Get the Lead Out

Oh, Tombat! Writing comics a year in advance means Crazy Harry, Pete and Crew will be gearing up for the “new” Star Wars movie in 11 months. In the meantime, we get non-sequitur randomness like today’s strip that doesn’t seem to know what point its trying to make.

Isn’t part of the point of recommendations to introduce you to new music? Something like If you liked The Doors Best of Volume One, can we recommend The Doors, Best of Volume 2? wouldn’t really be helpful, would it?



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  1. Epicus Doomus

    Buddy Miller’s friends, family and many collaborators might disagree with you there, Crazy. Boy, Batiuk must have been totally insufferable during the aftermath of his wild iTunes experience, you know? At home, at the pizza place, at the book signing, over at KSU, how many eyeballs did he roll with this annoying story? The mind truly reels.

    And get a load of the shameless pandering here, as he goes way out of his way to make sure everyone knows he’s not trying to denigrate Ms. Harris here in any way, just pitiful. As everyone always says, if you gotta explain it, it ain’t funny.

  2. Yes, Robert Plant and Emmylou Harris have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Are we going to have a whole week of this nonsense? Has this guy listened to anything at all that Robert Plant has done since Led Zeppelin? Is this a Pluggers crossover week?

  3. Guest Page Turner Author

    Not in the real world? None of these people are in the real world.

    I imagine is going to be some sort of arc where the gang realizes that the hard rocking, heavy metal musicians from their youth have evolved in their music and are embracing other genres. Hence, the reference to Emmy Lou Harris when inquiring about Robert Plant.

    Who am I kidding? These guys, plus their author, are still stuck in the 70’s.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    Maybe tomorrow’s strip will feature Les and Cayla bragging about scoring tickets to the big Robert Plant/Emmylou Harris concert over in Centerville and this premise will suddenly make sense, but until then it’ll remain highly hilarious in a totally Batiukian way.

  5. My God, Harry acts as if some fundamental tenet of his life has suddenly been kicked out from under him, rendering his entire life meaningless. Because MyTunes didn’t cough up what he thought it would cough up–more Robert Plant, I guess, and t’Hell with broadening one’s horizons even a little bit.
    I mean, his reaction is that of someone who has discovered his entire family has been murdered, not someone who had some music suggested.

  6. So the entire arc this week will show just how out of touch with the music scene The Author actually is.

  7. This strip should be penalized for unnecessary dumbness. That penalty is declined, result of this strip is 4th down. Please punt on this one, Mr. Batiuk.

  8. One of the things I love about the album shuffle on my iPod is the weird combinations it throws at me. I mean, I’ll be listening to something completely dour and depressing and then right after that is a Weird Al track. I guess what I’m saying is, seemingly random combinations can be entertaining. Tell that to the Misery Squad, though.

  9. @HAnzMFG –

    Judging from the evidence exhibited in this week’s arc sop far, if The Author faced a 4th and 10 situation on his own 1 yard line he’d call a running play.

  10. You know, some comic authors use their strips as platforms for some kind of opinion, usually related to some pet political or societal issue, delivered via a wall of text that is exhausting to read, which could be written by some Internet commentor with an inflated sense of intellectual worth. Tom Batiuk is one of these, but I never expected him to take up an issue like this, and address it in the same way somebody does about drug addiction or school shootings. Who knew he would lower the boom on well-established media-player programs? Tom Batiuk is somehow still full of surprises, is what I’m trying to say here.

  11. @ The Diva,

    While a jump from dour and depressing to Weird Al is extreme, the principle of going from down tempo to up tempo or vice versa is a standard practice in radio.

  12. Well Gerard, Tim Batiuk is a fan of the sad, sad Cleveland Browns, so maybe he just assumes that’s how football should be played.

  13. Rusty

    Lucky for Batiuk he didn’t decide to feature Bowie when he was writing this last year. This is going to be another long week.

  14. billytheskink

    In all seriousness, panel 2 is a great bit of cartooning, some of TB’s best Act III work.

    Crazy’s crestfallen expression as he finally realizes that all of his griping is unjustified and that My-Tunes has his interests 100% pegged.

    Then DSH, desperate to fill the silence following Crazy’s despair that his free spirit been solved by an algorithm, nails “creepily awkward” by implying that he has an interest in Emmylou Harris that is assuredly disturbing.

    And then comes panel 3, where TB air-balls the game-tying free throw.

  15. SpacemanSpiff85

    I’m starting to wonder if maybe Emmylou Harris did something to Batiuk. Something like getting a restraining order against him after he shoved his way backstage screaming about how she should collaborate with him on “Lisa’s Song”.

  16. What makes this strip even more embarrassing is the “I love Emmylou Harris” remarks, followed by some strange doctrine of purity in musical genre. And most embarrassing of all is just how wrong Batiuk is about these artists anyways.

  17. This only makes sense if the only station these three sorry idiots and their moron creator listen to is the oldies station.

  18. Chyron HR

    “If you like Traffic, you may enjoy Pavement.”

  19. “If you like Pavement, you may enjoy Ambergris.”

  20. “If you like Traffic, you may enjoy the Cars.”

  21. sgtsaunders

    It’s way early in the year but Tombats is rapidly becoming Douchenozzle of the Year 2016 with this asinine story. Like I asserted yesterday – Robert Plant sang and recorded with Alison Krauss who sang and recorded with Emmylou Harris – a valid link if there ever was one. The link is further solidified via bobanero’s Youtube link above. Tombats, have a nice tall cool glass of STFU.

  22. HeyItsDave

    As cringe-worthy as today’s strip is (especially with all this “I love Emmy Lou Harris” crap going on in EVERY PANEL HOLY CRAP T-BATS DROP IT ALREADY, it is right on the money as far as old farts like Harry and Funky go.

    You can’t even imagine how many people who graduated high school at around the same time as I did listen EXCLUSIVELY to “classic rock” radio. For them, there is no difference between Robert Plant and Led Zep, or between Paul Rodgers and Bad Company, or Paul McCartney and the Beatles (or perhaps Wings if they were Class of 1980, right?)

    It’s not funny. And I know damn well that Bats isn’t being ironic. He’s (probably) unintentionally displaying just how ignorant and cranky and close to dotage he is. Pluggers material indeed, @bobanero.

  23. Rusty Shackleford

    Ok, Batty. I am sorry that the world moved on. I know, I know. You would rather go to a record store to get the inside scoop on what is hip, what you should be listening to. Damn technology. It is removing the human element.

    Never mind that music is more accessible and cheaper than ever. Never mind that it is easier for new music to be discovered, for new artists to get their work out there and to connect with their fans.

    I know you think you are special because you got in at a time when access to the media was controlled by the gatekeepers. Now, gasp, people can say what they want and publish things on their own. They can even provide feedback–feedback that isn’t censored by editors who want to squash opinions they disagree with. Yes, damn this new world.

  24. If you like “Funky Winkerbean”, you may enjoy “Life in Hell”

  25. Jimmy

    In the real world, an Emmylou Harris concert has more energy than Robert Plant.

  26. HeyItsDave

    This Old Man/Dad Rock arc is stupid. I’m making my own comic with these panels.

  27. Howtheduck

    As everyone always says, if you gotta explain it, it ain’t funny. That’s true, but it’s worse if you have anticipated that you had to explain it so you wrote a strip following your joke to explain your joke that you knew in advance no one would get. Sorry, Batiuk, but your readers are not as stupid as you think they are.

  28. Maybe TB could get Bob Lefsetz to guest edit a music arc for the strip…

  29. Maybe TB could get Bob Lefsetz to guest edit a music arc for the strip…

    Well, if you like TB, there’s a good chance you’ll like Bob Lefsetz.

  30. The Dreamer

    Let me guess, their new celebrity pal Mason Jar, with his VIP connections, is going to get the whole Montoni’s gang front row tickets for Emmylou Harris/Robert Plant’s concert in Cleveland. Of course that show was a couple of years ago but as was pointed out, Batiuk does these strips well in advance…