Sosfdavido here, though I don’t know if anyone else is! If you guys checked out, I don’t blame you, as today’s strip left things completely unresolved. Panel two Darin is enjoyable, though, as Tombat suddenly seemed to remember these two are supposed to be father and son.



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12 responses to “Plodlines

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Geez, how many vaguely menacing things does a sinister bio-dad have to say and/or think to get his point across, eh? I have to imagine this will somehow involve Jealous Insecure Cindy somehow, although how the food truck figures into it is still sort of nebulous to me. Just like last time around, Frankie’s awesomeness begins to seriously wane with each passing panel.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    This is the perfect example of how Batiuk’s characters act: Darin whines and gets all pissy and then walks off without doing anything like calling security, which he totally could and would end this plotline instantly.

  3. billytheskink

    Durwood with a darn near perfect imitation of the classic “Les waddles off”. Sad that he lived with Les long enough to get so good at it…

  4. Ooooh, he is going to write SUCH a nasty clickbait article for Buzzfeed….

  5. Epicus Doomus

    So Frankie wants to ruin the Starbuck Jones movie…but why? To strike back at Darin for Cayla finding an old previously-unknown Lisa journal that Summer read to once and for all prove Frankie’s undeniable scumbaggery? For not embracing him as his true father despite his total lack of interest? Because he’s a very poorly realized character with one or two very obvious traits and whose sole motivation is an ambiguous sort of misplaced and illogical revenge centered around things that happened in high school? Because the guy who writes FW has something to say about those Hollywood gossip computer websites, namely that they exist and he doesn’t like them? Or is it simply because the whole thing is a boring hodgepodge of half-assed premises never meant to go anywhere?

    Or maybe there’s no reason at all. Maybe he just likes doing stuff like that. He somehow heard his stupid bio-son was working on the SJ movie and hatched a goofy plot just to f*ck with the little twit, simply because he thinks it’s funny. And it kind of is, really, I like seeing BanTom characters expressing mortal rage.

  6. ComicTrek

    Forget Starbuck Jones; this dialogue just screams “corny superhero movie”.

    Everyone always becomes soooo righteous whenever Frankie comes around. It would be funnier if it wasn’t so annoying. The cringe-inducing lines, the exceedingly punchable facial expressions…and the fact that no one has made a move to simply report this guy who’s basically been stalking them for decades!

  7. The irritating thing is not just that Frankie is a poorly-realized character who wants to ruin people’s lives because he can’t admit that he’s been an asshole all his life. I mean, we already have Crankshaft for that. The irritating thing is that his ‘clever’ plan is going to be so bloody stupid, the ‘good’ characters are going to look like simpletons for seeing it as anything like a threat.


    Um, your going to contact security right, Darrin? I mean you totally can. Even with his vague threats, he’s hear illegally working for paparazzi. Heck you can even have him arrested. You could probably end the whole plotline here. Just saying.

  9. Fun Fact: Frankie has the same hairline as Les Moore. They’re probably long-lost siblings.

    Frankie’s “scheme” is probably as poorly thought-out as this comic strip. Suddenly he’s going to get revenge on Darrin? He didn’t even know that Darrin was there until he happened to spot him. Why is he there at the studio in the first place–shouldn’t that be his main focus? Or does he just land opportunities and drop them whenever he sees something shiny?

  10. Gerard Plourde

    And so another contrived, implausible plot line takes shape.

  11. Never before in the cosmic conflict between good and evil have the stakes been lower.

  12. Jason

    The Starbuck Jones movie looks to be the next Pluto Nash already. How is Frankie the Legitimate Rapist going to screw it up?