Hinky, Blinky, Pinky, and Snide

So, is today’s strip being broadcast on “The Bleat”? That sure looks like a network “bug” in the top right corner of panel 1. Or does the Westview High School AV budget cover pointlessly screening logos onto the walls?

Wait, Owen and Cody are talking like Les isn’t in the room. Did Les leave the room? Did Owen, Cody, and Maris move to another room? What journalistic standards are required to read school announcements? How is Les’ desire for his students to adhere to ethical reporting standards that will surely never come into play in any of “The Bleat’s” activities “hinky” in any way? Is there anyone on the planet besides TB who thinks “hinky” is synonymous with “anal”?

Frankly, I have no idea what is going on here… other than a tired bit about kids not knowing what newspapers are, that is. I got that. I was just hoping to avoid having to say something about it.



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16 responses to “Hinky, Blinky, Pinky, and Snide

  1. Today, Walter Cronkite is best remembered as the man who could read lunch menus, school announcements and sporting event scores with journalistic depth and vigor. I mean, the man truly made you believe that the “cauliflower surprise” would, indeed, be surprising.

  2. It also seems that The Author is unaware that both papers have had reporters who have engaged in questionable or outright fake reporting (for example Judith Miller’s false reporting in the New York Tiimes of the existence of weapons of mass destruction during the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, Jayson Blair’s fabricated stories in the same paper and Janet Cooke’s phony reporting about a non-existent eight-year-old heroin addict in the Washington Post).

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Mr. Moore is concerned about the “journalistic standards” of the WHS morning announcements. Of course he is, as Les is a complete bearded dick with ears.

    OK Tom, the pretty blonde ones are always the most vapid and bubble-headed, gotcha. Jeez, even I got over my unrequited high school crushes several years ago, give it a rest already. The guy introduces three brand new named characters this week and decides to focus on the least-interesting and most played-out aspect of one of them. That’s called “writing”, people.

  4. billytheskink

    Teenage boys have probably done a number of strange things with mannequin heads over the course of modern history. I very much doubt that interviewing them for student journalism staff positions is among them.

  5. SpacemanSpiff85

    It’s always seemed weird to me that Les is the journalism expert at Westview. Is teaching English not demanding enough? It’s one of the classes that everyone has to take, every year. And is there nobody more qualified than the guy who wrote “How My Wife Died, Slowly and Tragically”?

  6. Funny how Les’ “standards” always seem to fall in line with “whatever makes me feel superior to everyone else, especially awful teenagers…”

  7. Epicus Doomus

    Yep, the other WHS teachers are a bunch of miserable slobs who hate their lives but not Les, oh heavens no. Les is WHS’ font of eternal wisdom and unshakable integrity who would never allow the morning announcements to be anything less than perfect. See what I mean about him, he’s annoying when he isn’t even in the strip.

  8. It’s bad enough that Batiuk seems not to know about ‘darkness-induced audience apathy’ and why it makes people hate his strip. Now, he doesn’t know what strawman/dumbass has a point is because he’s too busy screaming at some blond girl from fifty years ago for not giving him the time of day. She doesn’t need a lecture about how real news comes from a newspaper because she’s to be the pretty face of bland non-information like what’s for lunch or how badly the Scapegoats lost.

  9. My son’s a freshman and is glued to his screen all day long. I get the Times and sometimes the Post. And he often knows breaking news before I do. He literally doesn’t need newspapers to be on top of things. Oh, and “hinky” is not the right word here, Tom, unless you actually did mean “unreliable” or “damaged”. Learn kid’s slang before you use it, bro.

  10. Double Sided Scooby Snack


  11. Between Crankshaft and FW, TB makes no attempt to hide his contempt for the younger generation.

  12. I’ve seen that mannequin head before.

  13. HeyItsDave

    I feel kind of sorry for T-Bats, still reliving his high school pain after all these years and using the strip to lash out at the shadowy memories of all those real and imagined injustices. It would probably really hurt him to know that the cute blonde who turned him down for a date forty years ago probably doesn’t even remember him asking her out…if she even remembers him at all.

    But here in my AU Funkyverse, Maris is going to be a smart, tech-savvy girl with a wise-ass wit and taste for vidya and anime/manga (but not “comics” – HA!) Keep giving me pictures, Tommy boy, and remember: parody is protected speech.

  14. SpacemanSpiff85

    Actually that cute blonde might actually be impressed at his career, having a long running comic strip. Until she read strips like this and wanted to get a restraining order.

  15. Rusty

    It’s nice to see that after 6 years of high school, these two have managed no maturation whatsoever.

  16. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Oh, wait. You said “maturation.” I was going to vehemently disagree.