Not Going Anywhere

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Flog, flog, flog. Mason is reading the SJ script today, which indicates that there is a script to be read…I guess. Otherwise it’s a pointless rehash of a premise that was (for lack of a better word) resolved yesterday. When you think about it just running this Sunday strip instead of devoting an entire week to the premise might have been a better idea. But then he would have only had fifty-one weeks worth of strips, which would have left him one short. Sure, he could have probably just thrown an old one from a few years ago in there and no one would have noticed, but it’s all about the integrity, man.

And with that I turn over the reins to billytheskink, who’s going to steer you through next’s weeks installment of annoying claptrap! And based on the header pic above, I have no idea what that claptrap might be. I don’t like the looks of it though.



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18 responses to “Not Going Anywhere

  1. That glimpse of Somebody Winters looks a bit like that alien Pru in the Luann strip. Quite the stunner. As far as the rapidly decaying Cindy goes, I’ve known middle schoolers who needed less affirmation.

  2. Eh, I give this one a pass. It uses the characters well, it’s kind of funny, it shows that Mason and Cindy have a good relationship…it’s okay. It’s not funny or insightful, but when a FW strip ends with two people happy…well, it’s rare enough to get a thumbs up.

  3. SpacemanSpiff85

    I wonder if this is foreshadowing Mason falling for the Mason Jarr lookalike actor they hire to play Starbuck Jones’ clone, Starbuck Clones. He is bi-..polar, after all.

  4. Eh, it’s better than Les and Cayla’s bantering–which has to be the ultimate form of damning with faint praise, but I’ll take what I can get.

  5. Ray

    “Has it to burn?” I can honestly say I have never heard this uttered unless it was in reference to money, and as Variety has proclaimed her a “rising star”, I’m sure she’s not flush with the folding green.

  6. Well, we get another entry for the Batiuktionary and we get ‘hurr-durr, Hollywood actors sure are vain.’ He can scratch two more entries off of his bingo card from Hell.

  7. sgtsaunders

    Cindy continues to introduce to overly cheery Hollywood that very special malaise that permeates and defines life in Westview. It is a life of doubt, uncertainty and misery at every turn, and it’s creeping into Mason Jarr-Jarr’s head. It’s like Invasion of the Body Snatchers meets Invasion of the Booty Snatchers.

  8. HeyItsDave

    Sorry, downvoters, I’m with @beckoningchasm on this one. Despite the ridiculously forced Batiukism (sorry, T-Bats, but this is just another misuse of slang that you’re never going to get to catch on) the last three panels actually have believable dialog. Cindy may be a needy loser, but Mason comes off as almost likeable here.

  9. Mrs. Fassbender: “Is she prettier than me?”
    Dr. Fassbender: “Is she prettier than you? *I* am prettier than you!”
    Dialogue from What’s New Pussycat? (1966), screenplay by Woody Allen.

  10. bayoustu

    Oh, yeah- nothing’s more attractive on a woman than a jawline that makes Dick Tracy looked weak-chinned.

  11. Um, who actually draws the Sunday strips? It’s not the same as weekdays, apparently…

  12. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    What’s this now, day 147 of Holly/Cindy obsessed with JarJar’s new co-star, who, as it turns out, is Jay Leno in drag?

    The reason NONE of this works is YOU know Cindy is over 50 years old, I know Cindy is over 50 years old, and even Masonn Jar The Hollywood Movie Actor Playing Starbuck Jones knows Cindy is over 50 years old, but BatArt draws her as a very hot 19 year old from head to toe. Batty clearly wants us to feel a little sympathy for Cindy, but unfortunately lacks the talent to portray those telltale signs of age that EVERY woman over a certain age develops. So now she comes off like a spoiled little teen hotty feeling threatened by Herman Munster in a wig. Makes us hate the character even more.

    “Has it to burn.” Sorry, Batso. Forced attempts at glibness won’t save this episode. Into the Battictionary we go.

  13. A HREF

    I also think today’s strip is not bad by Funky Wnkerbean standards.

    I know I damn it by the faintest of praise, but still.

    TB actually makes relative good use of the medium to set up the dialogue in this one.

    The newspaper that Cindy’s reading gives us the name of the actress as well as the movie and Mason is holding a script. Otherwise we would have Cindy say “Mason, since you the star in the looming Star Bucks Jones move in which you are starring, what do you think of Marianne Winters, who is to play Jupiter Moon, Starbuck Jones’ side kick in the upcoming move, and her looks as compared to mine, an aging ex-major network anchor. At least I was a major network anchor at one point unlike Jessica Fairgood nee’ Darling’s father, John Darling who was murdered……”

    Now having said that HeyItsDave’s strip is much funnier.

  14. hitorque

    I want “HeyItsDave” to be the full-time dialogue writer for this strip from now on… At least Batiuk can just do the art and semi-retire with some dignity…

  15. Rusty Shackleford

    I’m with Beckoning & Dave on this one. It isn’t too bad by Batty standards. Of course it is nothing like Breathed’s masterpiece tribute to Harper Lee. Berkeley is really growing as an artist and his work continues to get more expressive.

  16. Epicus Doomus

    This would have been a perfectly fine standalone Sunday strip, however coming on the heels of a week of the exact same thing it just feels like typical FW overkill. IMO it reads like he did the Sunday strip first then though it was so good it merited an entire week’s worth of Cindy & Mason.


    Giving how badly women are drawn in this script, yes, Mason Jarr IS cuter than Cindy.

    Heck he’s cuter than his new co-star…Jay Leno in drag!