Ha! Ku

Reading Today’s strip
“Cindy is getting old” arc
Is, well, getting old

Mason seems secure
Despite his inheriting
The late Bob Hope’s nose

Lovely beach-front porch
Empty despite Mason’s wealth
Just a pair of ferns

Interesting term
“Laugh lines” sure does not describe
Jokes in this comic

Cindy’s black tank top
Last appeared in Monday strip
Still a boring dream?

At least the sofa
Is not covered with squiggles
Never a good look



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17 responses to “Ha! Ku

  1. spacemanspiff85

    Based on what we’ve seen of their relationship in this strip it apparently revolves around Cindy asking if Mason will love her when she’s a dried up hag, and Mason making a smartass reply.

  2. Hey BillytheSkink
    Let me try this haiku thing
    I hope you approve:

    Hollywood wife now
    Better off by far than when
    Married to Funky

    Buddyblog’s news babe
    Always between assignments
    Plenty time to fret

    To allay her fears
    Mason tries to lighten things
    Always goes too far

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Ugh, didn’t he do this exact same strip dozens of times already? Or does it just seem that way? Man, his “couples” humor has been totally sub-moronic lately, even by his standards.

  4. billytheskink

    I approve of the haiku of others
    Though the limit on lines often smothers
    Yes, they’re great fun to write
    But I think I just might
    Prefer limericks, if I had my druthers

    Cindy’s age is an issue quite recent
    Got her laid off for reasons malfeasant
    But she’s feeling too down
    Being the last from the town
    Of Westview who still does look decent

    Though Cindy’s worries are quite the puzzle
    When Mason’s schnoz can cut with a nuzzle
    Their conversations go south
    He puts his foot in his mouth
    Perhaps he should go buy a muzzle

  5. Gerard Plourde

    Epicus Doomus –

    If not the exact script he’s certainly done the same theme. Doesn’t his experience give him some insight into what couples discuss?

    Also, what’s the status of thr Starbuck Jones movie? I’m guessing location shooting in Ohio has wrapped, but judging from last week’s arc some filming is still going on. Which brings up the question of how DSH John could possibly seen enough production stills to be able to piece together the plot. Since this is space opera there has to be a lot of CGI animation that needs to be done. Or does Batty think that the studio is going to go for the 1940’s serial look and use cheesy models?

  6. spacemanspiff85

    @Gerard Plourde:
    If this strip is based off Batiuk’s experience then his life is apparently mostly just sitting around in an attic reading comics, only coming out to get pizza, visit the high school, and go by the comic book store.

  7. spacemanspiff85

    Here’s another gem from Batiuk’s blog:
    “By this point the computer at Westview High had achieved sentience and was beginning to assert itself and interact with the other denizens of the Funkyverse. At one point it would even inaugurate and hold Star Trek conventions at the school. Now, I’m not saying that the role-playing games, social networking, and virtual interacting were foreshadowing things like MMOGs, Facebook, and Siri . . . or maybe I am.”
    Um, what?

  8. Epicus Doomus

    It’s yet another funny thing about BanTom: he apparently doesn’t think much of the memory skills of his regular readers. Anyone who’s been reading the strip long enough to know who Cindy is already knows she’s insecure about her rapidly deteriorating looks, yet he keeps going to that well again and again as if those readers might forget her sole character trait unless it’s relentlessly pounded into their skulls every six months or so.

    Seriously though, he really needs to knock it off already with the weird fantasy about hot girl from high school who grew old and insecure and had to resort to indulging some Hollywood freak’s cougar fetish to continue her vapid and appearance-based lifestyle. “Hey, maybe I’ll revisit Cindy and get inside the head of the hot girl from high school and do a whole bit about how insecure, desperate and needy she is now that’s she’s old” was an idea BatBrain should have left in the “no, too revealing” folder. She still doesn’t like you, dude, she still doesn’t even know who you are and she’s still way out of your league so move on, move on.

  9. spacemanspiff85

    Look how often Batiuk repeats the premise of an arc every single day of the week. Like when he repeats over and over that John got a call from Hollywood. Or this week in Crankshaft, how he’s constantly having to mention where Crankshaft is, because apparently his readers couldn’t handle seeing Ed talk like an idiot next to a different woman than Pam.
    Or the ultimate: my father, John Darling, who was murdered.

  10. The worst of it that I’ve actually encountered someone who likes having Batiuk hammer away moronically at the same stupid notes. This poor fool thinks we’re off our rockers for not liking the constant blathering about how vain and insecure and crazy Cindy is.

  11. I know I’ve asked this a million times before, but why is Masone even fucking around with Cindy, much less trying to marry her? She has a metric ton of emotional baggage, self-hatred, and doesn’t seem fun to be around even in good times… Even an awkward, neurotic, mentally stunted D-list actor like him can roll up into the Playboy Mansion or the Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show, or the shooting location for Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue and literally take his pick of the litter…

  12. @Epicus Doomus:

    And it wouldn’t be quite so awful if, you know, Cindy actually fucking aged a little so she doesn’t look like a baby sister or daughter of her contemporaries from high school…


    I dunno, Cindy. Will you still love Masone when he finally devolves into a gnome as he’s apparently doing in Panel 3.

  14. sgtsaunders

    Thus begins chapter one of “Mason: A Jarring Tale of Deception and Murder” by Les Moore.

  15. What the f@#k is going on with Masoné’s face!!?? Is he in the midst of a stroke? Just sucked on the world’s sourest lemon? Suddenly reaching the end of his deal with the devil, when he abruptly ages those hundred years that he’s kept a youthful appearance in return for his immortal soul?

    Whatever, it seems to me he should be the one worrying about his appearance…

  16. Ah, Autumn is here
    Time for Batiuk to harvest
    The low hanging fruit


    —Thus begins chapter one of “Mason: A Jarring Tale of Deception and Murder” by Les Moore.—–

    Personally I like “Dare to be Bi” as the title Masone’s expose.