Runnin’ Down a Dream

Sunday readers are advised to have that second cup of coffee before trying to parse today’s strip. At first it appears to be a continuation of yesterday’s run with Les. But Funky, rather than sweating profusely and moaning, is positively chipper. He shares with Les about his “most amazing dream.” CUT TO: a headline about Funky getting an award for his dream, then a beaming Funky sporting more awards, and then Funky bolting awake from a dream…about having a dream.


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15 responses to “Runnin’ Down a Dream

  1. spacemanspiff85

    Someone finally got around to watching Inception.

  2. ComicTrek

    An illustrated story of Tom Batiuk’s life as a cartoonist.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Well…uh…this is definitely a departure. And nothing especially bad happened to Funky! You don’t see that very often. I was sort of expecting a cancer fun run-themed strip here, not that I’m complaining.

  4. Rusty Shackleford

    I’ve never known anyone who thinks about high school as much as Batty does. What gives? Is his current day to day life so bad?

    Who talks like this?

  5. spacemanspiff85

    @Rusty Shackleford:
    If a high school murdered Batiuk’s parents in a dark alley, it would explain an awful lot.

  6. spacemanspiff85

    Oh, and Batiuk just tried to coin the term “Flashinados” in his blog. I’d be shocked if he hadn’t dropped that one at his local comic shop first.

  7. spacemanspiff85

    He also takes a potshot at whoever owns his local comic shop:
    “Although these days my comic shop sommelier keeps forgetting to grab books for me that are on my pull list, so, in many ways, not much has changed.”
    Maybe he’s hoping you’ll get tired of it and go somewhere else, Batiuk.

  8. The Dreamer

    Funky jogs in a Montoni’s T-shirt and then sleeps in it?!

  9. Epicus Doomus

    See, as terrible as this and the last week’s worth of annoying Wally gags were, I have less real animosity toward the strip when it’s at least attempting to be funny than when it’s in “storytelling” mode, like with that imbecilic Bull arc. Oh sure, I’d still make fun of it every day and question why and how it continues to exist and all that because it’d still be laughably terrible. But it’s when the guy who writes it goes into “storytelling” mode that I become enraged, as I resent they way he uses cheap and lazy tactics in a futile attempt to disguise his complete lack of ability in that regard. I mean if he thinks I’m such an idiot that I don’t notice he’s doing it then I have no choice but to take it as a personal insult.

    Anyway what was I saying? Oh yeah, shitty jokes. Yep, it’s really something he needs to work on all right. Too bad he murdered his sense of humor to impress Lisa way back when and it’s especially unfortunate when you consider the fact that she was a cartoon drawing. When it comes to a sense of humor you gotta use it or lose it. I mean if I came to SoSF and started repetitively writing totally nonsensical paragraphs centering around my strangely bleak world view and a bunch of hooey about some make-believe girl I liked instead of writing stuff like “FW stinks like that thing at the bottom of the trash can that didn’t come out last garbage day except that thing is better than FW because it’ll probably come out on the next trash day and not stick there for forty-three years” who’d want to read it, right? And not only that but whoever was reading it would probably have the urge to insult my stupid scribblings and the lack of effort and entertainment value within them, as those who read insultingly dumb things tend to do. And by that point I’d have totally lost my ability to properly snark. So you see my point here.

  10. Maybe Batiuk is a bad dream we’re all having and if we were to close our eyes and minds to him, he’d cease to exist.

  11. gleeb

    I vaguely understand a komix sommelier not respecting Batiuk’s “pull list” as not setting aside for him the children’s serial literature he has ordered in advance. But what in blazes is a flashinado?

  12. Rusty Shackleford

    Did he really write: comics sommelier. Totally annoying.

  13. @Rusty yep, and it’s not the first time!

    (from 2012:)

  14. Rusty Shackleford


    Shoot me now! I wonder how that silly Lisa race went today.

  15. batgirl

    Well, I’m mildly disappointed. I thought that ‘Flashinado’ would be something like ‘Sharknado’, but it’s only a pun on ‘aficionado’.