Lindsay’s Legacy

We interrupt Wally Winkerbean’s School Days to remind you yet again that Sunday, September 11, is the Rotary Run for Lisa’s Legacy in Mentor, Ohio. Too bad yours truly is even less fit than ol’ Funky: what I wouldn’t give to participate in Sunday’s 5K and be rewarded with one of those sweet (two sided!) tee’s that Les is modeling in today’s strip. Speaking of the Funkman, you think that as a recovering alcoholic he’d be a little more charitable to someone else who struggles with addiction.


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18 responses to “Lindsay’s Legacy

  1. spacemanspiff85

    This is one of the things that infuriates me the most about this strip. “Have you been to rehab?” Les sees Funky several times a week, as far as I can tell. Have they never discussed this before?

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Yeah yeah yeah, Funky is decrepit, Lindsay Lohan is all f*cked up all the time, Lisa died and there’s a fun run in her honor…when BanTom does a generic filler strip he REALLY does a generic filler strip. Thankfully it’s just a one day thing and as an added bonus we’ve been spared yet another “that’s my Buddy” joke so I can’t complain too much here.

  3. “Lindsay Lohan is still relevant, right? I can’t be bothered to keep track of all those things The Kids These Days are into.”

  4. iansdrunkenbeard

    How tasteless to mention Lindsay Lohan! I know the poor woman has lots of troubles, but I hadn’t heard anything bad lately. I hoped she had turned her life around, but alas! A search turned up three scandals this year alone that I looked at; there may have been more.

    I try to catch some of “Mean Girls” if I see it’s on. It has some funny lines and scenes, with Tina Fey and her buds from SNL. Lindsay and the other high schoolers are funny, too. I think Lindsay is talented, but she has woes. If all you know about her is bad shit, watch this movie.

    I think that today’s strip is a new low. Every time I think Bat Guano can sink lower, he outdoes himself in assholishness. Why would he name a specific person? I hope she sues the shit out of him and wins.

  5. spacemanspiff85

    I wonder if Batiuk will remember this strip in a few years, when he does his Very Special Drug Addiction storyline, featuring Chullo.

  6. Great. Super. Les gets to wallow in his martyrdom, needle a victim and make an assholish comment about yet another unfortunate burnt by the sun of too much exposure too early in life. Take a kick to the crotch out of petty cash, Batsy.

  7. ComicTrek

    Oh, the CRINGE! Where do I start? The poorly drawn copy-and-paste Lisa head on Les’s stupid shirt, “rehab WITH it”, the utterly tasteless Lindsay Lohan bit…gahhhhh.

  8. Rusty Shackleford


    Yeah, Les isn’t even breaking a sweat, though maybe that 1970s sweatband is doing its job. Meanwhile Funky struggles to catch his breath and Les has to rip on him. Why does Funky even run?

  9. HeyItsDave

    I should think that the service Funky would be looking for would be “physical therapy” rather than “rehab.” Unless hanging around with Dick Facey is making him drink again.

  10. Rusty

    At least the color version lets me imagine they are struggling to run out of a forest fire.

  11. spacemanspiff85: This is one of the things that infuriates me the most about this strip. “Have you been to rehab?” Les sees Funky several times a week, as far as I can tell. Have they never discussed this before?

    A couple times at least:

  12. Gerard Plourde

    @Sapcemanspiff85 & TFHackett

    I think we can attribute Les’ inability to remember that Funky has repeatedly told him about his PT/rehab to Les’ total self-absorption. Similarly, He exhibited no reaction in last week’s arc to the after effects of Bull’s admittedly retconned football career.

    And I agree with the other posters who objected to the unnecessary swipe at Lindsay Lohan. If the joke relies on making fun of the struggles of another person, then a substitution is in order.

  13. Take today’s dialogue, remove the drawings, and sub a standup comic routine. Voila! You’re Don Rickles and Johnny Carson. It’s that halfass a joke.

  14. Smirks 'R Us

    I’m surprised BatHack’s pop culture rehab reference wasn’t something more his speed, like Elizabeth Taylor or Betty Ford.

  15. bayoustu

    Sheesh- that image of Dead Skunk Head in the masthead; it’s Crankshaft in a wig! EVERYONE seems to be Crankshaft In Disguise in this strip these days! Holly? Orange wig! Formerly ski-jump nosed Durwood? Yellow wig! Funky? Well…

  16. As Rusty noted yesterday, that’s one creepy door on Montoni’s.

    It made me do this:

  17. Rusty Shackleford


    Nice work! Yeah, it’s like you will be molested after you go in to pick up your pizza.

  18. The Dreamer

    Interesting how Les is now a fitness freak who runs circles around Funky jogging and destroys Bull in Tennis. Back in Act I he was in mortal fear of gym class and the Les stuck climbing the rope in gym class panel was used over and over and over. Now he’s super athlete