Ring Dongs

Whoops! It looks like Tombat forgot the time-honored tradition of getting your class ring and is now having to shoehorn it in at the last minute in today’s strip. “Senior Class Ring”?! Is that a thing? I only remember getting one class ring and that was in 10th grade. That was 5 or 6 or 25 years ago, though, and times may have changed. Since I don’t sit in on high school classes “observing students” I’ll have to defer to our comic author’s expertise.





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  1. Frank Bolton

    Since Westview’s only four places of employment is in the food service industry, comic books, educational system, and potboiler drama publishing houses it kind of makes sense that these dorks would put such a large emphasis on high-school hijinx.

  2. Somebody in this strip needs to die. This is boring. Yeah, I remember class rings were also order in the tenth grade. I just looked it up on the ‘Net. Some people did get the class rings as seniors. I wonder if, by just Googling, I’ve done more research than Batiuk has ever done.

  3. Rusty Shackleford

    Les has got a serious case of potato head going on. I hope he is alright…wait, no I don’t.

    Please be cancer, please be cancer, please…

  4. sgtsaunders

    That woman is an admitted sadist. In spite of that, Funky still uses her coaching services. That’s Westview Life in a nutshell.

  5. HeyItsDave

    Today’s strip is so boring even the characters recognize it.

  6. 'Ass of '92

    I’m almost 25 years out of high school, but I’d swear those rings came out during Senior Year. That’s still a guess, however, because I never saw the point of the whole Class Ring nonsense and chose to bypass it altogether knowing it would be a sad thing to one day be an adult whose life peaked at 17. Ball’s in your court, Mr. Batiuk.

  7. spacemanspiff85

    Seniors can pick up their senior class rings? What the hell other class rings would they pick up?
    You know what significant senior year event is going on right now? Prom. And that would actually make for some drama and maybe a semi-decent plotline. But instead we’ll probably get two weeks about how it’s such a burden having to buy class rings, punctuated by a Sunday strip of Pete drooling over his decoder ring and saying that’s the only ring he’ll ever need.

  8. From Here to Fraternity

    We could have also had a week of prom-related planet puns, but unfortunately Tom ran out of planets… and puns.

  9. billytheskink

    Les has got a serious case of potato head going on. I hope he is alright…wait, no I don’t.

    Please be cancer, please be cancer, please…

    Looks to me like he’s got a wad of Levi Garrett in his cheek, so yeah, cancer is definitely on the table.

  10. Gerard Plourde

    Again with the preschool tape job holding up the picture of Shakespeare in the first frame. Is it supposed to show that teachers (including the sainted Les) are sloppy. Or is it an unconscious confession that The Author is just slapping the strip together until he can get a lifetime achievement award?

  11. Epicus Doomus

    What’s up with all the rings lately? Decoder rings, Tony cracking wise about ringed planets and now this class ring horseshit again. Yeah sure, I remember class ring day back in high school. They gave them out, we all tried to show them off like the little assholes we were but no one really cared because everyone had one. Then I went home, threw it in my sock drawer and forgot about it until I needed some quick cash many years later. That stupid anecdote right there will be funnier than this arc will by a factor of at least infinity.

    Hey, remember back when Owen and Cody’s senior year held such promise? Neither do I. Boy, no one bungles a premise like BanTom can. Proms, senior pranks, hi-jinx galore…not for these sad-sacks. Failing miserably at bullying, trying to look cool in front of younger AV club dorks and talking about class rings, wow, that’s even more pitiful than Act I Les (not the retconned one though). Unless he still has something planned it’s a pretty sad swansong for his “go-to” WHS student characters for the last seven or eight years.

  12. Did someone punch Les repeatedly in the jaw? And if so, why didn’t we get to watch?

    I don’t remember any hard-and-fast rule about when you were supposed to order class rings-kind of like letter jackets, they were available for anyone who wanted to put up the money for them. (And like letter jackets, having one seemed like such a big deal at the time but then you kind of forgot about it halfway through your freshman year in college.)

  13. Ah, yes. Here’s the thing about outgrowing bullshit like letter jackets and class rings and all the other stupid crap that looks impressive to a teenager but kind of pathetic and silly to a regular dumb guy from the sticks like me: Batiuk never did. To him, the tawdry rituals of high school and the hokeyest crap pop culture loom so very large in his immature brain.

  14. Saturnino

    We had a teacher who actually told us what would happen to our yearbooks, uniforms, class rings and etc. after we graduated. I knew he was right but lots of kids thought he was just nasty and negative.

    One of those people who when you are reading his obit 20 years later, the same kids who hated him then remark, “you know that c*sucker was right…..”

  15. And so the long-awaited Bullying Arc begins…

    Like everyone in Westview, Chullo Boy seems resigned to his fate. Heck, it’s better than dying of cancer… or living as Les.


    Am I the only one that feels that having a portrait of William Shakespeare in Funky Winkerbean is just….wrong???!!!

  17. Chullohead once again demonstrates that he has a face for radio, and I can only imagine if we could hear him delivering the announcements it would be in a slackeresque Steven Wright tone. And what happened to all those kids they were interviewing for the broadcast jobs? Every one of them was imminently more qualified for this job than either Owen or Cody.

    Anyway, I guess we’re in for another long week of lame class ring gags..

  18. ComicBookHarriet

    If TomBat did a Prom arc, he might have to show Chullohead sans Chullo. And then how would we recognize him?

    On the other hand, it might be a good way to bring up a ‘thought-provoking’ arc about male-pattern baldness, and how it can start at very young and tender ages.

  19. Bobby Joe

    I remember having a class ring early in the school year. Certainly was well before the the last month of school. Unlike others here, at our school they were worn with a great sense of pride. I attended a all boys college prep school that had a graduating class of about 225 so maybe that makes a difference from large public school. That being said they had a definite shelf life but many years later it still elicits fond memories for me.

  20. bayoustu

    @HeyItsDave: your replacing the picture of Shakespeare with “The Bard of Westview” is sheer comedic genius! I stand in line! (In the main…)

  21. 1. Ok, yeah, we get it — Batiuk thinks those who buy class rings are lame. I never got one because I never saw the appeal myself, but even I wasn’t this smug to folks…

    2. I have never ever ever known a teacher on any level to actually pay attention to classroom announcements. Teachers already know what’s going on at school that day before students even arrive in the morning… They’re usually grading papers or guzzling coffee.

    3. From yesterday: How did some semi-attractive personal trainer with an attitude quietly become the most lovable person in this strip? Do we even know her name?

  22. Saturnino

    “Do we even know her name?”

    That would be something affecting young adults…………….

  23. Who knew that Shakespeare had the original chullo?

  24. Jimmy

    @bayoustu: I missed that the first time. Good eye.