What, Les Worry?

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Way to spin a yarn there, BanTom. I mean what a pitiful effort, all that sound and fury and in the end it’s all a big fat zero. Just Dick Facey pretending to give a crap and Linda “worrying” about Bull’s inability to reminisce about things that happened thirty years ago. This “story” literally went nowhere. Is Bull going to seek medical attention? Are they going to discuss it with him? Will it ever be mentioned again? Who the hell knows? My guess is no, of course, as that might involve actually telling a story in some sort of linear coherent manner and we all know THAT just isn’t going to f*cking happen. I mean I knew he’d find some way to weasel his way out of his premise like he always does but, as usual, he found a way even weaker and more pathetic than I ever even imagined he would. So Linda got home from work safely…big f*cking deal. What a sorry display, why even create these premises if he finds them so boring he can’t even bring himself to resolve them?



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  1. spacemanspiff85

    “I mean, I told you he’s ‘violently angry’, and I’m alone with him for a lot of the time, but sure, I’m fine . . .”

  2. He still has a chance to redeem himself if he continues this story line. Who am I kidding? On Monday I guarantee he’ll be back to Starbuck Jones or Funky in the gym or Dinkle sticking his nose in school business.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    This might be the epitome of crappy Batiuk writing. This story was ostensibly about Bull. And it ends (maybe) without him even in the strip. The whole plot was about Bull’s health. Does Les ask Bull if he’s okay? Heck no.

  4. ComicTrek

    That’s what I get for thinking something’s going to come out of this. I never learn…

    I will, however, note that panel 2 is another defining Batiukian sample. That funeral-esque half-smiling face Linda makes here is the same face that EVERY character makes whenever something they’re saying or listening to is supposed to be “thought provoking” to us. It’s really more annoyance-provoking than anything.

    And how can anyone think at all while they’re distracted by a random ad for LISA’S LEGACY?

  5. Epicus Doomus

    It took BatHack two full weeks to explain that Bull MIGHT be suffering from concussion-related issues, a point he easily could have made in just one strip or possibly even just one panel. Nothing whatsoever was resolved either. Linda is still “worried”, Les is still smugly indifferent, Bull is still useless, fat and stupid. When this first began I automatically assumed he’d dodge the story, kill time and slither out of it via some sort of maddeningly stupid or boring contrivance and once again he showed me up by opting to do nothing at all instead. That BanTom, always full of really disappointing and futile surprises.

  6. The problem is that I’ve seen this before about eight years ago. This is because I remember the stupid stroke subplot on Foob. We had lucid Grandpa Jim trapped in the living hell of dealing with idiot family members who thought he’d checked out because his out-of-her-depth wife wasn’t going to listen to the silly girl therapists telling her he looked as if he was aware because the male doctor said he was a vegetable. We had the poor, overworked ignoramus trying desperately to get some help from Elly by using the phrase ‘don’t worry about me’. We have the boomer idiot Elly taking her literally. We have me frustrated because Doctor Lynn was chasing her tail.

    Ah, well. At least Batiuk isn’t blaming Bull’s troubles on an inflammation of the brain.

  7. Also, Les is going full Elly Patterson on us.

  8. spacemanspiff85

    I bet as Les and Linda are talking about him like he’s not there, Bull is standing in the living room trying to remember how to sit in a chair.

  9. the dreamer

    cmon Les, admit you are planning on putting the moves on Linda once she puts Bull in the nursing home! you’ve always wanted Linda

  10. I realize I have been on vacation, but it was easy enough to read all the back strips when I got back. So I assumed. But based on the lack of following through on the Bull-concussion premise, I swear there must be at least 6 days missing from this arc. Right? Right? RIGHT, Tom?!?