A Pensive Moment

SosfDavidO here, and from the looks of the unfinished, non-punchline in today’s strip we’re off and running with this week’s (months?) plotline.

Oh yeah, a missing favorite pen. It’s a comedy goldmine, I tell you. This stuff writes itself!


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29 responses to “A Pensive Moment

  1. spacemanspiff85

    We all wish someone was joking here.

  2. The word “Lame” is sobbing in the corner because he can’t reach this level.

  3. HeyItsDave

    Woo hoo, this is gonna be a real roller coaster ride of an arc this week. Can’t wait.

  4. billytheskink

    I’m guessing TB’s favorite pens were discontinued years ago.

  5. I’m sure even an evil cultural wasteland like Hollyweird has art supply stores. Does this crisis really justify a week (or even a day) of strips?

  6. Next week, Pete loses his red stapler.

  7. Kids in the Hall did it better…

  8. spacemanspiff85

    “I can’t work without those pens”? Damn, you’re an ungrateful loser, Darin. You’re lucky to be on this project. Please, march down to the unnamed director and chew him out for not having your preferred pens on hand. In the real world that would result in a lot of laughing and then firing your ass, but in this strip it’ll probably turn out that the company switched to cheaper Chinese pens because they’re evil cheap corporate villains, and then there’ll be a flashback about how the Batom Comics writers and artists and then pens they used.

  9. Epicus Doomus

    What an imbecile. Boy Lisa lands a cushy gig with the biggest-budgeted film of all time then takes an impulsive twelve week vacation (to Ohio no less) after feeling burned out by several months of sketching action figures and daydreaming with Pete. Then he returns to his desk only to discover that his precious delicate genius-harnessing doodling pens are missing, apparently lost when he carelessly tossed them aside in his excitement over going to Cleveland. Obviously Boy Lisa has developed certain quirky artistic idiosyncrasies in the two years since he re-discovered his gift, yet remarkably his stupefying blandness and complete idiocy have remained totally intact.

    Coming tomorrow: Boy Lisa finds his pens along with the rest of his things in a box by the door after the studio finally realizes they have no real reason to continue to employ a useless doodler who just bilked the production out of a lengthy stay in Cleveland.

  10. Here, a lead-in to a week of griping about a preferred brand of writing implement. On the other side, Ed isn’t a committed anything so why should attending church be any different?

  11. Rusty Shackleford

    Ah, looks like another trip back to New York to Batty’s favorite little art store…oh wait, they closed. Either way, we can be sure they won’t order online.

    @erich. Thanks for the clip. Used to love that show!

  12. Gerard Plourde

    So now we know that Boy Lisa is obsessive compulsive. Prepare for a week of blaming that on the evil Fairgoods.

  13. merry pookster

    Durwood should look for a bent nail to help him out.

  14. Yep, I’m guessing that we’ll take a week to find out that Durwood’s favorite pens are no longer being manufactured and have been displaced by some cheap Chinese knock off. He’ll turn to alcohol to numb the pain of having to work with inferior tools and end up competing with Wally for the dishwashing job back in Montoni’s.

  15. The always topical FW blog brings us a John Darling gag about the energy crisis of ’79 and a cameo by Paul Newman.

  16. I’m sorry, what the hell is Darrin even working on? The movie is already being shot, if not in final production. His involvement in this project is over, so he can move his ass back to Cancer County, Ohio and flip pizzas… Since the wifey and sprog weren’t on the plane yesterday, I assume they’re still back in Westview as well…

    Besides, has he never heard the saying that a good craftsman never blames his tools? But this is Batiuk we’re talking about, so Darrin will throw a weeklong tantrum until someone gives him his binkie…

  17. @billytheskink: Thanks for the update yesterday… Every time I ask for Funkyverse backstory to increase my understanding, I always seem to end up regretting it — No matter how badly I might imagine the plots would be, they always end up much, much worse…


    Oh, goody! Another episode of “Durwood and Mopey bitch about their absurdly succesfull careers”

    I really hope this isn’t how Tom Batiuk is like when he “writes” Funky Winkerbean. Because if it is I find it hard to believe that nobody has yet to stab him in the nuts with an exacto knife!

  19. Jim in Wisc.

    @TFHackett: And from June 28th we learn that he had just written a story involving Sun Records in Memphis. A story that’ll run in December … of 2017! He’s already a year-and-half ahead of his publishing schedule. With just a little extra effort, he can have the next six years worth a strips done and ready to publish. By God! He’ll make damned sure he get Funky to 50 years and earns that Golden T-Square!

  20. @Jim in Wisc. So I guess the Funkyverse will start celebrating the Cavaliers bringing a championship to Cleveland sometime in 2018?? Right about that time, the Cavs will probably be sucking again…

  21. Eldon of Galt

    If this goes on all week it could beat out Crazy Harry’s “I don’t like my I-tunes recommendations” for the prize for

    “Most Complaining About the Most Insignificant thing”.

  22. @HeyItsDave: In the immortal words of Drew Carey, “the penis mightier than the sword.”

  23. This is silly. Pens 14 and 16 are nearly identical to pen15.

  24. A rare behind the scenes look at how this strip is produced?

  25. Professor Fate

    this is an insult to Stupid. Of course it could be the Author trolling all of us…don’t like the death and cancer storylines well here’s one about pens!


    Meanwhile in Crankshaft, Ed is about to have a confrontation with the local priest.

    (cue Exorcist theme music)..

  27. Epicus Doomus

    Remember, Boy Lisa only re-discovered his doodling talent after he illustrated Les f*cking Moore’s homemade anniversary gift* for his (living) wife just a few years ago. Now he’s a master craftsman who simply cannot work properly without his very special doodling pens. You’d think he want to avoid drawing any attention to himself lest he ends up blowing his lucrative scam job but nope, instead he’ll be ranting and raving about his idiotic pens all week like the total imbecile he is.

    * A gift that centered around the tree his dead wife enjoyed sitting under, by the way.

  28. The Dreamer

    So wait how are they back in Hollywood writing the Starbuck Jones sequel when “it is already filming” in Cleveland. Mason Jarr said they are filming both movies at once. Is Batiuk going to show both of these guys out of work, as most writers are between movie projects?

  29. 1966tvbatman

    Funky Winkerbean, 9 Chickweed Lane, Luann, and Judge Parker. The writing – dear God the writing. Do none – NONE of these ass hatted cartoonists have an outline of plotlines worked out? Of past experiences that effect the present? Are all this ideas pulled out of their fucking asses? What the @#$%^&*!!!!! do they have to be working on??? The movie is being shot you fuck sticks!