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I honestly don’t know anything about “senior class trips” so I don’t know if Craig’s question has a legitimate basis (“Can a senior still go if he’s in danger of flunking?”) or if this is just more “Today’s Kids–the Marching Morons” that this strip loves to toss onto today’s world.

A better question might be something like, “If you’re so gifted, Mr. Moore, why are all your students still idiots?”

As ever, the students are all clueless while the staff are cynical saints, weary of the impossible task of imparting knowledge.  Does anyone remember Funky Winkerbean back in the Act I days–wasn’t it the reverse?  The staff were all cynical tight-asses, dedicated to stopping fun, while the students were happy free spirits?  Has Mr. Batiuk’s dim view of high school aged along with him, so that the heroes have shifted sides?

It’s something to ponder, from a strip that offers pretty much nothing to ponder, other than “Why is this still happening?”



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  1. Guest Page Turner Author

    Why are there so many prematurely bald teenagers in Westview?

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Note how it’s been snowing in Westview for a solid month now, I’m sort of surprised at how they’ve survived the constant onslaught. Yeah, THESE KIDS TODAY sure are dullards all right, not like the kids of yesteryear and (zzzzzzzzzz).

    I had a teacher who was a lot like Les, now that I think about it. Bearded, smug, prone to bouts of irritating wordplay, same clothes every day. I hated him too, but not nearly as much as I hate Les.

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but I find that this has crossed the line from humor to ridicule. And that’s not pretty.

  4. That’s a legitimate question, really. Are there academic requirements? How much does the trip cost, and is their financial assistance available? Does it conflict with other school events? I think these kids are smarter than Les/Baituk gives them credit for, which admittedly isn’t that difficult, but still.

  5. billytheskink

    If I was forced to take English from Les Moore, I’d start trolling him too.

  6. Epicus Doomus

    Of COURSE he’s done it before, how silly of me. I’m sure there was at least one more, too, but I’m not sure what year it was, who was involved or what happened. The usual crap, you know the drill.

    Look at the detail he was putting into FW back then, he was even riffing on “blogging” all the way back in 2007. What the hell ever happened to Chien? Did she somehow escape Westview and if so, how?

    So did the 2007 Trip To Washington D.C. take place in Act II or Act III? Here we see Boy Lisa, Jessica and Dick Face but Les is not yet bearded. Here we see Bull and Nate who appear to be their usual Act III selves. So it’s tough to tell. I don’t think I recognize any of the other characters in that 2007 group shot, does anyone else?

  7. SpacemanSpiff85

    “Like, are you going? Cause I’ll just stay here if that’s the case.”
    Actually there’s a pretty good chance Funky and Crazy Harry will be coming along for some reason, and probably Ghost Lisa too. So this is a good question.

  8. Monotony

    Has Mr. Batiuk’s dim view of high school aged along with him, so that the heroes have shifted sides?
    Batiuk’s was the only good generation, just like all of the others.

    @Epicus Doomus
    Isn’t that Mopey Pete in teal?

  9. This makes a certain sort of sense, sadly. Before this, Batiuk was a mildly incompetent English teacher blaming his charges for his own smug, feckless ineptitude. It can’t occur to him that his student might be asking a question he hadn’t thought of because his vanity has shoved aside what’s left of his intellect.

  10. If Les were any more supercilious, his eyebrows would adorn his buttocks.

  11. DOlz

    Off topic – We all remember (despite our best efforts) the wasted FW/Dick Tracy crossover. Well On the Fastrack and Dick Tracy are doing a crossover this week. Compare and contrast boys and girls.


    Well congratulations, Les You’ve been replacing actually teaching for your idiotic pun stand-up routine. Well, this is the result. You have mentally retarded your students to complete and utter stupidity. I would question why your allowed to be a teacher still, but Nate has proven to be the least pro-active principal in history,

  13. billytheskink

    @Epicus Doomus

    That 2007 senior trip story was one of the last high school-focused stories of Act II, and one of the few respites during the Summer and Fall of Lisa. Come to think of it, “The Summer and Fall of Lisa” probably should have been this strip’s title throughout 2007.

    Given how Act III has treated pretty much everyone, I think I’d rather just continue to assume Chien escaped Westview and never looked back. Even as a pale TB-written imitation of Daria Morgendorffer, her appearances were welcome breaks from the maudlin mess that was most of late Act II. I’d hate to see TB treat her the way he treated Barry Balderman at this summer’s reunion. She does appear in John Byrne’s TB’s Act III model sheets that once appeared on the FW website, so we’ll always have that…

    As for that group photo, I recognize:
    Faculty: Les, Linda, Bull, Nate
    Students: Jessica, Darin, Pete, Mooch, Chien
    iPods: iPod’s were a thing in 2007

  14. Ah, yes. The model sheets. So many people to follow and what does Batiuk do? Go right back to young adults like Les, Funky and the others to discuss contemporary issues (like PSA scores) facing them in a thought-provoking and sensitive manner.

  15. Epicus Doomus

    billy: Thanks! As I’ve said before, I missed big hunks of Act II when the incessant melodrama drove me away for years at a time. BanTom never finds a happy medium, he’s either all on or (like over the last five or six years) totally off.