It’s Been Done

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Cody really should check in with Wally here, he once made a paper ring so nice he actually used it to convince a woman to MARRY him! True story!

But enough about war veterans without dogs, that’s so last week. This week we’re still immersed in the compelling and socially relevant world of high school class ring purchasing. I’m amazed that he never chose to tackle this issue before, seeing how it’s the most mundane premise imaginable and all. It’s just such natural BanTom fodder. I’m anxious to see just how many hilarious ring-related gags he has lined up for use in this premise. My current guess is zero and I’m standing pat with that.



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15 responses to “It’s Been Done

  1. Another case of mailing it in while waiting for that lifetime achievement award.

    As an aside, the high school I graduated from in the early ’70’s only offered one style of ring. That was still the case when my son attended the same school thirty two years later.

  2. Jimmy

    Real talk: don’t you think it’s time to break the Jostens monopoly on class rings? Open the market at schools and watch jackasses like this get on the soup line.

  3. Haha! The joke is, welcome to life, high schooler! Everything sucks, unless you’re a rich kid!

  4. Epicus Doomus

    And by the way, Westviewians and scotch tape do not mix well.

  5. billytheskink

    Panel 1
    Cody: What’s the cheapest ring you have?

    Panel 2
    * Cody’s cell phone rings *
    Cody: (into phone) Hello?

    Panel 3
    Ringo: (into phone) That’ll be 75 cents.

    What are Pete and Durwood always complaining about? This re-writing stuff is cake.

  6. So, neither of them have the money nor interest to purchase a class ring, so they…spend what is presumably their free time during lunch bothering the salesperson who could otherwise be making commissions off much more promising prospects? Les better watch out, his position as Lord High Asshole of Westview is being threatened.

  7. Meanwhile, I’m sitting here wondering why class rings are still a thing. Once we get out into the real world, no one is actually going to care where we went to high school so this particular means of yelling “Go, Scapegoats” isn’t going to impress anyone. The money is best spent elsewhere.

  8. SpacemanSpiff85

    Did they not get any information beforehand? We got flyers and order forms a long time before the salesmen were on campus. Literally all they were there for was to size us for rings and take the order form and money. For some reason nobody thought it was a golden opportunity for lame attempts at humor.

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Why is he in line if he doesn’t have money? Do they force them to buy class rings? No wonder the salesman is being snarky. I would too if I had to deal with these douchebags.

  10. HeyItsDave

    +1 internets to @billytheskink.

  11. “contemporary issues affecting young adults in a thought-provoking and sensitive manner.” – I guess today’s strip is as close as it’s going to get.


    Unless you’re married or won the Super Bowl, there is no frigging point to purchasing a class ring. This should be a non-issue for these two idiots!

    Between this and Crazy Harry’s Itunes crusade, has Batiuk finally run out of shitty ideas?

  13. Mikey

    Gotta be an ‘onion ring’ gag in this pile somewhere. Also, there a type of stomach cancer called ‘Signet Ring Cell Cancer’.

  14. Someday, there’ll be a big coffee table book called Weary Resignation: The Art of Funky Winkerbean and this guy’s face will can be on the cover.

  15. Merry Pookster

    Well having a Westview HS ring really means something in Westview….it’s as good as its ever going to get for most of them. Until they mysteriously vanish like all other 18-32 year olds….oh, and all the servants.