Going Unsteady

Aw, check it out, a sight-gag! Much like a exploding vacuum cleaner or face full of chimney soot, at least this is a comic I understand. Today’s comic still has those rascals obsessing over Wedgeman’s ring. It’s unhealthy. And hopefully Wedgeman’s main squeeze finds a better way to support that massive chunk of metal or coach is going to have to come over to rehab her back.


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22 responses to “Going Unsteady

  1. But today’s strip still hasn’t allayed my fears that the woman pictured (who’s also been pictured in the masthead since late last week) is one of the Creepy McBimbo twins. I’ve been sweating this since I first saw the picture. But I think the gag would’ve been funnier if Owen, Cody, and Goth Shelly Winters had talked about seeing the ring.

  2. Chyron HR

    Cody: “You haven’t stopped talking about Wedgeman all day. Should I be jealous?”
    Owen: “YES.”

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Man oh man, this “Wedgeman has enormous freak hands” gag just keeps getting funnier and funnier, eh? The way he refuses to actually show Wedgeman’s titanic man-paws is what’s really selling the joke IMO. Because the gag would be ruined if we got a glimpse of Wedgeman’s gargantuan hands…right? Just like the Cliff Anger arc would have been ruined by actually showing them asking him to be in SJ, as it was the premise and all. Tell…never, ever show.

    I’ve really grown to despise Owen’s “disinterested slacker” expression over the years as well as Alex’s annoying “resting duh face” she’s always making. And as usual, I’m just ignoring Cody, because Cody. He’s possibly the single most useless character in FW which is really saying something.

  4. billytheskink

    Is Ted Cruz an avid Funky Winkerbean reader? That would certainly explain this week’s “Hoosiers” rally.

  5. Latka Gravitas

    Look, kids — it’s a punchline masquerading as a joke!

  6. Gerard Plourde

    Just another example of The Author’s “sensitive treatment of important social and educational issues”.

  7. Thank God someone has finally decided to speak up against class-ring related back pain in high school students! Won’t someone please think of the children!

  8. Epicus Doomus

    Coming next week: It is discovered that the base metal under the cheap gold plating on Wedgeman’s twenty pound class ring was contaminated by high-grade radioactive waste at a Chinese scrap yard. Wedgeman’s hand begins to grow to unimaginable proportions as WHS students and faculty begin to rapidly age at a slightly higher rate than usual. Wedgeman dons a cape and begins calling himself The Big Fist while Owen races to Komix Korner in search of a solution.

  9. Once again, we have something that might have been a mildly whimsical joke in the seventies turning into an excruciatingly unfunny exercise in being pounded over the head with how gaudy and pointless class rings are. Eventually, we’ll get a sideways Sunday panel that ineptly plagiarizes Green Lantern.

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    Ah, lower back pain is quite the issue for today’s teens. I think this joke was originally slated for Crankshaft.

  11. I was expecting a week of lame class ring jokes, but instead I got a week of pointless “Wedgeman’s ring is HUGE” jokes. Further proof that no matter how low the bar is set, TB always manages to wriggle under it.


    I think she’s bending over because Wedgeman gave her something ELSE that was pretty big. and that Owen wants badly.

  13. ComicBookHarriet

    Someone mentioned the big gay prom story line from years ago yesterday. Which reminded me how someone was talking to the principal while obscured behind the gayness castle (Thanks CCurmudgeon). Has that shoe ever dropped? Has Batuik forgotten that some character of his is supposed to be closeted? Or is he expecting to reveal this in Act IV with sepia toned flashbacks that will reframe the entire gay prom storyline?

  14. Jimmy

    Nothing will be revealed. It will be forgotten. Then there will be a big strip with Les

    This could have been a one-strip joke. He could have showed a big galoot walking proudly next to his struggling girlfriend (do people exchange rings anymore?). No one outside of FW detractors even knows who the Wedgeman character is.

  15. Jimmy

    I guess I didn’t finish my Les thought. It will be a strip with Les smugly smirking and saying “It’s called writing!”

  16. Professor Fate

    I’m speechless – but I can quote Steve Martin from Planes Trains and Automobiles: “you know, when you’re telling these little stories? Here’s a good idea – have a POINT. It makes it SO much more interesting “

  17. Rusty Shackleford


    Nah, that fad has passed and so Batty won’t do anything else with it. I suppose if he wanted to be current, he could do something about the whole transgender bathroom issue. But nah, too much work. So back to comic books and class rings.

  18. @ComicBookHarriet I think they were the same characters who tried to buy tickets at the start of this storyline. For some reason, Batiuk keep them hidden. Somehow Batiuk things it’s okay to have gay kids buy tickets for Prom but not okay to show their faces.

  19. Gerard Plourde

    @dougputhoff: I don’t think that it would have been one of the guys who bought the tickets as a couple. Just seeking to buy the tickets and go as a couple would have “outed” them. Whoever was obscured by the castle (and later in the arc by “the sword in the stone”) specifically said that he (or she) wasn’t ready to go public.

    But I agree with Rusty Schackleford – The Author is not probably not going to revisit that issue. He has to relate “The Saga of Starbuck Jones” and tell the mythical history of Cleveland’s own Batom Comics.

  20. Saturnino

    “But today’s strip still hasn’t allayed my fears that the woman pictured (who’s also been pictured in the masthead since late last week) is one of the Creepy McBimbo twins.”

    Who obviously has great taste in men.

    Probably like the girls who mocked and minimized Bathack years ago.