Tandboori Chicken

What!? After pulling the rug out from under us once with that “It was just a video game” cop-out ending to the Wally getting IED’d story arc Tomhack wastes our week with more of the same in today’s strip

How much of this is a dream!? Because Darin working on a major Hollywood movie with pretty much nil experience seems more like a far-fetched fever dream than them illegally boarding a Chinese vessel. Is this Inception or some shit I don’t have time for? Is Pete dreaming all this back in New York!?



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  1. Epicus Doomus

    I was wondering how he’d weasel his way out of this. Dream sequence followed by a dumb wryly-delivered wisecrack…of course! And DavidO brings up a fascinating possibility, that maybe ALL of this SJ nonsense will be revealed to be a dream sequence, which is entirely possible as these two guys really do dream at work an awful lot.

    Still, for one whole day we did enjoy getting to see Boy Lisa shot dead and IMO that was probably the most enjoyable FW moment since Les got hit in the face during Cayla’s family softball game that time. Now if only Les could be shot in the face, then you’d really have something to cut out and put on the refrigerator door, eh? I grin just thinking about it.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    At this rate it really wouldn’t surprise me if one day soon we see young Les waking up at his writing desk, turning to Lisa (who has a full head of hair) and saying, “Wow, I just had the most wonderful dream! I was a successful writer!”.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    And then he writes and publishes Act III of this strip as an “epic” fiction series and wins the Pulitzer, Nobel, Medal of Honor and is knighted by the Queen for it.

  4. A cheap cop-out ending that doesn’t address the fact that Durwood is a thoughtless, self-involved boor who’d get his ass shot off for a trivial reason, wife and child be damned is about the best we can hope for. Let’s see what the dimwit author gets wrong next week.

  5. Professor Fate

    To paraphrase Monty Python: ‘No this is the dream. You’re still bleeding to death on the deck of the ship. “

  6. bayoustu

    In panel 2, Pete Rostenkowski has been replaced by a Vulcan Muppet.

  7. Not to mention Batiuk used the “it was only a dream” copout one year earlier in the “Time Pool Reunion” storyline. At least when GILLIGAN’S ISLAND used dream sequences, viewers knew it was dream beforehand. Batiuk has now sunk below GILLIGAN’S ISLAND.

  8. Rusty Shackleford

    And over in Crapshaft, he wraps things up in a neat little package. Wow…is there nothing interesting and slightly funny that he can write about.

  9. Merry Pookster

    The final ending of FW will all be a St. Elsewhere style ending.

  10. Gerard Plourde

    So the annual dream sequence has joined the list of recycled plot lines.

  11. Eldon of Galt

    I think Batiuk would really go for “it was only a dream” as an annual tradition. He could convince himself that that makes for a legitimate out when he gets mired in a particularly lazy, incompetent story he can’t figure any other way out of.

  12. MJ

    If I refuse to read today’s strip can I still pretend Darin is dead?


  13. Hitorque


    2. I don’t care whatever bullshit punchline you want to dream up, leave Tandoori chicken out of it….

    3. So it’s not enough for Darrin to do jack fucking shit all day, he has to snooze at his desk like Dagwood? Isn’t that a firing offense??

  14. hitorque

    @Paul Jones: It’s still better than last summer’s time warp where the entire cast had nothing better to discuss with their high school selves than the most vapid and inane topics, ranging from the Cleveland Browns to what’s it’s like carrying the burden of being popular, vain and beautiful… Oh, and Les hiding all evidence from the teenage Lisa (who he supposedly loved) about her untimely death (presumably to preserve his future as an accomplished author) is one of the most reprehensible things I’d ever seen on a comics page, dream or no dream…

  15. hitorque

    Krankenschaaften: Batiuk must have some kind of marketing agreement with the Mud Hens? What is he getting, seats behind home plate against the Norfolk Tides (my home team)?

  16. Of course, this is all just a dream going on in the brain of Comatose Ed Crankshaft in the nursing home…

  17. spacemanspiff85

    You left out Batiuk running the bases.

  18. Gerard Plourde

    Just a quick note about the Crankshaft story arc that may provide more background as to what’s going on. The currently unfolding Crankshaft is timed to coincide with the Mud Hens actually retiring “Crankshaft’s” number (13). The story as told claims that the Tigers scouts went to Toledo to scout for talent for the stretch drive (presumably either 1934 or 35, the only pre- WW II years the Mud Hens were affiliated with the Tigers and coincidentally seasons when the Tigers were American League and World Series Champions respectively) This does raise a question. At the time this was occurring (pre-WW II), the Mud Hens were a Double-A franchise. Would the Tigers really be looking to promote from that level?

  19. hitorque

    @Gerard Plourde:

    Yes… Nevermind the fact that if Crankshaft was the second coming of Cy Young, the scouts would have given him a second look and he’d get his shot at the majors sooner or later…

    Unless of course in true Batiukian fashion, Ed was so distraught over this slight that he walked away from the game for good…

  20. Charles

    It’s remarkable how tone deaf Batiuk is about his characters and how they come off. Here you have yet another guy who has a dream job (even if Batiuk has no idea what the job entails) who spends his time complaining about it and being asked to work, and they all eventually spend ample time daydreaming on the clock before they fall asleep on the job. We’re supposed to like these characters, but the exhibit character traits that none of us would stand in real people we have to deal with on a daily basis. Darin, Mopey and Les are all your worst coworkers, and you’re supposed to sympathize with them when they bitch and melodrama all over the place about why they can’t pull their own weight on the job. This week has been about Darin whining about pens and then falling asleep on the job. That’s it.

  21. Gerard Plourde

    The Sunday strip features a very puzzling conversation between Harry and DSH John.

  22. Merry Pookster

    Wait until Becky gets her Hands on his neck for that comment.


    Sundays strip makes more sense if it’s a really a sex doll.