that gag, although the odds on them also being FW readers are, uh…fairly slim, I’d say.

“Why was everyone wearing Santa hats…?”…I’m just gonna go way out on a limb here, Jess, but I’m guessing it was because it was CHRISTMAS TIME, which would be the most logical reason. Good thing she isn’t a detective, huh? I have no earthly idea where this could be going (other than “nowhere”) although “the gang at Montoni’s starts a bowling team” would probably be as good a guess as any. It’s also pretty obvious that Jess is spending WAY too much time in that pizza place too. Where have you gone, Boy Lisa? A boring strip turns its yawning eyes to you.



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  1. Oh, boy, we’re going to get a “Funky reminisces about bowling” story. Since it seems obvious that Tom Batiuk despises the Funky character, I assume we’re going to get a solid week of bowling puns (“You could’ve heard a PIN drop!” e.g.).

  2. Not only is “Margo Lanes” an obscure reference, but even knowing that it refers to the companion of Lamont Cranston (aka The Shadow) doesn’t make it a pun (or funny).

  3. Rembrandt36

    Panel 1 – Bette Midler visits Montoni’s.

  4. SpacemanSpiff85

    @Gerard Plourde:
    I’ve never really understood what Batiuk thinks qualifies as a pun (or humor in general). Like how he has two separate characters named “Rocky Rhodes”. Or how he’s used the “Fighting Consensus Builders” gag twice in the span of less than a year. Or “Les Moore”.

  5. “Would you like to hear all about it in excruciating detail?”
    “Not rea-”
    “Great! It was back when I was younger, and therefore everything was perfect….”

  6. Guest Page Turner Author

    Pizzas, comic books, and now Bowling?

    I am still not over those freeze dried pizzas, and now bowling is in the mix?

  7. Epicus Doomus

    At first I assumed that “Margo Lanes” might be a real place or at least based on one, like with Montoni’s. Then I pieced it (sigh) together via the magic of the internet. If it’s a FW reference you can’t immediately place, odds are that it’s some sort of 1940s-50s pop culture or comic book reference.

    When was Jessica appointed as Terrible Segue Girl and why is she suddenly hanging around that pizza place establishing premises all the time? And get a load of old Grandpa Funky…”a number of years back”. Get the hell out of here with that, if that’s Wally and Rachel that pic can’t be more than five years old tops and most likely not even that. Wally only started getting out and around again right around when Cory enlisted, as I believe the future Corporal took the chin-up challenge at the same state fair where Wally felt comfortable enough to torture his dog on a ferris wheel, which was a huge breakthrough at the time. Nit-picky, yes but hey, don’t blame me, I’m not the one writing this stuff.

  8. Great. Super. We’re going to be bored to death listening to him rattle on mindlessly about bowling against his old bus driver, aren’t we?
    (Checks Crankshaft)
    Yes, we are going to watch him bowl against Crankshaft.

  9. bad wolf

    Ooh, a Crankshaft crossover. Now the holidays can truly begin.

    I guess if you’ve come up with a winner like “Margo Lanes” it only makes sense to double down on it as the punchline to both your strips.

  10. “Yes, the bowling arena was named after Margo Lane. She was famous for her hairstyle, which was called the Shad ‘Do.”

    See? I can make them just as bad.

  11. Great, it’s another week of “TB demonstrates just how poorly he thought through the time jump”.

  12. billytheskink

    It has been a while, but today we see one of the handful of things about Montoni’s that I find mildly intriguing… the wall of autographed photos of what I presume to be celebrity customers. Who all’s photos are up there? Were they actually tricked into eating at Montoni’s or did Tony just join a bunch of B-Lister’s fan clubs back in the 70s?

    Funky: And here’s Paul McDonald, who backed up Brian Sipe for 5 years…
    Jess: You couldn’t get Mike Pagel in here?
    Funky: We tried. Anyways, here is the prize of the collection, the late great Gary Garcia.
    Jess: Jerry Garcia? Wow!
    Funky: No, I’m talking about Akron’s own Gary Garcia.
    Jess: Who?
    Funky: You know, from Buckner & Garcia?
    Jess: …
    Funky: C’mon, they had a big hit in 1982 with Pac-Man Fever! You don’t remember that?
    Jess: I don’t think I was born before 1982.
    Funky: You weren’t? But I graduated from high school in 1978 and Lisa had Darin in high school and you two are the same age but I also somehow played Pac-Man in high school and MTV covered Cindy’s graduation party and…


    My god this was a weak plot setup!!..Was the presence of four Montoni employees at a bowling alley with Santa Caps that big a mystery for you, Farah? You make it seem like there was a Roswell alien in the picture. Santa Hats, employees. Either Christmas party or simple group photo around the holidays. This isn’t the Riddle of the Sphinx!!

  14. Hannibal's Lectern

    “Margo Lanes” is a ’40s radio serial reference? Nuts. I was hoping it marked the beginning of the long-awaited Funky/Apartment 3-G crossover. I sorta figured a crossover with a defunct strip would be about BatHack’s speed.

  15. Professor Fate

    Gad what a clunky way to start a story – about bowling mind you. The only think this lacked was a radio aural cue that they use on radio plays or podcasts that you’re about to go into the past..
    And really did we, the reader have to see the picture itself? Surely we could have been tossed in Medias Res as it where and oh I don’t know SHOWN them at the bowling alley bowling with the hats on? I mean perhaps some of us might not be able to handle that level of excitement but I am willing to risk it.

  16. Epicus Doomus

    Oh no, so this is a “Crankshaft” crossover? Featuring gags about that “crazy old nut we bowled against”? Well that’s just great.

  17. If this is Batiuk’s gambit to get us to read Crankshaft, it’s not going to work.

    Anyway, is it 2005 in Funky Winkerbean and 2015 in Crankshaft, or is it 2015 in Funky Winkerbean and 2025 in Crankshaft, or is it just “writing” all the way down?