Blushed Aside

Today’s strip… oh boy. Buckle up folks, it looks like we are getting a whole week of job interviews conducted by “The Bleat” triumvirate.

Eh, better make that bi-umvirate, as Les appears to be taking the Gil Thorp approach to his job… that is, letting other people do it whenever possible. His utter disinterest in this process is not surprising, but it makes little practical sense. Yes, it is worthwhile to give Owen and Cody some real world-ish experience and let them help make hiring decisions for “The Bleat”, but it is Les alone who will have to deal with the results for three solid years. I assume this is how he wound up with the current staff of Owen, Cody, and Cam Eraman’s sagging pants.

Maris Rogers, meanwhile, appears to be the latest incarnation of Westview High School’s real mascot, the appearance-obsessed, stuck-up blonde. This would be a bit of a reach based simply on this strip and the fact that she has written a blog about applying make up, but consider too her first appearance, back in August. Les, wandering the halls of the school, is lost in total déjà vu as he sees Cindy, Jessica, Mallory Brooks (I think), and Maris in quick succession. That’s pretty on the nose, even for TB.



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20 responses to “Blushed Aside

  1. Wow–good eye on spotting Maris way back when. I certainly didn’t remember her, which (today at least) means I am less depressed than you. (Just kidding…or am I?)

  2. Epicus Doomus

    This is sort of consistent with Cody’s character, as beneath his seemingly harmless dorky exterior there’s always been a kind of skeevy leering stalker-ish side to his personality too. So it’s not that unbelievable that he’d be visiting her makeup blog in the wee hours of the evening if you get my drift. Now go ahead and bleach those minds for me…

  3. SpacemanSpiff85

    So what are the odds that a Les speech about how blogs aren’t real media is coming up soon?

  4. billytheskink

    Are there “The Bleat” signs randomly and magically floating around this room? I mean, that sign is clearly not affixed to the wall, if it was we would surely see the tape.

  5. Which means she probably does her own filming, editing, and channel management, but go on, let’s laugh at her doing a makeup blog because women, amirite?

  6. JerrytheMacGuy

    Odd how Maris Rogers writes a blog about applying make-up but doesn’t appear to wear any herself.

    That merits an asterisk next to your name, Maris Rogers.

  7. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    I see what you did there, Jerry.

    Clearly, BatElderly knows “blog” is some kind of technospeak jibberjabber used by internuts and Twitter Tots, but he has no idea at all what it means. Hence “BuddyBlog.” In what way is that a blog? I don’t know either.

    But she writes about makeup. That’s secret Batty code for evil empty headed bimbo. And since evil teenage boys think only with their “other head,” Nanook of the North is mesmerized. Idiot teenagers, amirite?

  8. SpacemanSpiff85

    Blogs about makeup=bad.
    Blogs about inane fictional comic book company fantasies=literary perfection.

  9. It’s like a trifecta of petty idiot vengeance. First, the oldest grudge against pretty girls who didn’t give a skeevy weirdo with entitlement issues the time of day. Next, we have a generalized grudge against kids and finally, the war he’s waging against a medium that alarms and frightens him because it somehow magically created an army of people who tell him he’s just spinning his wheels not doing anything worthwhile.

  10. @SpacemanSpiff85: All we need is something criticizing the entertainment industry for ‘distracting’ people by making them happy and we’ll have the ideal strip.

  11. And the Bleat goes on, yeah the Bleat goes on…
    For far too long, yeah for far to long…

    Bleat, I’ve got you, Bleat…

  12. Chyron HR

    Ha ha ha, look at that loser not obeying gender norms! Let’s bully him.

    (This message was brought to you by the US Council on Contemporary Issues.)

  13. Pretty sure 99% of today’s teens wouldn’t use the term “blog” but would mention their YouTube channel instead.

  14. HeyItsDave

    Making today’s installment 42% creepier, you’re welcome.

  15. ComicBookHarriet

    I for one am actually interested to see if Maris IS a Cindy copy, who is vapid and vain and self-absorbed, or if Batuik has conceived of a more benign ‘legally blonde’ type of girl.

  16. HeyItsDave

    Oh yeah…Maris’ first appearance…

  17. So, another week of nothingness. In reality, or as close as a quarter-inch, the Bleat would be staffed with volunteers. Because the high school announcement system is not a news organization.

    Really, that’s all the Bleat is. It’s announcements of upcoming events and sports scores, with perhaps the odd lost-and-found thrown in. There aren’t any investigative reporters. There aren’t any tips people, or critics, or weathermen.

    It’s ten, fifteen minutes maybe of announcements and sports scores. Anyone can do that. No talent required–as the very appearance of Chullo as the talking head proves.

  18. A HREF

    @HeyItsDave: that is the reaction I had when i saw the first appearance of Maris. Les is super creepy in that strip.

  19. @HeyItsDave: Yechhh. Thanks for that reminder that Batiuk resents the blond girl from long ago who was smart enough to be repulsed by him.

  20. Hitorque

    RE: HeyItsDave…

    But what games does she play? That’s the crucial question…