Still Crazy

Despite an erratic and inexplicable production schedule, it looks like buzz is building for “the upcoming” Starbuck Jones movie to the point where the first images are being leaked online. Crazy Harry should know better than to think he’d have the “scoop” on ultimate fanboy John, who has managed to automate the process of gathering these treasures from the web. I can’t goof on DSHJ too much, as yours truly has a Google Alert set up that notifies me of online mentions of “tom batiuk”, but hey, it’s my job.



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21 responses to “Still Crazy

  1. spacemanspiff85

    Where did Jon’s torso go in the second panel?

  2. Too bad John’s app can’t download a punchline, too.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    So that’s three uses for the internet in Westview: video chatting, comic book-related content and now “insider” movie stills. God help that town if anyone ever finds the Domino’s app. I’d almost forgotten about the Starbuck Jones movie, which tends to happen when you insist on chopping everything up and spreading it out over the course of many years instead of just telling the f*cking story then moving on to the next one. Surely no good at all will come from John’s smug online shenanigans, getting all cocky about something is the kiss of death in Westview.

    “Upcoming”…yes, I assumed as much. That SJ arc hasn’t even gotten to the part where they fly into Cincinnati to film the “hey that’s right, Cincinnati is in Ohio too!” scenes yet. Then again with this Author Guy you just never know, the SJ movie could be wrapped, premiered, released and relegated to a FW trivia question by Wednesday and it wouldn’t really surprise me all that much.

  4. billytheskink

    Is Komix Korner located in a broom closet now?

  5. ComicTrek

    What REASON do these babbling people possibly have for being so cocky?? Dude, just because you have one of those ridiculous Batiukian-world apps, it doesn’t make you cool. Quite the opposite, in fact.

  6. Gerard Plourde

    So the annual school arc was represented by Bull’s CTE and Wally’s cave man references, and the annual Lisa’s Legacy arc was reduced to at tee shirt worn by Les in a dream sequence. Let’s clear the decks for the arrival of the big screen treatment of a fictional comic book character. We at least know the new priorities of the strip.

  7. On this side, the metastasis of the plot tumor that’s swallowing the strip. On the other side, you actually can find a cop when you need one because the fuzz has its eye on Crankshaft for reckless driving.

  8. Oh, the UPCOMING Starbuck Jones movie. I thought you meant the one from 60 years ago. I’ll bet that app of DSHJ’s is called iMpending or iLoomr.

  9. Chyron HR

    Harry: “There’s a new still online from the looming Starbuck Jones movie!”
    John: “I know… I also have access to images posted on the internet.”
    Harry: “BWAAAAH!?!”

  10. So, apps and smartphones and all that other technology that The Kids These Days use are onlt terrible when employed in non-Starbuck Jones-related purposes. Of course.

  11. All these potentially interesting developments – Bull’s CTE, Summer and Keisha’s college experiences, Cory and Rocky’s whatever-the-hell-they’re-doing-with-their-lives, anybody’s kids – relegated to FW character purgatory while we get constant regurgitations of Starbuck Jones.

  12. Hitorque

    1. “And I see that your comic geek boner is bigger than mine!”

    2. Stills? Seriously? Any real comic geek would have long since downloaded a choppy, post-production print just to see what scenes didn’t make it into the final edit…

    3. These two assholes at least get credit for not getting panic attacks just at the thought of using modern technology, unlike our JuCo scholar with the dog..

    4. Did Crazy Harry ever get to the bottom of that CIA conspiracy to alter the logic of his predicative playlist on iTunes?


    Two things

    1. Great just in time for…..fall???

    2. I guess Ghostbusters 2016’s YouTube downvote record will be at risk.



    I guess Kesterman’s request was heard. An attack drone has apparently been dispatched to end Crankshafts reign of terror.

  15. Seriously, if the current Crankshaft arc ends with anything short of legal action and subsequent termination of Crankshaft’s employment as a bus driver, I will be ready to personally drive to Medina Ohio and run over TB’s mailbox (I know, I have threatened to do this before, but this is the kind of thing that could really push me over the edge).

  16. Jim in Wisc.

    @Paul Jones: I’m hoping it’s the Grim Reaper chasing after Crankie.

  17. I’m going to bet we never see any of these stills for ourselves. I’m thinking blowing up a schoolbus was very risky for Tom Batiuk, as he almost revealed that he has no idea what to do with Starbuck Jones other than mentioning him over and over.

  18. spacemanspiff85

    That’s exactly what it is. He’d much rather keep mentioning Starbuck Jones and have all his characters talk about how awesome he is. And have other, real, comic artists draw covers. If he actually tried to write Starbuck Jones, or even actually show it in this strip, it would be immediately obvious how terrible and unoriginal it is. I mean, he thinks that The Amazing Mister Sponge, an idea he came up with when he was six, is a fantastic idea. He’d much rather pretend to be a good comic book creator who just missed his chance because of those “greedy, amoral jerks” than take a shot and fail.

  19. Hitorque

    @bobanero: I know my memory is rusty, but isn’t leaving a kid on the bus not even in the top five most fireable offenses Crankshaft has pulled off over the years?

  20. batgirl

    I have a horrible suspicion that the ‘something’ chasing Crankshaft is a something that is totally unconnected with last week’s storyline. Having produced a sortofapunchline in the kid saying ‘Mom?’ as she drove past in the opposite direction, he probably considers his work done.

  21. Rusty Shackleford

    Wow, they are using technology instead of scorning it. Amazing.