Give Him Props

SosfDavidO here, still stuck in the sweltering hellhole known as Montoni’s Pizza, where even Funky’s sweatstains have sweatstains.

Does anyone remember? Where was Wally living before he decided to jump on the offer to live in the catbox above Montoni’s? Because judging from his more-cheerful-than-usual expression as the prospect it must have been underneath a freeway overpass. Thankfully he’s brought some stand-in cardboard cutouts of veterans in today’s strip to help out, though Tombat seems to be clumsily indicating the one man is in fact a cashier.


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    “… though Tombat seems to be clumsily indicating the one man is in fact a cashier”…funniest line of the week and my first thought upon seeing this mess. Ever notice how FW characters are always defined by one specific trait? Wally is a veteran, Darin was Lisa’s son, Les is a writer, Summer is a hoodie-wearing jock, Funky is fat, Harry is crazy and etc. It IS fairly remarkable that Wally has actual friends, unlike, for example, Jessica, who needed to enlist the Moores to help her move.

    Imagine being SO down and out that moving to the Montoni’s apartment is a step UP in your life? Wow…just wow. Easy commute though, although it’ll be tough to ever ditch work while your boss is directly downstairs from you.

  2. I seem to recall that before Rachel decided to devote herself to a life of pity sex, Wally was living in a run-down motel room somewhere. I leave it to you to determine if Westview’s Official Starter Home is a step up or down.

    And I’m sure the guy with the claw hand is going to be very useful when it comes to lugging heavy boxes up the stairs. What, was Becky busy that day?

  3. bayoustu

    Looks like Wally and his wife are going to the same hair stylist. Heck, the way things are going, Morty will be blonde soon!

  4. SpacemanSpiff85

    This would have been worlds better if Wally said he had a “buddy” to help him, and Buddy the dog was there pulling a wagon or something. I’m pretty sure Batiuk has forgotten Buddy ever existed. Which sucks, because he was my favorite character in this strip by a wide wide margin.

  5. billytheskink

    Funky’s smile hides his disappointment well, knowing that he is now expected to provide pizza and root beer to a set of volunteer movers for the second time this week.

    As I recall, Wally originally lived in a rough neighborhood of featureless red brick buildings that looked like a pretty decently drawn version of the 1960s-era public housing not too far from where I grew up. Well-spaced 1-story red brick homes with clothes lines out front. Visiting other towns around the state, I learned that these places always had clothes lines out front. Always…

    I believe that Wally and Rachel have lived in her apartment since their marriage, perhaps even as early as their engagement.

  6. Epicus Doomus

    SpacemanSpiff85: Absolutely true, Buddy has vanished from the strip. Every Wally arc he did for years contained practically nothing but Buddy references and then just like that he’s gone. I’m picturing him lying there in Wally’s apartment, all fat and lazy, his rumpled service dog vest lying nearby on the floor next to an old empty pizza box, snoring away.

    When you think about it, Buddy’s disappearance from the strip coincides exactly with Wally marrying Rachel (blech). It’s like BanTom is implying that Wally doesn’t need a dog anymore because now he has a wife. Or maybe he just really hates drawing dogs, I don’t know. The guy’s a nut, you never really know with him.

    Or maybe he really does read this blog and he knows that Buddy is easily the most beloved character he’s ever created and he hates it, so he’s withholding him out of spite. Like I said, the guy’s a nut.

  7. What irritates me is the dude with the prosthetic limb. Batiuk is clearly saying that while a MAN needs to be able to use both arms, a woman needs to have her sleeve pinned up just so to remind us of her status as a victim.

  8. Rusty Shackleford

    I am going to work today. But there is snow on the ground. Looks like I will need to use some muscle to clear it.


  9. So we can safely assume that it’s now Rachel’s turn to get pregnant, since the apartment over Montoni’s appears to be the only place where the children of Westview are conceived (aside from Frankie’s van and wherever Crazy Harry and Donna live, that is).

    Speaking of children, it’s interesting to count who actually is capable of reproducing – apparently not Funky, since Cory is from Holly’s first (off camera marriage), not Bull, because The Author actually wrote about it, not John (Rana was adopted by Wally and Becky), up till now, not Wally/

  10. Chyron HR

    “Funky, meet my friends Lester, Hairy Donkle, and Black Darrin.”

  11. Imagine Batiuk’s delight when he decided he could draw a prosthetic claw and get it right out there in the front of the panel.

    Buddy and Rachel’s child have run away from home and are traveling across the country with some other talking dogs on their way to Hollywood.

  12. HeyItsDave

    @Rusty – “he decided he could draw a prosthetic claw”

    That is giving him way too much credit. T-Bats spends an extraordinary amount of detail on stupid little things – like the glassware rack in Wednesday’s strip with its perfect little triangular holes, or the brick sidewalk in front of Montoni’s yesterday (carefully laid in a basketweave pattern) – and yet he draws a prosthetic hand like a second-grader drawing a picture of an arcade claw machine.

    And what’s with Bats and his receding hairlines? Every character in the strip has a fivehead.


    “Okay, but why did you bring a one-handed Aldrich Ames with you?”

  14. ComicBookHarriet

    Buddy moved to Hollywood years ago to start a very profitable News Streaming service, BuddyBlog.

  15. Professor Fate

    What happened to Buddy? To paraphrase Baldrick Blackadder’s Dogsbody “What do you think was in the sausage these last three months?”

  16. What is the relationship between Funky and Wally? Funky looks at least thirty years older than Wally.

  17. HeyItsDave

    @beckoningchasm – Wally’s supposed to be Funky’s nephew.

  18. Saturnino

    “@beckoningchasm – Wally’s supposed to be Funky’s nephew.”
    Well, in keeping up with Crankshaft, couldn’t we call Funky Wally’s anti-nephew?

  19. If Wally is Funky’s nephew, that means Funky has a…brother? Sister? Have we ever seen this creature, and if so, what did it die from?

  20. HeyItsDave

    @beckoningchasm – I don’t recall ever seeing a Winkerbean sibling. That shouldn’t be surprising, though, since established characters go wandering off right in the middle of story arcs – why would Shakespeare Batiuk bother giving Wally a back story about parents? (Please, someone correct me on that if I’m wrong.) Anyway, given T-Bats’ propensity for tragedy, perhaps Funky had a stillborn sister, or a twin he ate in the womb.

  21. Well, a year or two ago, TFH found and posted a sort of “Christmas count-down” showing the various characters from Act I as they went shopping or sang carols or whatever. I seem to recall that there was a youngish kid hanging out with the teens, and that kid looked like a miniature Funky.
    I thought that might have been Wally, but unless Funky took a trip through Catherwood’s time machine, there’s no way these two are brothers.

  22. The Dreamer

    Notice how Wally Winkerbean and Cory Winkerbean look exactly alike, even though they are not even blood related (Cory being adopted)? I almost thought that was Cory in today’s strip until I read the text