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Lindsay’s Legacy

We interrupt Wally Winkerbean’s School Days to remind you yet again that Sunday, September 11, is the Rotary Run for Lisa’s Legacy in Mentor, Ohio. Too bad yours truly is even less fit than ol’ Funky: what I wouldn’t give to participate in Sunday’s 5K and be rewarded with one of those sweet (two sided!) tee’s that Les is modeling in today’s strip. Speaking of the Funkman, you think that as a recovering alcoholic he’d be a little more charitable to someone else who struggles with addiction.


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No Hllllp in Sight

Were it not for the strips last week, where Annie revealed not only that she and Fred were not in love “so much”, but that their marriage kept her from pursuing her dreamstoday’s strip might provide a chuckle. Instead, all I can think about now is that Ann is going to pay Fred back for taking away the best years of her life. She’s going to be the one helping him regain his speech? I guess tomorrow Coach Bushka will show up to start Fred’s physical therapy.


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That's Bull

If The Knee is better than ever, why is Summer still sporting a knee brace? Just being cautious, I guess. Both knees better be strong and healthy lest they buckle under the weight of Summer’s massive head.

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Knee Jerk

Nice melting-face profile on Bull in panel 2!

I’d imagine that rehabbing a knee can be especially hard work for someone who is not a licensed physical therapist. Naw, that’s just kooky Coach Bushka’s way of trying to get a rise out of his star player (and it’s working).

Got our season back” is in the running to become the next “coming reunion” phrase…

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Get Yer Psych Dogs Here!

Another coping skill that Wally has gained is the abilty to withstand good-natured joshing. His comrades in arms have been busting Wally’s balls all week, with Mitch in today’s panel 2 basically implying that pre-“psych dog” Wally was a basket case. Which, of course, he was.

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The snark stand-down remains in effect today. Clearly, “Mitch” isn’t an Olympic contender, but is showing a sense of humor (of all things!) in the face of physical and emotional trauma. You go, Mitch! Note to Wally: maybe next trip, instead of bringing your dog? Bring along your ex-wife/”widow” Becky, so she can see that using a prosthetic is not a sign of weakness.

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Gym Buddy

Today we meet Buddy’s friends down at the VA. It’s kind of hard to snark on this scene, given our deep respect for our wounded warriors…but I will allow myself a teeny chuckle at that clumsily-rendered prosthetic arm with its itty-bitty little fist.

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