From Your Perspective (Point)

Hello, Rembrandt36 here – longtime lurker, sometimes poster, sometimes defender of TB (but usually not). My thanks to TFH for the lovely accommodations at the local Motel 6 where I am writing this post; the chewed piece of bubble gum on my pillow was a nice touch.

But now down to business. When we last left the Dynamic Trio yesterday, it looked as if Cindy was going to jump to her death, thus ending her misery of appearing in this comic strip. Today we see no such luck. She has in fact climbed on to the fire escape to try to communicate with the legend that is known as… Cliff Anger.

Before I address the riveting story we get today, let’s be upfront about one thing. We’ve got a lot of really pretty pink bricks drawn in perspective. With that we also get a highly detailed fire escape walk and stairwell to add to the charm. For whatever talent TomBat lacks in keeping the look of his characters consistent, he lavishes upon the location here. Bravo. Although I must admit the window on the lower level looks like it has decided to slide off the wall.

But now we get to the meat and potatoes of the matter. Starting from the left we have Mopey Pete looking like he is trying to bust a move in an inky black void. Mason is speaking into a blackboard eraser to Funky, telling him that he needs to talk some sense into his ex. It should be noted that Mason is sitting at a really weird can-this-happen-in-real-life stance on the window sill (Folks, never set your Jarrs that close to the ledge – they could fall and break).

Meanwhile Cindy is communicating to Cliff through the window. Either that or she has breathed on the glass and is now drawing doodles on the fogged surface. In the last panel we see that Pa Winkerbean has wandered away from the nursing home and has answered the phone at Montoni’s. He – what? That’s supposed to be Funky answering the phone? Huh. Anyway, the audience gets a side-mouthed smirking retort at the expense of Cindy. Otherwise known as business as usual with this comic.



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  1. I actually laughed at today’s strip. Though I still think Funky should’ve said, “If she’s about to jump off bridge or a tall building. Let her.” But it Mason can’t talk to her out of doing something stupid, why does he think Funky can?

  2. Epicus Doomus

    He goes all-out with the brickwork and even allows Funky to have a facial expression with an almost Les-like nuance to it, then he totally whiffs on the punchline, a complete botch job. Funky needs to deliver a zinger right there…”well Mason, there’s a reason she’s my EX-wife!”…”tell it to your private pilot”…not a weak mealy-mouthed and clumsily-worded reply like that. Blech. Just terrible.

  3. Spacemanspiff85

    Yeah, because nothing makes a woman swoon like calling her ex-husband to deal with a minor problem you have with her.

  4. Smirks 'R Us

    @Epicus: totally agree. Even a Seinfeld-esque “Who is this?” would have been far funnier. And, as usual, HeyItsDave knocks it out of the park.

  5. RRRRGGGHHHH This whole cockamamie peabrained scheme was YOUR idea in the first place, idiot! And NOW you want someone to “talk sense into” her? She’s advancing your goals — bafflingly stupid as they are — with equally bafflingly stupid methods, but suddenly THIS is a bridge too far? Hunting down an online auctioneer of movie ephemera at his squalid urban hovel was reasonable, but now you decide to go back to living a mere quarter-inch from reality or whatever?

  6. The punchline actually is kind of funny, and I’ll even go further and NOT say “considering this is Funky Winkerbean.” And one does have to stand in line when Tom Batiuk decides he wants a really detailed stage. Those bricks and the fire escape are clearly labors of love.

    Maybe that’s what he should do with the strip–make really good backdrops. Then he can tell his, uh, fans to do what they want regarding characters and dialogue. I know HeyItsDave and Epicus Doomus would always vie for 1st place, but I can always dream about 7th place, damn it!

  7. Epicus Doomus

    “Uh, she’s your problem now buddy. Is she wearing the tight jeans with the black boots? Sigh. Oh, your producer called, let me grab that note and…here we go. “Be back by 8am tomorrow morning and ready to shoot or don’t come back at all. And Pete and Darin’s things are in boxes in the lobby”. Yeah, yeah, he was definitely pissed. Just relaying the message there pal. Oh yeah, you guys stiffed me for $31.50 the other night. See ya soon!”

    BC: I just want to see Funky have that one moment of victory, just one opportunity to twist the knife instead of always being the twistee. It’s (probably) not the worst FW punchline but it could have been a lot better.

  8. Heh heh, crazy exes, amirite? Serves Cindy right for leaving Funky for being a miserable alcoholic in a dead-end town, and being a woman over forty.

  9. billytheskink

    I don’t know about Cliff Anger, but I know that I get particularly excited when solicitors I’ve just slammed the door on follow up that exchange by knocking on one of my windows. I get so excited, in fact, that I call up a couple of friends of mine… who drive on over in their black-and-white Ford Crown Victoria.

  10. Yeah. More of Batiuk’s belief that somehow, it’s Cindy’s fault that Funky is a lush. The same man who began this strip convinced that Women’s Lib were extremists trying to destroy society has it in his obsolete brain that it’s somehow her fault that a selfish jackass with entitlement issues should have been allowed to sacrifice her career goals on the heathen altar of a depressing-ass pizza parlour selling shit-ass Ahia pizza because he’s got a broken penis that can’t make more Winkerbeans couldn’t do so.

  11. Saturnino

    “Those bricks and the fire escape are clearly labors of love.
    Maybe that’s what he should do with the strip–make really good backdrops.”

    No he would have done better having a comic called BRICKS where two of the bricks in the wall throw one liners at each other.

  12. I’ve never seen a fire escape that wide.

  13. “No he would have done better having a comic called BRICKS where two of the bricks in the wall throw one liners at each other.”

    Back in Act 1 he did have a pair of leaves trade one-liners occasionally.

    Looking at today’s strip, you have to ask what he does to plan out story arcs. While it’s not bad as a one-off (including the mildly amusing punchline), it doesn’t do anything to advance the plot (what there is of a plot). Did he want it to relieve the tension he thinks has built up over Cindy’s (not really) daring move out to the fire escape to pitch a movie cameo through the window to Ciff Anger? And why on earth would Mason have Funky’s number in his contact list? He didn’t grow up in Wetview and has only visited there a handful of times. He may be from Ahia (if the Optimisim High Mason attended is the same one Bull’s team played in the “bullying” arc last fall and not just another case of The Author recycling names), but there’s no reason to believe that he has anything more than a passing acquaintance with anyone other than Les, who killed his last known movie.

  14. Funny how those lovingly-rendered bricks weren’t on the building in Sunday’s strip…


    You needed to call your girlfriends ex in order to convince her not to do something that is completely and utterly insane. That’s a pretty strong relationship you and Cindy have building there, Jarr Jarr.

  16. How I wish this conversation had gone:

    Mason: “Yo Funkmeister! Your ex is doing something crazy again, and you need to talk some sense into her ditzy ass!”

    Funky Response 1: “I’m sorry, but this line is reserved for Montoni’s customers onl- (snickers quickly become loud chortles) BWAAHHHH HAAAAH HAAAAAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I’m sorry, I tried to say it but I just couldn’t! We never, ever, ever, ever HAVE any customers! I can’t even explain the creative accounting it takes to keep my doors open on a daily basis! Whaddaya gonna do? Forgive me sir, what would you like to order, and would you like to hear our today’s specials? Wait a minute – Who the hell is this again, and why are you talking about my ex-wife?”

    Funky Response 2: “Let Pete Rattabastardo handle it – I know he has nobody in his life and noplace else to go, but he’s been a third wheel for too long and it’s time he started pulling his weight on your holy quest…”

    Funky Response 3: “Deal with it, prick! You knew what you were getting into. You could have been like any other Hollywood actor by staying single and just banging a different Victoria’s Secret model every night on a bed made of money and coke, but NO – Your ass had to be different, and feed that silly ‘small town, middle-aged, insecure, mentally scarred woman with a ton of emotional baggage’-fetish, didn’t it?”

    Funky Response 4: “What, and talk her out of marrying you? But I happen to think you make a *fine* couple!”(chuckles)

    Funky Response 5: “Oh? Let me guess – She’s balking at signing the prenup? Trouble in paradise, comics boy?”

    Funky Response 6: “She’s pulling one of her ego-driven shit-for-brains stunts, isn’t she?? GOOD! You won’t get an opportunity as golden as this again! I don’t care what you have to do to make it happen, just make sure Cindy suffers some kind of ‘tragic accident’ and we’ll be rid of her for good! Remember, this conversation never happened…”

  17. bayoustu

    5 bucks (And a Montoni’s 15% off coupon) says that Cindy’s superlative “reporting skills” during this caper lead to a network offer to host her own daily news show: “The Starbuck Jones Report”– featuring in-depth looks at pizza, comic books, and Les.