Its a Rang Thang

Today’s strip give us one last chance to catch up with this rag-tag group of Westview misfits before sailing off into the sunset, other than the obvious matter of the Comix Corner and Montoni’s being the only places of employment in town so they’re bound to end up there. Late in the game, Tombat’s introduced us to the twin sisters that could conceivably shoulder the responsibility of being the students FW focuses on for the next five to eight years.



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24 responses to “Its a Rang Thang

  1. I sincerely hope that Wedgeman pulls a Phantom and leaves an indentation of his ring in these losers’ skulls.

  2. HeyItsDave

    Meanwhile, over in Les’ he-shed writer’s cave…

  3. billytheskink

    I assume this means Owen has been to a flea circus…
    But yes, nothing validates your life more than getting together with friends and grumbling about someone else’s possessions behind their back.

  4. Rusty Shackleford

    What is with the goth chick? Do kids still do that? Contemporary strip my a$$.

  5. Gerard Plourde

    Another strip in which the punchline makes no sense. What’s the link to compare a big, clunky piece of jewelry and a boxing ring (all of which presumably have

  6. Gerard Plourde

    the same dimensions? (Sorry for the split posting. I accidentally clicked “Post” in mid-sentence.)

  7. Epicus Doomus

    Oh yeah, Wedgeman’s incredibly huge freak hands. I remember that long prestige arc he did about that back in ’09 or maybe ’11 if I’m not mistaken. You see, it turned out that Wedgeman’s incorrigible bullying tendencies were a result of being called “Big-Handed Freak” by the other kids back in kindergarten and he never really dealt with the reality of having gigantic bear-like paws at the end of his otherwise normal arms. Then Les told him that he understood, as he has a really huge brain that’s caused him nothing but grief through the years. Then Les made a pun, then he smirked and it ended.

    Wow, when you think about it Owen and Cody’s lengthy WHS run has been really uneventful. A fluke TD catch here, snitching on Wedgeman there, some marching band jokes, cafeteria food gags, not a whole lot else. And that’s the shame of it, especially where Owen in concerned. IMO there’s a lot more under that scuzzy chullo-wearing sullen anti-social comic book exterior of his, scratch that surface and I guarantee you’ll find at least some pizza as well.

  8. spacemanspiff85

    Wasn’t Wedgeman several years ahead of Owen and Cody?

  9. If I recall, Wedgeman was a senior, who bullied Chullo and Glasses because they weren’t.

    Now, Chullo and Glasses are seniors, and…Wedgeman still is, too?

    Did he miss a year? Did they–chortle, guffaw, belly-laugh–skip a year because of their brilliance? Or is the silver age Flash the most important aspect of the author’s life?

    Amazing what a daily strip can gloss over while it seeps in “Starbuck Jones.”

  10. He doesn’t give a crap about continuity when there’s a higher priority: beefing about how sportos get all the attention and all the girls.

  11. Umm… since when does the “size” of a class ring involve anything other than the diameter of the finger it goes on? It’s not like the part with the phony “jewel” (and what would the semi-precious stone for Westview be–a coprolite fossil, maybe?) and the school name/year/etc is any bigger on a “large” sized ring. Does T-Bats do any research at all?

  12. Rusty

    That new header this week, with one of the twins (presumably) cringing at Les and Cayla sneaking a kiss.

  13. HeyItsDave

    @Rusty – Yeah, there’s still goth chicks out there. T-Bats evidently harbors some ill feelings towards them, though, since he generally draws Alex like one of his middle-aged hausfrau characters. (Look at some of the Sunday strips, though, and you’ll see a completely different rendition of Alex. It’s like he doesn’t do the inking for the Sundays and the intern assigned to it actually knows how to draw.)

  14. How? How can you have a setup this simple and NOT have some kind of “Super Bowl” -punchline, which while being cliche as hell would have still been funnier than some bullshit about boxing rings (which have been square for centuries now)…

    I mean, FFS — Even if Batuik was hellbent on going this route, why couldn’t he have said a bullfighting ring, or something that’s at least curved??

  15. @Hannibal’s Lectern:

    I’ve got the grandaddy of class rings right here —

  16. I’m hoping that Wedgmen gets expelled and can’t graduate with the rest of the class. Then he goes stark raving bonkos, takes a AK-47 to school with him, and opens fire. That would make the strip interesting.

  17. Bobby Joe

    Does Westview do custom class rings? They should all look the same. Ring size doesn’t change the appearance of final product. What’s the point here?


    Unless Wedgeman stole that ring from Michael Lee, I don’t see this being an interesting plot point.

    A billion Montoni’s reward points to whomever gets that reference!

  19. ComicBookHarriet

    @ Bobby Joe,
    When I was getting my class ring, about 12 years ago now, we picked from a whole bunch of possible designs, some of which were way bigger than others. Big ones were generally more expensive, so I’m guessing they’re implying that Wedgeman spent a bundle to overcompensate for his tiny brain and d**k.

    Also, HeyitsDave, Bravo on the double dose of hilarity today.

  20. As I recall, when I was in high school, there were a few different styles of class rings that were offered, including the gargantuan noogie ring to which our heroes are referring today. I can’t recall ever hearing anyone commenting on anyone else’s ring size, though. When everybody gets the ring at the same time, it’s kind of pointless.

  21. Gerard Plourde

    It seems that public high schools are giving much more leeway for choices. The high school I attended only had one style when I was there.My son attended the same school recently and the only variations allowed were in choice of stone and the option to embed a symbol for an extracurricular sport or activity within the stone.

  22. Another long-awaited crossover!!

    It’s not bullying; it’s justice.