The 11th

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Monday’s strip was not available for preview…hey, you know, it might actually be good!




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22 responses to “The 11th

  1. The strip’s up. No such luck. It appears we’re in for a week of Smirking Les and “How dumb are today’s kids?”.

  2. SpacemanSpiff85

    I love how clueless these strips are. These kids have Les Moore as a teacher. They’re fortunate to be able to read.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Man, the BanMan is on one hell of a terrifying roll lately, eh? Now he’s (blurgh) throwing Dick Facey into the fray, just what no one anywhere asked for. Not only that, but I’m almost certain that he’s done this exact same joke before. Or maybe (like with every FW joke) it just seems that way.

  4. billytheskink

    So are Alex and this blue fishing shirt kid part of some terrible 21 Jump Street operation? I mean, this guy’s hairline is further back than Les’… he’s probably even older than Alex too.

  5. Why is Les doing this? Wouldn’t a class trip to DC be a social studies thing? Does Westview even have a social studies department? Maybe that’s the problem.

  6. @TheDiva – You’re on the right track. I was thinking that this kind of thing would be addressed in homeroom. Which brings up another continuity error – earlier in the year Les made an ass out of himself when he refused to believe that Alex and Churro were seniors and marched them down to the office only to discover that he was wrong. I assumed that his mistake occurred in English class (which is bad enough). He’s an even worse idiot if he made it with his own homeroom.

  7. Haha! Kids today are so stupid.

  8. Monotony

    The student can – of course – locate the capital of the United States of America. But his family only recently moved to Westview, and he is increasingly uncertain about the geography of the cyclical hell-dimension it obviously inhabits.

    He knows only that escape is impossible.

  9. Part of being a jabbering ignoramus like Batiuk/Les is the fallacious presumption that he somehow knows more than the victims of his incompetence. The six days we’ll be spending reminding ourselves of this will be more awkward and painful than what I had to go through to prepare for my colonoscopy last October.

  10. Look, Les, if you’re unwilling to call it Washington, DC, why not go all in on your pedantry, and ask the class if they have any questions about the looming class trip to that “District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States”?

  11. Rusty Shackleford

    I hope Les has his teacher’s edition textbook handy so he can answer the question.

  12. Chyron HR

    It’s at the front of the name, dumb-dumb.

  13. bad wolf

    At least it’s confirmation that Glasses and Chullo are seniors. Seniors who will graduate this year and presumably never seen again (right, Summer?). Maybe Les will become a “writer” full time and TB can drop the High School stuff that he hasn’t seemed invested in for about 6 years?

    Odd coincidence, pretty sure that there was a DC school trip just before the jump to Act 3. I remember Chien narrating it, so again hopefully the last we’ll see of these clowns.

  14. Hannibal's Lectern

    Les can’t refer to it as Washington “DC” because he’s strictly a Marvel and Batom guy.

    He’s even funnier when he teaches the science class about electric current.

  15. HeyItsDave

    “The nation’s capitol,” huh Les?


    Isn’t this more a reflection on just how bad a teacher Les Moore is?

    Either that or this 40 year old sexual predator needs to do a better job of maintaining his cover.

  17. HeyItsDave

    Also, does T-Bats even draw his own strip anymore? Yeah, I know it’s low-hanging fruit to knock him for inconsistency but hell, the Sunday strips are not even close stylistically to the dailies any more. Just for example, look at the Alex character:

    Left to right:
    Dumpy white-haired auntie wearing a black hood?
    Standard-issue goth kid with hairstyle T-Bats saw one day in the mall as she came out of Hot Topic but he never quite figured out how to draw that hair?
    High school hottie?

    At least the Sunday artist figured out how to make Alex’s head look like it had some kind of hairstyle instead of a flayed skunk plopped on top.

  18. Meanwhile, Crankshaft has Jfffff’s old bat of a mother reminding us of the need for timely euthanasia.

  19. HeyItsDave

    Hey, I just noticed Alex’s tatoo is gone.


    This kid might have a point. Les didn’t specify which nation. Les should have said OUR nation’s capital. Some kids are going to be disappointed that they will not be going to Mogadishu.

  21. Yeah, the Continuity Police just called to let us know a tattoo was found in the alley behind a comic store…