Boondock Nates

Hey, did you like this joke on Tuesday? How about Wednesday? Thursday? Today is the fourth verse, same as the first. I swear that today’s strip is properly linked, and that you aren’t looking at one of the earlier strips from this week. “Seriously?” Lefty asks? Seriously Mrs. Howard, seriously.

A more valid concern about “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” for Nate is that Pa Winkerbean might start singing it during the performance. OK, that’s not really fair of me, because at this point I’d welcome that happening in any of this week’s strips.  Anything to break this up, even a joke TB obviously repurposed from a Crankshaft draft.

You know, I just saw this strip in the dictionary next to “slog”. Whoever’s footprints those are in the snow in panel 2, headed away from this den of insipidity… I envy you. I truly do.



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19 responses to “Boondock Nates

  1. This is truly unfunny. It could qualify as a violation of the Geneva Convention’s ban against torture.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    The first few of these Christmas song gags were pretty poor but man, he’s really dredging the landfill now. Months from now you’ll be skimming through another BanTom puff-piece interview and he’ll mention a few of his always-topical storylines, including the one where he deliciously skewered “PC culture run amok” and you’ll think to yourself “WTF is he babbling about? I don’t remember that at all”. Then you’ll realize that he means this one.

  3. Nate: Why don’t you have the band play ‘Do They Know It’s Christmastime’? You know, ‘Put your arms around the worl…’ Oops. Sorry, Lefty.

    Lefty: Seriously?

    Nate: Sorry. Offensive. Good thing you’re unarm…oh, sorry. Wow.

    Lefty: Seriously?

    Nate: I’m sorry. Trying to be really super PC, like we principals of color all are in Ohio. Can you give me a hand with these – dammit! Sorry.

    Lefty: Seriously?

    Et al.

  4. Now that Mystery Science Theater 3000 is coming back, I thought we all might like to remember when this “politically correct holiday” thing was done right:

  5. billytheskink

    There’s no risk, however, that Funky Winkerbean could be viewed as discriminating against good taste. Risk involves possibilities, not certainties.

    There are Maria Muldaur album covers funnier than this.

  6. At least the concert will have one advantage over the strip: it’ll be short.

  7. If anyone still needed proof that Batiuk is going through the motions until March 26, 2022…

    This whole week has been absolute shit. Just outright incomprehension and unfunny banter between two forgettable characters disguised as a commentary of some sort that got lost in Batiuk’s laziness and carelessness.

  8. Am I overreaching, or is Nate smirking in that last panel? Maybe the Sat reveal will be that he was just kidding, and … Naahhh.

  9. Rusty

    Maybe he should have gone with “Believers in Krampus would demand equal time?” Today’s makes no sense at all, as once again it is totally divorced from reality and humor.

  10. Hannibal's Lectern

    After a week of these “jokes,” I began to wonder if maybe I’m just missing something–maybe Batiuk’s telling jokes that are funny as hell in Ohio, but only in Ohio. So I tuned my TV to the Rerun Channel and watched a couple episodes of the old Drew Carey show, which is set in Cleveland (a town that, according to Ian Hunter, “rocks”). It had jokes in abundance, most of them actually funny. So much for that theory. I guess Batty really just can’t write something funny. Or doesn’t want to.

    By the way, let’s hope Batiuk never watches late-night secondary TV channels. He’d make a month or more of strips from the juxtaposition of ads (first commercial break: “Ask your doctor if Kraptocin ™ is right for you!” Second commercial break: “Have you or a loved one suffered fatal side effects from Kraptocin ™? If so, you may be entitled to Compensation! Call now!”).

    Oh, wait–I forgot that in FW, the only thing people watch on TV is videotaped lectures by Dead St. Lisa. This would have to be a Crankshaft storyline…

  11. @Hannibal – Maybe you’re on to something. Maybe TB’s jokes are a disgusting regional thing, kind of like Cincinatti Chili.


    This would be funny if it this was Nates way of dickishly telling Becky that the Christmas concert’s been cancelled.

  13. ComicBookHarriet

    This was the worst week of Funky Winkerbean since I started reading about three years ago. At least things like Dead St. Lisa tapes or Thanksgiving Pizza have a tragic train wreck quality to them. The horror and weirdness is /interesting/ and sometimes almost exciting, and always easily mockable.

    This is like watching a homeless man sleeping on the sidewalk. Just sad. Boring, motionless, and sad.

  14. Epicus Doomus

    ComicBookHarriet: BanTom has two modes: “WTF?” and “(zzzzzzzz)”. This one began with a totally reasonable premise, but he never folded it into anything, instead opting to just cram it full of terrible, terrible jokes. Boring and quite gutless IMO.

  15. “And of course, Becky, we can’t have ‘Joy to the World.’ No one in Westview understands the word ‘joy.'”

  16. Dood

    Welcome back, my friends, to the shit show that never ends.

  17. Rusty Shackleford

    Was at the local donut shop this morning and did the FW test on some of the people there. I asked “do you think this is funny?”. Nobody thought it was. One person said that the strip was too depressing to read! All this in Batty’s backyard.

  18. Epicus Doomus

    Rusty Shackleford: I tried a very similar test, but the puppy simply wouldn’t go on it. It started whining and scooting away from it in horror and disgust.