Monday, February 29

Today’s strip was not yet available for preview.

Given that it is Leap Day, would it surprise anyone if today’s strip was phoned in? Probably 3 more panels of Sunday’s barking live dog.

Hey, maybe we’ll get to know the new students introduced last week a little bet… ha ha, sorry, I crack myself up sometimes. I’m easily amused, which says a lot about this strip’s quality when I don’t laugh reading it.



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22 responses to “Monday, February 29

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Two MORE new WHS characters! It’s the NEW GENERATION! And lo and behold, they’re BLONDES! You know what that means…

    Seriously though, they moved TO Westview? I understood when Khan did it, after all, for him it was a very slight upgrade. But come on, who the hell willingly moves to Westview? Is there an opening at Montoni’s or the Korner we don’t know about? Talk about your mysteries.

  2. billytheskink

    To be fair, Epicus, they likely moved all of a couple miles to Westview, from Centerville…

    This is a Crankshaft crossover. Emily and Amelia are the twin girls who regularly visit Shaft’s neighbor Lillian McKenzie over in that other part of the Batiukverse. Mostly, they provide nonplussed reactions to Lillian’s rememerence of things that no one under 70 years old would know anything about.

    This reminds me, my paper printed Crankshaft twice in this Sunday’s comics. My first thought was “at least they didn’t do that with Funky.”

  3. SpacemanSpiff85

    Come on, Batiuk. This has got to be the second time this year he’s done a strip where the whole joke was “the school’s mascot is the scapegoats, get it?”. I think he passed the point where he could get away with that in the seventies.

  4. @billytheskink,

    Good catch on the crossover aspect. I wonder what this does to the time jump. If Crankshaft is supposed to be about ten years separated from Funky Winkerbean should they be high school age or should they be older than Summer? Even The Author can’t keep it sorted out.

  5. bad wolf

    God, here we go. Just a few weeks ago these two special-needs neighbors were name-dropping some reference that was obviously contemporary over on Crankshaft, now they’re here. I swear TB thinks his little timey-wimey wobbly thing is just the cleverest part of both his strips, now.

    By the way, even the Curmudgeons by and large don’t seem to have wrapped their heads around the time jump: they tend to make a lot of jokes about how either FW and/or CS (and in some cases both?!?) are ten years ahead and/or behind. I mean, there’s lots of stuff to make fun of that actually exist in the comic, you know.

  6. bad wolf

    @Gerard–good catch; they’re indeterminately young in CS but if they’re freshmen they’d have to have been 4? That doesn’t sound right.

  7. Epicus Doomus

    billy: Thanks, I had no idea. I hate “Crankshaft” crossovers, is there some future point to this or is it totally random?

  8. I don’t think there’s ever been a time-jump. Characters in FW routinely refer to the current year (see, for example, Bull lining up his team for the “2014 season” team picture).

    No, I just think there’s something toxic in Westview that ages people prematurely. It probably comes from Les, so with any luck the other characters will all kill him and burn his body.

  9. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Is there anybody in this Universe, or any other, who is as beat-down as Cayla? She lives in this awful pizza/komix town, she works in this drecky school, AND she’s married to Les Effin’ Moore. Waiting for her to break out into “Nobawwwwdy knows da trouble ah seeeeeen…”

    Right now, Batty is reading the above comments about how his crossover characters aren’t the right age in the Funkiverse, relative to their ages in the Crankiverse. He’s getting a look very much like Les’s expression last week when he heard about the free comics. “Because TIME POOL!!!”

  10. It’s not bad enough that we have to remember that he gets surly about how his playing tricks with time would work better if he kept it consistent. It’s not bad enough that he uses these two girls as a vehicle for kids today amirite jokes. It isn’t bad enough that he makes Cayla’s life positively Nordic. What irritates me is that he’s still making people wonder what kind of idiot landed them with that stupid team name in the first place forty years on and counting.

  11. Rusty Shackleford

    “That didn’t sound right”. I bet regular readers of the strip say that all the time.

  12. As I don’t read Crankshaft I’m a tad confused-so is it 2006 in one strip and 2016 in another? Or is it 2026 in one of these? Is there a point to it that in any way serves the strips? Do the characters get drawn differently when there is a crossover?

  13. HeyItsDave

    Oh, look, more teenaged blonde girls! I bet when Tom goes over to PornHub and types a “b” into the search box, it autofills with “blonde teen.”

    The hell with it. I’m just gonna dig up an old strip and remind everyone what a loser Les/Tom was back in the day.

  14. @HeyItsDave: Oh, yes. This was back when you could sort of feel sorry for him….but not so sorry that you’d wish that he’d shoot back “How do YOU know that, jackass?”!

  15. billytheskink

    The time jump, as it relates to Crankshaft, will make your head hurt if you try to lay it out logically. I don’t recommend doing so.

    Basically, Crankshaft is explicitly said to be happening roughly 10 years prior to FW, but both strips are essentially set in and around the present day. TB makes no effort to make Crankshaft a period piece or FW a speculative near-future.

  16. Yes, Emily and Amelia are the flagship “clueless youth” characters from Crankshaft. Prepare for a week of youth-bashing that will put last week’s strips to shame. And it looks like we’re going to have a heaping helping of helicopter parenting to go with it.

  17. Given The Author’s cluelessness regarding women, the statement “so they can be scapegoats” may be unintentionally revealing.

  18. HeyItsDave

    The twins’ mom looks really familiar. Does she kinda look like pre-elderly-abusive Ann Fairgood?


    Jesus these people look soooo happy to be here. I can’t blame them. This woman’s life has obviously hit the fucking skids. so much that she had to move to Westview. Your life is pretty much over now lady. So she might as well induct her “The Shining” twins into the hell that awaits as Cody & Owens prom dates.

  20. Don

    How soon before “Emily and Amelia” become Emmy & Amy?

  21. Charles

    WAIT! How is that Westview pennant affixed to the wall? There’s no tape anywhere! What manner of foul sorcery is this??