Lets Be Frank

No preview for today’s strip, so who knows what it’ll be about!



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20 responses to “Lets Be Frank

  1. spacemanspiff85

    So you’re saying you haven’t moved up in the world? You suck at this, Darin.

  2. billytheskink

    We don’t have to imagine, Frankie, we were surprised too.

    I like the aerial shot of the studio lot. I want to see the production of whatever movie those giant Twinkies are gonna be in instead of this Starbuck Jones thing.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    Where the hell did Pete go? He’s obviously nowhere near by. I bet he just saw Frankie coming and took off running as fast as he could, abandoning his best friend.

  4. I think those giant Twinkies were supposed to be in the Ghostbusters reboot, but they got cut. So Mason flew them in because they could be space monster cocoons.

    Every time I see Darrin, I want to break his head open. C’mon, Frankie, take the “fan favorite” spot in this strip.

  5. You know what would be interesting? If Frankie’s machinations manage to bring the entire Starbuck Jones movie to a crashing halt.

    And that might just happen.

    Think about it. Aside from Les Moore, no one in the Funkyverse is allowed any success. If the movie were a bit hit (or even if it was successfully completed), then Darrin and Pete would move up and directly compete with Les’ status as producer of art. After all, comic books are the highest form of art–much more so than some dreary memoir about a guy complaining that, since his wife is dying of cancer, he’s not getting enough attention.

    A movie based on a beloved comic book would knock that out of the tiny baseball park. And I think Tom Batiuk’s just not ready to do that to his beloved Les.

  6. Epicus Doomus

    So couldn’t Boy Lisa just go around and tell his studio co-workers to avoid the food truck because the guy who runs it is a gutter-dwelling @#$%, thus ruining the whole cockamamie scheme? Or does Frankie have something even cockamamier in mind here? Who knows, I just wish he’d stop driving the same two points home already and get the f*ck on with it.

    Coming next week: Boy Lisa’s stroke-addled adopto-dad Fred stares mournfully from his window, wondering why Darin never calls and doesn’t shares his hip new Hollywood lifestyle with the parents who raised him. He then leaves Darin a hilarious voicemail asking if he’ll at least send the Fairgoods a Starbuck Jones “dfffv-d-dddd” when the film is finally released. Meanwhile Ann once again confirms that her marriage to Fred was always a career-ruining loveless sham, just for the hell of it.

  7. Frank Bolton

    Epicus Doomus: That part about Ann and Fred’s relationship… that’s just satire, right? I mean, you’re just being ‘ha ha Funkyverse is grim’, right? I shouldn’t even have to ask, but we’re talking about a writer who had a mom stabbing a comic book. And I thought that was satire at the time.

  8. Great. This is nice. Have Big Frankie ruin everything for everyone ever because that’s the only way Batiuk can resolve a problem. Scars that won’t hear, misery that can’t be avenged and we’re supposed to applaud the merchant of glurge for his realistic outlook.

  9. Chyron HR

    “Imagine my surprise when I see that my own kid is working on a big-time Hollywood movie!”
    “No, I’m working on Starbuck Jones.”

  10. Are we gonna find out what the black and white stuff was all about?

  11. Gerard Plourde

    Now we’re in for a week of pointless dialogue that doesn’t advance the plot after a week of seemingly pointless dialogue done in black and white. Unless Batty’s big reveal is that Marianne Winters’s absent father was also Frankie, making her Darin’s half-sister.

  12. The wordplay is terrible as usual, but at least he’s snarling and not smirking.

  13. billytheskink

    Epicus Doomus: That part about Ann and Fred’s relationship… that’s just satire, right?

    Well… why don’t you be the judge?


    –Where the hell did Pete go? He’s obviously nowhere near by—

    Somewhere nearby their is a bathroom gloryhole that has the faint sound of disappointed sobs. –

  15. “Imagine my surprise when I see that my own kid is working on a big-time Hollywood movie!”

    — What is this odd “work” thing you’re describing? I just mill around all day, hang out with Pete while neglecting my long lost wife and infant son, complain with a smirk, and occasionally draw some grade-school sketches which might be used for storyboards… Good thing I’m being paid six figures to endure the indignity of being associated with EVUL Hollywood!!

  16. I haven’t seen someone fuck up such an easy, set-up-on-a-tee opportunity for a comeback one-line zinger since George Costanza’s heyday…

  17. iansdrunkenbeard

    “Everything probably looks that way from the roach coach! Could you make me a burrito, Dad?”

    It amuses me that people are still looking for a plot, logic, or even continuity. Characters, plot lines, situations, premises are introduced and abruptly dropped with nary another mention.

    Hey look! A squirrel!



    Oh, dear lord, I think I stumbled upon the worst word play joke ever done in human history. Seriously, every one D-ware and don’t read that strip.

  19. Jimmy

    I’m also wondering about what happened to the black and white stuff and why it changed with no explanation.

    Regarding the Twinkies, I read a rumor on DSH John’s blog that they’re actually school buses. The producers just want school buses in every shot to keep continuity with that massive fiasco in Cleveland.

  20. ComicTrek

    @Westview Oncologist: ….I really should have listened to you. 😦