Marathon Pun

So how did Lisa do in the Lisa Legacy Run featured in today’s strip?

She finished dead last.


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12 responses to “Marathon Pun

  1. OK, I’m totally confused. Lisa’s dead, right? At most a ghostly apparition only visible to Les. So why, in today’s strip, is she clearly opaque and substantial:

    She’s pale in all respects, even her outlines, but not at all transparent (you can’t see Les’s leg through her, for instance). What kind of ectoplasm is opaque, pale, and invisible to everyone except the character and the reader?

    Oh, yeah… that kind of ectoplasm…

  2. Oh, and she’s smirking because Les never sweated that much when they were doing the nasty…


    Is Les giving an acceptance speech to an awards ceremony or something? Who the fuck is he talking to? he’s definitely talking because like most artists today they seem to not be able to create thought balloons. Imagine if your the other runners next to Les. You must be thinking this guy is fucking insane talking to himself? Then again, I suppose if you live in Westview, Les conversing with his dead wife is probably a normal occurence.

  4. I would far rather have seen Big Frankie explain his really stupid plan to either co-opt or screw over Durwood because he’s his last tenuous connection to a town he despises than another reminder of the insipid cult of worshiping a woman who pretty much willed herself to die because fighting to stay alive was too much like work.

  5. Merry Pookster

    Meanwhile Cayla is running in the opposite direction.

  6. Rusty

    Les wants to head off course into some shrubbery to have ghost-sex with Lisa. That’s my interpretation anyway.

  7. Professor Fate

    To quote Cindy “oh stop it.”

  8. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Only thing stranger than Goatee Boy wearing a giant Dead Lisa Face on his tee shirt is Dead Lisa wearing a giant Dead Lisa Face on her tee shirt.

    I guess BatHole is patting himself on the back for raising money in memory of a dead cartoon character. And who are Ron and Maureen? Oh, another one of his shoutouts to “real” people nobody knows or cares about.

    “Lisa’s my silent partner because she’s dead. But she’s still my partner, not that ugly woman who hangs around my house telling me to do stuff.”

  9. Seven panels of Les gushing over himself. Where are you, 2022.

  10. I’m also puzzled by how the “Lisa’s Lethargy Run” works as a charity event. Is it a “Fun Run,” in which slim, healthy, fit-enough-to-run-three-miles-while-monologing-the-whole-way pay a fee to gather and trot, and the charity gets whatever’s left after they’ve covered the bottled water, crappy t-shirts, and bribes to local officials? Or is it a “Pledge Run,” in which people who are too smart to spend their Day of Rest running promise to make a donation if some fat, out-of-shape slob like Funky actually completes 5K without suffering a massive coronary? I know which one would be more likely to get my money.

  11. I don’t think I’ve ever despised Les more (pun not intended) than I do right now. Smug, self-congratulatory posturing under a pretense of humility, and yet more proof that he cares more about Lisa as a dead symbol than he ever did when she was his living wife (or his current living wife, for that matter). I hope he trips and gets trampled to death by the crowd of Lisa’s Legacy runners being forced to endure his bullshit right now.