Hollywood Outsider

So that’s what Frankie is after in today’s strip! Hollywood gossip! I guess people still follow this sort of thing but the days of journalism Hollywood rags peaked in the 80s with the National Enquirer. I don’t know what dirt Frankie thinks Darin could even have– he’s storyboarder. Only in Tombat’s insane version of Hollywood would a “major star” like Mason Jarre hang out with a jr. storyboard artist.



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  1. Even Mopey Pete won’t hang out with Darin.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    THIS is Frankie’s cockamamie plan? He seriously thought his bio-son who totally despises him would dish him some Starbuck Jones dirt? What is he, an idiot? Come on Batiuk, that’s pathetic even by FW standards.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    I bet Darin is going to let something slip because he’s a moron and Batiuk is a terrible writer.
    FRANKIE: I heard Mason was spotted having lunch with his fiancée, Cindy!
    DARIN: Screw you, Bio-Dad! It was Marianne Winters he was having lunch with!

  4. It is very likely that Durwood would indeed act like a sitcom moron and spill the beans. This is because the hack author has an ax to grind and an inability to understand that his ‘clever’ means of expressing his contempt for people like us makes his preferred audience also look weird.

  5. ComicTrek

    Darin, if you keep making that face, don’t you know it’ll stick that way? I mean, look at your bio-dad–clearly the hatchet face disorder has already been proven to run in the family.

  6. I love how the nominal villains all apparently talk like Brooklyn mobsters so we don’t miss they are rotten apples. Surely some “dese” and “dose” are coming as well.

  7. Professor fate

    Well Pete and I sit in a room and complain about our jobs and one of us has pretend flashbacks where we are sitting in a room and complaining about our jobs.
    Nevermind son. I was going to try to destroy your life bit you’ve taken all the fun out of it.


    “Also, running out of pens put us seriously behind schedule. Hey, come back! I’ve got more juicy scoops just like that one!”

  9. Please, like Starbuck Jones, the greatest artistic achievement in history, needs any publicity.

  10. So… Mr. DMZ is desperate for celeb dirt, so he not only goes to the ONE FUCKING PERSON IN THE GREATER L.A. AREA who would be the least inclined to help him, he’s asking him to jeopardize his cushy, do-nothing, six-figure job in the process…

  11. billytheskink

    Given that the only other “publicity” we’ve seen this movie get are a couple of mentions on Cindy’s buddyblog broadcast and that time Creepy Pete placed coded messages in the newspaper, Frankie is definitely right about this.


    Is Frankie really clueless to the fact that his son hates his friggin’ guts? Even Darth Vader and the Emperor knew that Luke they might need a warming up period for Luke to get used to the whole being evil thing. Literally, in the case of the carbonite freezing plan. They anticipated SOME resistance from Luke and some words of extreme objection. Frankie just seems like he has retrograde memory loss every time he meets Durwood.

  13. Jimmy




    I did not read this strip. To read this strip required it to be turned upside down. I am reading t digitally and can not do so in as easy a manner as a physical paper reader. Sure I could copy it and flip it in Photoshop, but that would require effort for what amounts as another stupid word play joke. If Batiuk is not going to spend the effort. Neither will I.

    What I am getting at is that Batiuk most likely did this not considering digital readers. That’s a type of asshole-ry on par with Brooke McEldowney. Another example of an comic artist that truly hates the very readers he depends on.

  15. Comic Book Harriet


    Today in Cranky we learn that horrible wordplay is not only heritable, but that carriers are aware of it.

    What happened to all those awesome eugenics programs of the twenties? I’m thinking we should still pull out forced sterilizations for a certain very narrow class of ‘undesirables’

  16. The whole plotline here is supposed to be very, very simplistic. Frankie is evil because…well, he just is, so shut up! And Darrin is good and pure and ennobled by the spirit of comic books, because that’s why.

    I don’t think we’re supposed to get anything out of this other than “Frankie is a bad man” and “Darrin is a good boy who is righteously angry at Frankie.” Batiuk certainly didn’t put anything else in there, like a story, or characters, or even decent artwork.