Why So Blue?

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What the hell went wrong with the inking here? Why does it appear that Mopey Pete is wearing some sort of blue veil and glove combo? That crack Batom Inc. quality control team is something else again, eh? Nice work, you boobs.

I assumed they’d be jabbering about Jupiter Moon all week, but nope, instead it’s yet another remarkably clumsy segue into yet another pointless retro-pseudo sepia faux-flashback, this time featuring Cigar McBalding’s googly-eyed new car. I seriously doubt there will be ANY merchandise loot at all if these two imbeciles don’t finish writing that goddamned movie already. Now I’m no expert or anything, but I doubt the “Starbuck Jones” license holders will be too interested in sharing the wealth with a couple of whiny work-slacking goof-offs who wearily complain every time they’re given a task to complete. Just a few months ago Boy Lisa was slinging pizza in Westview, now he’s a Big City storyboarder working on a “red-hot” new superhero film, yet all he’s doing is bitching about it. Typical Westviewian, nothing’s ever good enough.




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  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    Wait, a Starbuck movie? Not Starbuck Jones? Assuming that this is Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica I can see how they think it’d be a success. More than Starbuck Jones, at least.

  2. billytheskink

    I was going to post the list of made-for-TV movies with licensed merchandise but WordPress says I have to type at least 2 characters to post.

  3. SpacemanSpiff85

    That’s one thing I don’t get about this plot. I don’t think old timey comics had a ton of merchandise. Not back in the forties or whenever the heck this is supposed to be, at least. Lunch boxes and stuff were more with TV cartoons and movies, and I don’t think toys and action figures really took off until Star Wars.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    These two situations aren’t the same at all. Pete was supposedly hired to fix an already-written screenplay about an established character and Boy Lisa used his little doodles as an excuse to hop on the bandwagon. Their retro versions, though, actually created the SJ character from scratch (I guess). So they might have more of a legitimate gripe than their modern-day counterparts, who are just two more whiny assholes in a strip full of them.

    SpacemanSpiff85 And there’s that too. The two situations aren’t similar in any way other than Pete and Darin are both in them. In order for the story to make sense, you have to accept that the dialog doesn’t make any sense. It’s remarkable.

  5. bayoustu

    There is seemingly no situation that doesn’t harken back to the good- oops- BAD old days in the comic book industry! Lose your wallet? Eat some bad clams? It must have been just like that at Batom Comics! Break your coccyx? Imagine how those artists and writers at Batom Comics felt!

  6. Is this supposed to be a comment on how Bob Kane stole all the credit (and money) for Batman, or on movie studios’ indifferent treatment of their technical staff? Either way, I don’t think these two losers are the best mouthpiece for it.

  7. HeyItsDave

    That’s the smallest Cadillac I’ve ever seen rendered with such poor perspective.

  8. @SpacemanSpiff85 – You’re right that there wasn’t a lot of superhero merchandise back in the 50’s and 60’s. Toys were more likely to be cowboy or army-related (toy cap guns were really big). Also, they usually weren’t specifically tied in to one character or hero.

  9. The Nelson Puppet

    @Gerard Plourde – In the mid-1960s, I had Captain Action

  10. He doesn’t much care about historical accuracy just so long as he can make the point he wants to make. Said point is supposed to be that good people always get shafted but his lousy execution turns it onto ungrateful idiots who have crap handed to them on a tray are too blinded by envy to function.

  11. Huh. Mopey Pete is literally an ink-stained wretch.

  12. Rusty Shackleford

    Um Batty, don’t you realize you make great money for the little effort you put forth. No need to bite the hand that feeds you. Oh, and you sure took advantage of licensing to protect your work–from critics mostly.

  13. Rusty Shackleford

    Artists love to biatch about the system, they sing of free this and free that, but try to use their work for free and suddenly they are the ones hiring lawyers.

  14. @ the Nelson puppet-You-re right. The introduction of G.I. Joe around 1965 changed everything.

  15. Chyron HR

    “I wonder if writers and artists back in the old days had so many stupid flashback sequences?”

  16. Meanwhile, there’s a tribute to Captain Beefheart in today’s “Mutts” strip. Now that is as cool as FW is lame.


    I remember a a couple of months back that Max Garcia intentionally spoiled “The Force Awakens” in one of his strips. I remember the uproar that it caused. Hell it made it all the way to Huffington Post. To my knowledge Mr. Garcia never got suspended. The real amazing thing was how this passed by any one to get published.

    The point I am making her is that incidents like that and Mopey Smurf here are proof that there are NO quality control standards in comics. I really think that a comic writer and artists could get away with full frontal nudity and nobody would notice. In movies and TV these type of things get noticed fast and consequences are severe. In comics these days,…everybody is just going through the motions. It’s really sad the medium has devolved to this.

  18. sgtsaunders

    Looks like Pete dropped something very important in the toilet on the flight from Cleveland to LA. Very. Important.

  19. The first thing that I recall being really big in merchandising was Peanuts. That’s gotta leave a mark.

  20. Jim in Wisc.

    $$$WESTVIEW ONCOLOGIST$$$ wrote: I really think that a comic writer and artists could get away with full frontal nudity and nobody would notice.

    Brooke McEldowney has come unbelievably close to outright pornography in Pibgorn on several occasions, and Go Comics (which publishes the strip on it’s website) just lets it pass. So, yeah, you’re probably right, there no longer is anyone reviewing quality and content anymore.

  21. ComicBookHarriet

    I found an awesome site on the merchandising history of Superman. http://collectingsuperman.com/ It looks like there were tons of Superman products from the 40s and 50s, from valentines to toys to matches, though I imagine the profits made weren’t anywhere near StarWarsian levels.

  22. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    I see a definite pattern here: Walls of text. Characters blabbering at length about some random, out-of-left-field topic. Me, AUDIBLY saying, “I don’t give a crap.” That can mean only one thing. Batty’s on his soapbox about something or other. In this case, it bugs him that low-level workers make less than managers and owners, and low level workers don’t receive a direct percentage of the business’s profits.

    Sorry, Darren Lenin and Mopey Pete Trotsky. but you were born about 100 years too late to have taken part in the Russian Revolution. And that ship has definitely sailed. In Hollywood, just as over at Montoni’s Pizza, the workers DON’T control the means of production. Those who put up the money and take the financial risks will likely reap most of the reward if the venture is successful.

    On the other hand, I’m TOTALLY in their corner if they’re okay with footing part of the bill if this movie bites the dust like most movies involving Batty’s characters.