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I actually laughed at today’s episode.  Not because of the “joke” or anything, but because of the way Bull is drawn in panel one.  With his oversized head, he looks like a giant, enraged baby.

And the idea of a giant, enraged baby running out onto a football field, arms a-flappin’, all red-faced and colicky, is funnier than anything seen in this strip in a long, long time.

Other than that, now that we’ve gone from three full days of talking about Bull to actually seeing Bull in action, nothing’s really changed.  All this has happened about a hundred times before.  Bull is a terrible coach who hates his players and is certain the season is doomed.  I almost put myself to sleep just typing that out, it’s so boring.  Maybe Tom Batiuk has a point in having characters discuss things off-stage; it saves him having to draw action.

Of course, we’d miss out on the giant, enraged babies dashing out onto the field.  Personally, I’d miss that a lot.

Is Tom Batiuk really going to be doing this for another five and a half years?  Jesus wept.

Good Thing Watch:  that giant, enraged baby.  Every time I look at that, it makes me happy.



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16 responses to “Terribull

  1. spacemanspiff85

    This really doesn’t seem that extreme to me. Especially since it seems like every player has a non-contact jersey on.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Potential heart attack? Success just too much for Bull to handle? Trouble at home? Nah, this is FW Act III, those possibilities are simply way, way too interesting for this “comic” strip these days. Plus they’d involve storytelling too. No, whatever this is about will end up being way, way less interesting and entertaining than anything anyone here can imagine, as the typical human brain isn’t wired properly to accurately predict the confounding depths of total boredom BanTom is capable of plumbing.

    My best guess: Bull will visit a doctor who will inform him he is overweight and in need of exercise. Then he’ll begin jogging with the other two imbeciles. And it’ll all come around full (guffaw) circle.

  3. billytheskink

    Is that Bull or is it Burgermeister Meisterburger?

  4. ComicTrek

    “Head”, huh? Because his head is deep red from anger and practically about to explode? Hahahaha….not funny.

    But hey, maybe this is how TB will finally kill off Bull. Bull’s head explodes right there in the middle of the field. At his funeral, Holly steps up to speak and drones on and on about explosives on the football field. Rain, Les, and smirks.

    Wow, that was dark. But the sad thing is, nothing is too dark for the Funkyverse.

    @billytheskink: That would be so freaking funny if he really did turn into the Burgermeister and banned comic books.

  5. Great. More howling and screaming at the victims of his ineptitude as a coach, husband, father, multi-cellular carbon-based life form……

  6. sgtsaunders

    OK, here it comes. Another brush, at least, with Masky McDeath in the form of Bull’s stroke. We can only hope it strikes while strangling Les to death.

  7. Rusty

    Almost as horrifying as when he told his wife about getting the college job offer and she wanted to take off his pants. He looked like a giant toddler there, too.

  8. Are we going to actually see something bad happen to Bull as a result of his stress? As much as FW seems to be a tragedy-and-misery focused comic, I can’t recall anything really tragic happening to anybody in the strip since the demise of St Lisa (unless you count the death of Coach Stropp). I’ll have to concur with Epicus’ theory that we’re going to be seeing the jogging strips with the trio now, and Les will continue to behave like a smug asshole.

  9. (I forgot about Fairgood’s stroke, which was mainly played for cheap laughs).

  10. The Westview football team looks like it weighs two hundred pounds altogether (including pads). No wonder they’re perennial losers.

  11. 1. The weird part is since there were no football storylines last fall, isn’t Westview still technically the defending state champs?

    2. Bull has assistant coaches? When the hell did that happen?

  12. 3. Since Batiuk lurrrves his Ahia sports icons, is this supposed to be some kind of half-assed homage to Woody Hayes? (As an aside, that’s who Crankshaft always reminds me of, at least in general appearance)

  13. Comic Book Harriet

    I am torn between those suggesting this will lead to a serious storyline about Bull having a stroke or heart attack, and those suggesting this will just peter out like most Act III stories of late.

    I’m just going to focus on Crankshaft, where everyone has a massive Sh*t eating grin on. Appropriately, since Jeff appears to be about to take a big bite out of a dripping turd on a stick.

    Kind of a meta view of most Funkyverse readers, including myself, smugly watching others ironically consume garbage.


    I find it hilarious that speculation on this forum is whether a character dies of a heart attack or absolutely nothing happens. This is how bad this strip is. Death or Boredom. Funky Winkerbean in a nutshell.

  15. nedryerson

    Somebody peed on his Zweiback