Mighter Than The Sword

SoSfDavidO here with another snark! Looks like Darrin is still moping about his damn pen missing. Nothing left to do but lean back and… WHOA! What’s going on in today’s strip?!

Zip it up, Darrin, or at least give Pete a 1-minute warning!



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26 responses to “Mighter Than The Sword

  1. HeyItsDave

    You guys thought I was kidding with the dick jokes yesterday.


  2. billytheskink

    The lengths that these two go to avoid work would need to be measured by an electron microscope.

    Durwood, to his credit, seems to understand what is going to happen when the boss comes in and informs him that he can use a Bic to finish his storyboards or he can use a Bic to fill out forms at the unemployment office.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    That’s a productive use of the studio’s time, sitting there calling every store in Los Angeles that sells pens. I guarantee Pete was sitting there watching him the whole time just like he is in the first panel, too.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    So what was he planning to do when and if his irreplaceable doodling pens ran out of ink? That’s Boy Lisa for you, the laziest and least motivated FW character of them all. He gave up on the search for his bio-mom until Jessica prodded him into opening his mail. He showed up at his bio-step-dad’s door after This Economy destroyed his highfalutin MBA career, then did nothing until Dick Facey forced Funky and Tony to make up a job for him. He was content to stay at Les’ house until Pete moved and freed up the Montoni’s apartment. He was likewise content to hang around Montoni’s all day until Pete landed him his current gig…which he’s ready to abandon because he lost his pens in his haste to blow off his “career” and bum around in Ohio for months on end. What a loser, always doing nothing and hoping the solutions will just drop into his lap and always prepared to quit as soon as the going gets tough. Just look at how he abandoned his parents after finding out they had a sham marriage or how Jessica and Summer had to fight his battles for him with Frankie. Just pitiful.

  5. 1966tvbatman

    As an artist, this is beyond stupid. They stop making a pen I use? I adapt with a different pen. FU TB!

  6. Right now, I’m thinking of all of the artists whom Batiuk has recruited to draw his Sunday comic-book covers and imagining them all rolling their eyes at this. I can almost hear Russ Heath saying “I’m 89 years old and I’ve been in the business almost 70 years! Do you know how many art-supply companies have gone out of business in my lifetime? You know what I did when that happened? I switched to a different brand and KEPT DRAWING!”

  7. God, what a wuss. We’re supposed to sympathize with this? Companies go out of business all the time and stores can order things from other places.

  8. Los Angeles is a world-class city, the second-largest in the United States. Not only are there stores that sell his pens, there are stores that sell nothing but that particular pen. I know this because New York City has Just Shades. Durrhey’s school should revoke his MBA, as he’s clearly too stupid to have earned it.

  9. spacemanspiff85

    I’d almost forgotten about that MBA. Man, that was a dumb element. Darin has a Master’s in Business Administration and his career is an assistant manager at the pizza place he went to as a teenager? What was he planning when he got that degree? Really the only thing that’s come from it is that he made the “pizza app”, although I don’t know how an MBA would be more useful for that than a computer degree. I bet Batiuk just went with the first impressive sounding degree he thought of. I’m just disappointed it wasn’t a J.D. or MLIS or M.Div.

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    Geeze, told you they wouldn’t just go online and look for them. No, we have to have a week of Batty’s patented time wasting drivel.

  11. Gerard Plourde

    If he really thinks his career is over because his preferred drawing instrument isn’t being made anymore, then he’s in serious need of a mental health professional.

    Cancerdeathville seems to be fertile ground for the profession- Les, Wally, and Jeff have all been shown to be or have been in therapy.

  12. Merry Pookster

    Amazon Prime

  13. 1. Motherfucker, just PLEASE for the love of Christ, just STOP… You did *NOT* call every goddamned art supply store in the Greater Los Angeles area in a few minutes’ time…
    2. As I asked yesterday, why are these assclowns still in the studio when there is literally nothing left for them to do on this movie project? Or have they been retconned into full-time salaried employees instead of temp contract workers since Darrin has a “career” now?
    3. Or is this one of those things like back in elementary school when you’re looking for any excuse to not get any work done? Like that time when your pencil was too dull, then you sharpened it too sharp, then it didn’t have an eraser, and then it broke and it was your last pencil? Or that time when you couldn’t color a picture because one crayon out of the 64 was missing from the box?
    4. This is an early forerunner for “worst storyline of 2016”, right when I thought absolutely nothing would top Masone Jarre’s name change… Batiuk isn’t even trying to pretend he isn’t mailing it in at the point…
    5. You ever wonder if Batiuk reads this site and is laughing his ass off at those of us who put more time and effort into our hateread snark than he does into the actual comic?

  14. So how would this situation be handled in an alternate dimension Funkyverse?

    1. Pete would tell his bro to sack the hell up and quit bitching, since even calligraphers aren’t this anal retentive…
    2. Their boss would storm in, tell them both to stop playing grab-ass and get back to work if they value their jobs…
    3. Darrin would go to Amazon.com and just buy them…
    4. If that didn’t work, Darrin would contact the manufacturer directly…

    And how will this situation really be handled?
    1. Darrin and Pete wonder what it was like for the old school guys to procure supplies back in 1958… Of course mean old cigar-chomping boss probably makes them use the same art supplies those peons in the unwashed masses who don’t work in the comics industry probably use…
    2. Darrin and Pete decide to take another roadtrip to wherever the last specialized artist pen in existence is, and begs whoever has it to give it to him for free, because art or comics or something…
    3. Darrin remembers he has a box of them back in Westview and asks his wife to fetch them since it’s not like she does anything else all day…
    4. The situation doesn’t get resolved at all; Darrin bitches and moans for a week, and then Batiuk moves on to something else…

  15. bayoustu

    If only they had stopped making Batboy’s super-duper pens 40 years ago…


    ****Sigh***. Ebay. Amazon. Overstock

    People hoard out of stock material all the time. You can have it shipped to you tomorrow if you want.

    I am an amateur violinist and my favorite strings I use have been out of manufacture for years. Yet I can still buy them on Ebay. Sure it’s a little pricey but it’s worth the cost if it’s so damn important to me.

    I really don’t have a joke here. I am just marveling at the stupid lack of knowledge of use of the internet here.

  17. Since this pen-search story is being dragged out for the whole week, I think we’re likely to see a nationwide scavenger hunt ending in a sideways comic book cover on Sunday.

  18. “I wonder what the writers and artists at Batom Comics (back in The Day) did when their pencil points wore out…”

    Next stop, Photo Corners!

  19. Rusty Shackleford

    I picture a Family Circus style strip with the dotted line leading us on a crazy whimsical little adventure across the page.

    Just for fun, when I see people reading the paper, which isn’t often but the local doughnut shop buys them and leaves them on the counter, I ask “Do you read Funky Winkerbean”. Most people answer no, followed by too depressing, or the comics suck today, etc.

  20. Professor Fate

    This story line is an insult to dumb. Dumb can be on occasion entertaining. This no.

  21. Epicus Doomus

    Rusty Shackleford: I haven’t encountered anyone who even knows what FW is since I was in the ninth grade and that was just one forlorn weird kid who I talked to sometimes. I’ve tried to explain it to people but they just look at me all bored and confused before changing the subject.

  22. DOlz


    “I really don’t have a joke here. I am just marveling at the stupid lack of knowledge of use of the internet here.”

    What’s worse is his assumption that his readership is equally clueless.

  23. The

    This could be a homage to Batiuk’s hero Charles Schulz. There is a famous story that Schulz only ever used one kind/brand of pen to draw Peanuts, and when the company that made his pens went out of business Schulz bought out their entire remaining inventory of pens. He would not draw Snoopy with any other kind of pen

  24. The Dreamer

    This could be a homage to Batiuk’s hero Charles Schulz. There is a famous story that Schulz only ever used one kind/brand of pen to draw Peanuts, and when the company that made his pens went out of business Schulz bought out their entire remaining inventory of pens. He would not draw Snoopy with any other kind of pengg

  25. Doc

    In the pre-Internet days I worked on a movie with director Robert Towne. A particular man, he liked pens that were only sold in France. I told our producer and he called his pal Roman Polanski, who had his secretary fedex over a few dozen. Easy as pie, back in 1987, Bathack!