Deep Impression

So the hang is rightfully concerned about being punched by Wedgeman, re-enforcing the “bullying is funny” theme Tombat has been running with for the last 40 years. However, given the amount of already-misshapen heads we’ve seen wandering the halls at Westview High I can’t help but to wonder if they’ve mostly all already been punched. Check out Cody’s noggin in today’s comic !



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  1. spacemanspiff85

    I’ve kind of disturbed by how much Owen’s going on about Wedgeman’s size. And also by the sizes of the heads in the last panel. Has Batiuk seen people before?

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Yes, a week-long arc about how big Wedgeman’s fingers are that doesn’t actually feature Wedgeman at all, just other characters talking about how big his fingers are. Anywhere else this could be seen as very, very strange. But not here, folks, not here. In these parts it’s as normal as tweeting birds on a sunny spring morning.

    (Kudos, HeyItsDave, exactly how I imagined them.)

    So, seeing as this is going absolutely nowhere, time to reflect upon the FW careers of Owen and Cody a bit more. Off the top of my head I’d have to say the “high” point of Owen’s run was probably his mascot TD catch. As for Cody, I don’t think he ever really had a high point, it’s been mostly well-sustained sub-mediocrity all the way around with him.

    Aside from this arc, the low point had to be when they both developed insatiable crushes on (shudder) Summer Moore at the same time, an inexcusable premise if there ever was one. Actually, IMO Summer could have done worse than Owen. They both have trademark pieces of apparel they’re never seen without, they both have boring sidekicks who never do or say much, even their haircuts are somewhat similar. She’s a future WHS gym coach if there ever was one and I see Owen doing quite well in the local trades, as he’s fluent in comic books and pizza. Plus she could act as his bodyguard whenever Wedgeman comes after him for making fun of his humongous freak hands.

  3. billytheskink

    More snide comments from Owen about Wedgeman’s class ring? The guy’s wearing Silly Bandz on his left wrist there, he’s got no room to talk.

    Tip for TB – maybe next time draw panel 3 BEFORE you get back to roughing out a cliche still life of a fruit bowl.

  4. spacemanspiff85

    And does Batiuk think bullying is a Very Serious Topic or good for a punchline? That really seems to change by the week.

  5. Congrats, Batiuk, you’ve made me root for the bullies.

  6. Epicus Doomus

    Coming in ten years: As Act IV keeps chugging along, we re-visit Owen as he fondly reminisces retcon-style about how back in high school he protected Wedgeman from the bullies mocking his humongous freak hands. Cody blandly smirks in agreement. The ceremonial comic books are then prepared, as is the sacramental pepperoni.

  7. spacemanspiff85

    @Epicus Doomus:
    I think what’s a lot more likely in ten years is Owen and Cody, still students in that cafeteria, still bitching about senior class rings.

  8. This would have been a great one-off joke on a Sunday strip back before Batiuk started taking himself too seriously. Now that he’s lost his mojo and replaced it with being pretentious, Casey Kasem’s ghost is commenting on how fucking ponderous this all is.

  9. Gerard Plourde

    It would be great if The Author could decide what his strip is about. He initially created a strip that focused on a group at high school. In Act 2 those students have graduated, but the school and the student body still play a part because Les is on the faculty. Now we have Act 3 in which we have the kids of the original students introduced and entering the high school. They are pretty much dropped and what happens at the school becomes an afterthought. Instead, we mostly get disjointed and implausible arcs about comic books, the 1950’s comics industry, and a movie that has one or two actors hired, an apparently unlimited budget, but lacks a script.

  10. I must admit… I’m more intrigued by the girl who’s sitting at the table over Chullo Boy’s shoulder in panel one, and then mysteriously vanishes (complete with tiny puffs of dust implying “exit, stage left”) in panel two.

    I’m even more intrigued by the fact that in panel one she appears to be nude. Could she be the ghostly apparition of all the girls that Les fantasized about during his time as a student?

  11. Jim in Wisc.

    # Hannibal’s Lectern: It appears that she not only left, but she took her chair with her!


    Is Owen secretly in love with Wedgeman? Why the hell is he so damn interested in his fucking ring? Is Owen hoping that Cody will present him with a ring of equal size some day at their wedding? Is Owen trying to get into SWAG? Does he think it’s a Starbuck’s Jones decoder ring? Why do you care???!!!

    Jeez, Gollum was less obsessed with rings!!!

  13. Why do those dongle things hanging from his ratty hat always flip up and out when he shows emotion? You’d have to be shaking your head vigorously for that to happen. Are they, like, monkey tail type appendages? Or are they made of some ultra light material that allows them to float randomly? Or is this actually a Dilbert comic?

  14. I know I’ve been out of high school for awhile, but I don’t remember the nerds, freaks, goths, outcasts, emos, loners, weirdos, and the other assorted detritus of social undesirables spending their whole lunch period talking about how big some dude’s class ring is…

  15. HeyItsDave

    @Fred Blurt – I really hate that chullo. When Owen was first introduced, he was a relatively normal goofy kind-of-stoner kid and his identifying trope was a black t-shirt with a comics/pop culture logo. Then Bats started putting him in the chullo. Then he added the scarf. To be honest, I’m surprised he can keep the pattern on the hat consistent given his track record with faces.

  16. Jimmy

    Come on, Batiuk. The joke should be that the impression will be on someone’s forehead. You botched that joke worse than Napoleon botched Waterloo.

  17. Jimmy

    These articles are almost four years old, but I don’t imagine the trend has changed much:

    Class rings don’t cut it as bling

    Sales of class rings have declined by half in recent years

  18. sgtsaunders

    The Mystery Girl slipped on a fishstick, grabbed her chair which was sitting on more fishsticks and both girl and chair quickly skidded from view. By the way, next week brings the Senior Dance to the cafeteria, featuring the musical stylings of FyshStyx.

  19. @Epicus Doomus: The same thing can be said about the kids from the second generation: Except for Summer and Keisha’s basketball team winning the state title, there was little about them. Cory’s story arc about being a ne’er-do-well was resolved by Batiuk’s having him enlist in the Army, for no discernable reason. The Senior Prom was just Batiuk’s excuse to stand on a soapbox and preach. The two gay kids were basically plot devices, and hadn’t been seen before or since. The graduation ceremony took place, IIRC, in one strip–cripes, the band awards dinners lasted one week. I think we’ve seen once panel of Maddie since then, and next-to-nothing of Jinx. Summer had a small roll in the “Frankie wants to make a reality show based on LISA’S STORY” plotline, and has been little heard from since. And we haven’t heard anything since. I get the feeling that Batiuk doesn’t plan is stuff ahead of time. He simply writes whatever come from the top of his head, a year and advance. And he refuse the defend the garbage he spews out. When the author of the piece-of-garbage “One More Day” storyline, Joe Quesada, was criticized for it, he at least defended himself. Batiuk needs to do the same.

  20. @Fred Blurt, @HeyItsDave: Owen is not wearing a hat. When his species reaches a certain age (ahem), colorful head plumage appears, topped with the ever-seeking-a-female pollen-dispensing organs.