A Moving Experience

Boy, they sure shoehorned a Starbucks Jones reference into today’s strip! If Tombat likes the character so much why doesn’t he give up on FW and start a new comic? Oh,right, because of comic-page tenant rights, which is the same reason Popeye and Hagar the Horrible are still going.



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  1. Yesterday the prosthetic limb was on Mustache Guy; today it’s on Baseball Cap. But hey, who can be bothered with continuity when there’s comic books and comic book paraphernalia to talk about, right?

  2. I know that it’s actual purpose is to give a nod to The Author’s “Starbuck Jones/Batom Comics” fantasy, but what college student carries a lunchbox?

  3. I can see an adult going back to school and making a joke about bringing a lunchbox…but to actually HAVE a lunchbox to sell the joke? Now that’s dedication.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    In the fall? It’s not even February yet. Wasn’t Wally talking about “going back to school” a few years ago, even before he got married? Oh well, what’s another eight months, right? And where the hell is Rachel’s kid? And isn’t there supposedly a Wally Jr. in this strip too? Is he seriously trying to do his “young couple just starting out” trope with these two? Wally is seriously going to bring a lunch box to community college? How can anyone get paid to write garbage like this? Who is reading it? Why am I?

  5. At least Batiuk’s consistent. He forgets that people have kids and his attempts at being optimistic are mawkishly depressing and silly.

  6. HeyItsDave

    @Epicus Doomus “In the fall? It’s not even February yet.”

    Well, Bats “writes” this crap a year in advance. Maybe he intended it to mean Spring semester (starts in early January) but got messed up by not bothering to check a calendar. Or maybe it’s “writing,” and mere “readers” like us will never understand.

    …just like I can’t understand what happened to Rana, the orphaned Afghan daughter that Wally and Becks The One Armed Ex adopted when they were on that anti-landmine tour of Afghanistan. Judging by the way kids disappear without a mention or a trace, I’d say that Westview doesn’t have a very effective DCF.

  7. HeyItsDave

    Whoops, never mind. Rachel specifically says, “in the fall.” Guess I gave T-Bats too much credit.

  8. Charles

    Yesterday the prosthetic limb was on Mustache Guy; today it’s on Baseball Cap. But hey, who can be bothered with continuity when there’s comic books and comic book paraphernalia to talk about, right?

    You assume that not all of Wally’s friends are missing limbs. Since it appears that the only place Batiuk has him actually make friends is at the VA, it’s just obvious that all of them have catastrophic injuries. Kind of like how gay people in some stories don’t associate with any heterosexuals.

    And it’s all around Wally, too. Maybe the dude has an amputation fetish. Look out, Rachel!

    And to change the focus, I’m glad that Wally’s enormous, swollen nose bridge has apparently gone down today. Maybe it’s related to his shifting hairline.

    Funky’s also giving them a break on rent. It’s amazing how prosperous Funky seems to be considering that no one else except Les and maybe Bull have managed to get their shit together financially. Where is all this money coming from?

  9. Merry Pookster

    Frick you TB, ” saving like crazy”? Wally had a ton of tax free back pay after 10 years as a POW…. Plus GI Bill schooling benefits including extras from Ohio. Sheit maybe he should get a job other than a 34 year old Pizza dishwasher.

  10. I thought she would say they were saving like crazy for a down payment on a house. As it is, they may have been living under a highway bridge.

    Speaking as the former owner of a Lab, Buddy is going to hate going up fire escape stairs. If he is still with us.

  11. Rusty Shackleford

    And how is this contemporary and relevant to the youth today?

  12. I think TB was halfway through drawing when he realized he needed to make sure we all knew he was “down” with the disabled vet community, so rather go to the trouble of redrawing the panel with Mustache Guy’s left limb visible, hey I’ll just make Ballcap Guy disabled too! I’m surprised they aren’t using a dude in a wheelchair to ferry heavy boxes as well. (FYI please know I am not mocking disabled vets here – if anything, I think TB does them a disservice by playing the obvious card. But hey, it’s not like he can do the Wally PTSD arc again. Or can he?)

  13. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Couldn’t get through the whole week without pimping Starsuck Jones, huh? Way to step up the marketing campaign, Tommy. Tom’s mom must be nagging him again about getting all those unsold comic books out of the garage so she can park her car in there again.

    Next week: Wally’s one-armed friends will try to hang wallpaper.

  14. Some entity more malevolent than any horror from the minds of Lovecraft, Bloch, Serling, and King is eating Westview’s children and service dogs. Or sending them “to the cornfield.” We know Les can teleport between Africa and Ohio for abstruse car-naming rituals, and we know Funky is preternaturally fat. So, you know, there you have my prime suspects for “malevolent entity.”

    But then again, both of them are so afraid of their creator that they spend much of their lives cowering under the inexplicably lead-lined ceiling of Montoni’s. Or maybe Oldtimer’s Disease, as Crankshaft calls it (will have called it? had called it?—what’s the correct tense to use after a time jump? Antecedent quarter-inch aorist pluperfect? But I digress.), has robbed Batiuk of the ability to remember characters he created more recently than 1990.

  15. Rusty Shackleford


    It is always about Tom wanting to show that he is on the correct side of things and holds all of the proper opinions.

    This strip is for Tom’s ego alone, though one in awhile readers just might get something out of it too.

  16. Sure, I’ll be happy to give you a break on the rent, as long as you overlook the numerous building code violations.

    Anyway, The Starbuck Jones movie is still in pre-production, and they’re already selling merchandise for it? Or is this a vintage Starbuck Jones lunchbox that Rachel paid a fortune for at the Komix Korner?

  17. Saturnino

    “Yesterday the prosthetic limb was on Mustache Guy; today it’s on Baseball Cap. But hey, who can be bothered with continuity when there’s comic books and comic book paraphernalia to talk about, right?”

    But weren’t they on opposite arms so that it did not appear to the reader that both wore prosthetics?