See You On The Dull Side Of The Moon

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Jupiter Moon, Jupiter Moon, Jupiter Moon…OK Tom, understood. There’s a new female character in the ever-evolving Starbuck Jones mythos and her name is Jupiter Moon. See, I (sometimes) know how the guy who writes this strip operates and in his imaginary comic book-addled mind the idea that SJ includes a character named (sigh) Jupiter Moon is so fascinating and hilarious in and of itself that it needs no further embellishment. That name IS the premise here. Nothing will happen, the characters will merely repeat (sigh) JM over and over again. And that will be it, guaranteed. To be polite about it, the guy who writes this thing vastly overestimates the entertainment value of his weird little comic book fantasies as well as his own cleverness, by a degree of around infinity squared.


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  1. That cover–it looks like they stuck a space helmet on BC’s Fat Broad.

  2. SpacemanSpiff85

    So what’s the new character’s name?

  3. So, with the appearance now of Cigar McBalding, I’d like to mention I thought I had the other day.

    Maybe Tom Batiuk does have an editor.

    Not somebody at the comic strip or newspaper syndicates…more like a relative, a rich old man, worth lots of money. And Tom Batiuk wants to stay in the guy’s will. See, the old guy’s kind of cantankerous, can be a real SOB–once a relative just disagreed with him about something, and BANG! He was out of the will for good, just like that.

    Now, the guy lives really close. Maybe right next door. And he’s always coming over and complaining about comic strips. “The comic strips today–they’re just terrible! They have all these things happening! A guy can’t even sit down! I really wish there was a strip where folks just sat around chatting. Now that would be a comic strip!”

    So Tom Batiuk does his best to do just that, but the guy keeps coming over. “You know what you should do, with your strip? I’ll tell you what you should do. Class rings. Eh? How about that! You could do a week on class rings!”

    It would really explain a lot, I think.

  4. billytheskink

    Wentworth: “Boys… Jupiter Moon has our readers over the moon! That means your paychecks won’t bounce this week!”

    Pete and Darrin: *sulking* “Why must you makes us compromise our artistic integrity by requiring us to do our job?” *sulking*

    Is the premise here really that Tom Batiuk is resentful of comic artists who create characters that readers actually like?

  5. I’m looking at Jupiter Moon (geddit?) and I’m not thinking “hot new sexpot icon.” More like “Mary Worth supporting character.”

  6. Not to mention the fact that the space suit looks like the type Tintin wore in “Explorers on the Moon”. Not at all the shape that would accentuate any figure.

  7. Epicus Doomus

    It’s also quite funny how Boy Lisa feels he needs to specify the title of the film, the very film they’re presumably working on right then and there. “Gee, I can’t believe how shitty Funky Winkerbean, the comic strip by Tom Batiuk, is this week ever since he started this idiotic story about the Starbuck Jones screenplay and what it was like working at Batom Comics back in the day!”…I mean come on. No one else on the planet writes like this.

  8. SpacemanSpiff85

    I almost want to go to journalism school so I can get a job as a reporter and do an interview with Batiuk. Just so I could ask him to explain what’s happening in the strip this week, not ten years ago when Lisa died. That would be fantastic.

  9. SpacemanSpiff85

    Also in his blog, Batiuk basically says middle school bullies are worse than Nazi soldiers:
    Mitch hadn’t been in WWII, but he had had to deal with Kenny Roadabarger on the playground after school, so, in some ways, the idea of facing fear inducing combat in the hedge rows of Franch (this is copied and pasted straight from his blog) wasn’t all that far removed from the dystopian hell of the Junior High School.
    I’d say he was exaggerating for effect, but I’ve read this strip, so I’m not surprised at all that Batiuk thinks his teenage years were as bad as D-Day.

  10. Here we are again, watching Mopey Pete mope about how simply awful it is that people want to corrupt Pure Art with the petty concern of paying bills and making the work accessible to the monkey-like masses who want to laugh mindlessly instead of being great guys who compare their banal childhoods to the horrors of war.

  11. @SpacemanSpiff85: I’m just glad he didn’t compare Boringass High to Bergen-Belsen. It says something appalling about the tedious clod that he can compare being the low man on the social totem pole to actual hardship and suffering and judge himself more of a victim than some poor soul who had to stuff his guts back in when he got hit by a mortar.

  12. HeyItsDave

    I still think this whole “Jupiter Moon” thing is a McGuffin. Studios and publishers think that female action figures are worthless – to the point that Marvel took one of the coolest scenes in Age of Ultron (Black Widow riding a motorcycle out of jet to the rescue of the team) and replaced Black Widow with Captain America for the toy set.

    T-Bats has to know how stupid this whole “OMG MARIANNE WINTERS IS JUPIT0R M00NZ” thing is. And yet, with his trademark subtlety and deft writing, he’s beating us over the head with it ad nauseum.

    So here’s this starlet named Winters who’s suddenly going to be spending a lot of time with Mason Jarr, Cindy Summers’ “I finally met the right one” soulmate. Summers. Winters. Oh, Tom, you sly devil. No one could EVER guess what you’re going to do to another one of your original characters.

  13. Another flashback yet again? At least I know I can skip FW until next Monday…

  14. I had a sort of epiphany yesterday, as I read the threadbare “not dolls, action figures” joke and remembered somewhat, mildly, chuckling at the same gag, word-for-word, on a comedy CD I had twenty years ago. I submit that this strip’s “meta-thesis” is that there are no more new jokes to tell, that they have all been used already, and the only remaining course of action is to steal and recycle them over and over until the heat death of the universe. It only helps this thesis that the strip is surrounded, on the average comics page, by the undead shambling husks of Beetle Bailey, Garfield, and the like.
    Here’s why I find this a hopeful possibility: maybe he’ll start stealing from someone good.

  15. Ahh, the 50’s, when young boys would masturbate to anything.

    I’m guessing that we’re going to make it through this whole week without seeing the actual Marianne Winters or any of the merchandise or any more details about the character than what we’ve seen on the cover of the book that Baldy McCigarbreath is holding up in today’s second panel.

    What’s the over/under on the number of times that the words “Jupiter Moon” will be uttered this week? I’ll say twenty.

  16. billytheskink

    In a more entertaining corner of the comics page, Dick Tracy is foiling a bank robbery in Cuba. Beady-eyed nitpickers may notice that he’s foiling the same bank robbers he did last year around this time during the brief and disappointing FW-Dick Tracy crossover.

  17. “‘They are not toys, they are collectibles’ Insists Death”

    I drew this back in 2010, and it requires a bit of explanation…which I’ll just skip.

  18. ComicBookHarriet

    @ Rosco. There AREN’T very many new jokes left. Read any play of Aristophanes, circa 400 BC: its all political humor, literary snark, lawyer hate, and dick jokes. But a good joke is a good joke, and if presented in a clever context can amuse time and time again.


  19. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Am I the first to recognize that “Marianne Winters” is a GUT BUSTING HILARIOUS takeoff on Gilligan’s Island character Marianne Summers, played by still-attractive Dawn Wells?

    The ONLY acceptable outcome of this dreadfully forced and contrived garbage would be if Masonn Jar hooked up with Miss Winters, and kicked Cyndi to the curb. “Garsh, Holly [sic], I didn’t know I could actually get a gorl younger than my mom! I’ll invite you to our wedding!”


    BC, you cannot just post something that awesome and give no explanation!!!


  21. Spacemanspiff85

    @Paul Jones:
    Which sounds worse-something being “fear inducing” or a “dystopian hell”?