Winters Is Nigh

Unlike Mason, I was totally expecting Cindy in today’s strip. I did not expect her to be on her third tank top this week, so that’s something.

Cindy’s tepid response to Mason in the second panel is obviously driven by her insecurity, which is especially heightened when the subject of Smokey The Bear’s greatest nemesis, Marianne Winters, is brought up. That’s been the theme all week and it sure ain’t changing now. She, however, does have a worthwhile reason to be irritated with Mason here.

Cindy is on set to shoot for this Cliff Anger documentary that buddyblog’s young, hepcat managers inexplicably think is relevant to its audience of online news consumers and Mason, after hearing this, follows that by claiming that this is a good day for her to be on set… because he’s shooting his first scenes with Marianne Winters today. What?

Why is it a good day for Cindy to be shooting her Cliff Anger documentary on set? Is Cliff even on set today? Has his “small role” even been written yet? If these are Cliff’s “first scenes” with Marianne Winters then why did Mason talk about them sharing the car explosion scenes shot months ago in Cleveland?

Bipolar or not, that’s worth a Rex Morgan pissyface.



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14 responses to “Winters Is Nigh

  1. Gerard Plourde

    They’re only shooting scenes with the costar now? What have they been doing since June when they were on location in Ohio? What could have been posted online that would have given John any idea what the plot is?

    Filmmaking – Another topic which Batty knows nothing about.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Oh, Cindy must be one of those Herzog-type documentary film makers, someone who really goes the extra mile and digs deep into the subject matter. I’m most interested in the sixty years Cliff spent sulking away in his Manhattan pad and especially how the lampshade in said apartment was rendered askew. Did something happen, or is he just a slob? The other six minutes of his life story oughta be pretty wild too.

    “Oh Cindy, what a surprise! I’m shooting those sex scenes with Marianne today…wanna watch? (grrrrrrr)”. Poor, poor Cindy, the indignities never cease.

  3. This dullalogue is really something. “Cindy, I wasn’t expecting you today!” is generally accompanied by vigorous hand-wavings to the hot assistant. “Stay back! Stay back! It’ll have to be later!”

    Cindy’s dullalogue is standard silver-era comic-book talk. Just replace “I’ll have to fire my optic blasts! Since this monster can absorb kinetic force with no problem, I’ll have to hope that it can’t absorb pure energy!” with “I’m here to do this thing which you’ve known about for ages, and in fact helped me to land, so here I am, to do this thing!

  4. spacemanspiff85

    Do they just let the girlfriend of the lead actor wander around the set whenever she shows up announced to “work on her documentary”? No wonder this thing is never getting made.

  5. billytheskink

    Why is Mason reading and bookmarking a phone book on set? There’s no way that’s Pete’s script.

  6. DOlz

    The only way this strip can make sense and end with a shred of self respect is if it ends with Les staring into a snow globe while taking a shower.

  7. The Dreamer

    so how is still young and skinny when she’s the same age as her old, fat, grey-haired balding ex (the title character of this strip)?

  8. Well, the high school theatrics arrived sooner than I expected. I fully expect Winters to look just like Summers so she can wail idiotically about how Mason has a type.

  9. sgtsaunders

    If Cindy makes too much of a fuss over Jarr kissing on Winters while ACTING, she’ll be back waiting tables at Montoni’s before sundown.


    How long is this fucking movie being filmed!!?? This has to be going way overbudget by now. They’ll barely be able to break even at this rate. And I believe this has to be fall in the strip’s continuity now? So this is a FALL blockbuster, now??!! This whole thing is being run like a Happy Madison production!


    Crankshaft –

    Well one benefit of living in Centerville as opposed to Westviiew is the more diverse cuisine options. There actually is a nice fancy restaurant as opposed to the “EAT AT MONTONI’S OR DIE OF FUCKING STARVATION” options at Westerview. Even has some cultural options and ballet as opposed to Westviews cultural options which seem to be listening to the god awful Westview High School band near the gazebo.

    This brings up a theory of mine that Westview is actually Centerville after an apocalyptic event. It would explain the mass cancer cases.

  12. Oh, for fuck’s sake…This shit again?

    I’m just about done with this strip

  13. @Westview Oncologist – Note that Crankshaft is visiting his daughter in New York City this week, which explains the cultural events and fine dining. Rest assured that back in Centerville, the only cultural option is still a decrepit theater that only shows old Starbuck Jones movies, and the only dining option is to drive to Westview for Montonit’s pizza.

  14. My advice to Tom Batiuk is to start drinking heavily. Come to think of it, that’s my advice to anyone even remotely connected to Funky Winkerbean. The worst event in this strip wasn’t Lisa’s death; it was Funky getting sober. I want to see Masone Jarre and Cindy Solstice passed out in a cheap Hollywood motel, surrounded by supernumerary Es. I want to see Funky barfing behind Montoni’s.

    Onto DSH John’s sneakers.

    I want to see Owen and Cody drink white wine and finally consummate their relationship.

    In a three-way with pudgy Bernie.

    One exception, though. Not Les. I don’t want Les to drink. I want him to eat.

    A bullet.

    I don’t think any of this is too much to ask.