Antisocial Insecurity

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In Westview, Social Security gets YOU! As if he’ll ever live long enough to collect THAT! Seriously though, I’ve always seen Owen’s Westviewian future as being sort of bright. He’s fluent in comic books and pizza, he wears the same clothes every day, he’s annoying, in other words he’ll fit in at Montoni’s or The Korner absolutely seamlessly. And someone at one of those businesses will die off or write a movie sooner or later, it’s inevitable. Now all he has to do is, you know, actually graduate.



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19 responses to “Antisocial Insecurity

  1. HeyItsDave

    Y’know, if Crankshaft was getting audited by the IRS and owed a wad of taxes, and asked the auditor for an advance on his Social Security check, that might be kind of a joke. But Owen asking Ring Guy? That’s just stupid.

  2. Owen will come back to teach at the school he hates. Just like Les, who expressed similar comments about a class ring when he was a senior.

  3. Does one really even need to graduate Westview High School though? Odds are you’ll never leave the town, and that’s just as well, since the teachers are people like Les and Mr. Krampushanck (don’t ask me to remember that Mark Twain impersonator’s fucking name) who prepare their students for the outside world by endlessly torturing them with stupid jokes that aren’t funny to anyone.

  4. SpacemanSpiff85

    These might possibly be my least favorite types of strips. Where someone makes a dumb joke that Batiuk presumably thinks is funny, and then there’s a third panel of them being misunderstood by some philistine.

  5. billytheskink

    The only thing more fun than having to sell directly to second-semester high school seniors is having to deal with second-semester high school seniors who have no intention of buying your wares and every intention of regaling you with some insightful political snark that they heard on cable television.

  6. What real-world high school senior would even think like this. It’s not a clever line, it’s just stupid.

  7. Hopefully this week will end with every single person in the strip lining up to beat the crap out of Owen, like that scene in Airplane! where everyone’s taking turns slapping the hysterical lady.

  8. Mr. B.Lumpkin

    The guy in back looks like Scott McCloud, the guy who wrote and drew “Understanding Comics”.

  9. SpacemanSpiff85

    Why the heck did Owen even get in line? If he doesn’t have the money, why is he there? Getting a ring is not mandatory. The salesman is right to be pissed. He’s just doing his job, and that job isn’t listening to seventh year seniors attempt to be funny.

  10. Something else is tapped out, only humor-wise, at the moment and into the foreseeable future.

  11. For some reason, the ring guy will be made out to be an evil jerk for asking the evil question “Why are you wasting everyone else’s time being an obstructive annoyance?” No one ever gets asked that question and gets to be good because it’s one Batiuk hears far too often.

  12. A HREF

    Well this is thrilling.

    I mean compared to people moving the furniture of the daughter of John Darling, who was murdered and the daughter of John Darling, who was murdered buying everyone pizza at Montoni’s and then differently abled vets moving someone else’s furniture, its thrilling.

  13. @Mr. B.Lumpkin: The guy in back looks like Scott McCloud, the guy who wrote and drew “Understanding Comics”.

    I had to Google it (and go back to yesterday’s strip for a better match)…but yeah…interesting. “Scott’s” even wearing the traveling green shirt!

  14. ComicBookHarriet

    See it’s funny because Chullohead knows that Social Security will be bankrupt long before he gets a check.

    The frown from ringy sales man is actually a product of his anxiety at this thought.


    Is Owen trying to provide some rational behind why he gets bullied? Because despite not wanting to get a ring, he’s friggin trying to get one!! It’s been a while, but I don’t remember any real pressure to get a class ring. And considering Owen’s non-conformity, what the heck does he care about what people think? This is the guy who spends copious frigging hours at pedo DSH comics store.

    I think the real thing here is that Owen WANTS to be hurt, bullied and abused. Owen must suffer from some type of Munchausen By Proxy syndrome. It’s the only explanation why he is risking disembowelment by Richard Speck, over here.

  16. HeyItsDave

    @Mr. B.Lumpkin & @TFHackett: There is no doubt in my mind that T-Bats is giving Scott McCloud a quiet nod. We all know how passionate he is about his comic books, and some real giants in the comic world have some pretty high praise for “Understanding Comics.” (Like Will Eisner: “BRAVO!! Understanding Comics is a landmark dissection and intellectual consideration of comics as a valid medium.) Fits right in with Batto’s obsession.

  17. I think Les has officially passed the character-who-we-all-want-to-beat-senseless baton down to Chullohead in the next generation (conveniently, that baton can be used to aid in the beating). This week is pretty much casting in stone Owen’s title as biggest dick in the senior class.

  18. Scott McCloud’s books are really fascinating. He comes up with some very interesting ideas and insights.

    And here…well, it is honestly sad if Tom Batiuk drew this, sat back in his chair and said “Now this is some funny stuff, right here.”